7 & Counting

7 & Counting


We love ragging on each other and having fun. People like that in us. Not to mention, a powerfully, awe-inspiring, beautiful voice combined with a dynamic and innovative sound that you can only really call the nastiest, most wet, mouth-watering "Rockin Blues, Country Roll, and Soul."


7 & Counting is now coming to you. Our soul blues pours out like hurricane rain. Our Rock & Roll drives us wild into the night. Our country, folk, americana, roots, bluegrass, or whatever the f-ck state your from, keeps us down home, close to you, thanking everyday we are walking this great big earth on this land playing our music for you.


Luna's Lips

Written By: Marko Gazic

Winds howl outside our bedroom window
A constant melody hums a constant moan,
And it keeps us awake deep into the night
As we watch the reflection of snow so white

Wolves howl at the full moon from afar
We look into a sky and watch a shooting star
As it flies across, this wide expanse,
Wishes rewind us into a trance

Luna's Lips of laughter and love
Makes me think that there's no one
Oh so pretty, oh so right
I know I'll see her at the end of the night

She shines her brilliant silver
It'd be an otherwise dark world without her
And we dance in joy everytime she's whole
Many times she stole... our hearts


EP - United in Rivalry, 10 tracks,

tracks 1-9 are available on Itunes & Rhapsidy

Set List

Here is a list of original songs:
1. Bola
2. Luna's Lips
3. Seein' Eye Way
4. Foolin' Heart
5. Greyhound Blues
6. Hel's Blues
7. Someone Else
8. Her Notion
9. Island Song
10. Sultan
11. Perfect Harmony
12. Nightstand
13. Tiffany's
14. She Keeps Me
15. Season Dreamin'
16. By My Side
17. Doc Holliday Hop
18. Arising Light
19. Go Away (Understand)
20. Havin' You
21. Adria

Here is a list of Covers
1. Thrill is Gone - B.B. King
2. Help the Poor - B.B. King & Eric Clapton
3. Loving Cup - Rolling Stones
4. Mr. Charlie - Grateful Dead
5. Thin Air - Pearl Jam
6. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
7. Folson Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
8. Everyday I have the Blues - B.B. King
9. I Got a Woman - Ray Charles
10. Big River - Johnny Cash
11. Sittin' on Top of the World - Ray Charles
12. Money - Beatles
13. What Goes on - Beatles
14. Bathroom Window - Beatles
15. I Know You Rider - Grateful Dead
16. Nashville Rag - Bob Dylan
17. Corrina - Muddy Waters