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For those of you who truly appreciate some good ol' fashioned "Rock and Roll" you MUST check out this new CANADIAN talent!!

Their name: VII DAYS II PERFECTION. Their debut CD: "LOOSING MY FAITH" Their flavour: Dynamically raw and incredibly talented

VII DAYS II PERFECTION is truly on their way and by the sounds of it, their road is sure to be paved in gold. The band is made of: Chris Ning - Singer, Alan Kulka - Lead Guitar, Jack Bedford - Rhythm Guitar, Justin Martinko - Bass, and last but not least Bruce McCarthy -On Drums. Individuals whom I refer to as "The Fabulous Five" Why? Just pick up a copy of their new CD and you will see for yourself.

This new Canadian rock band sensation is simply oozing with talent, blessed with greatness and their sound, undeniably addictive. Their skills, both vocally and musically are utterly magical. A sound you will love, remember and crave more of.
They are a musical Phenomenon and are Hitting the music scene by storm.

They have already won a number of different awards such as: Winner of "Best Rock CD Album" Award in Toronto for 2007 / Winner of Broadjam's Artist of the Month Award and finally Winner of 5 Garage Band Awards. Currently, the band is competing in a "Battle Of The Bands" and will be performing live at the Hard Rock Cafe, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on Tuesday December, 18, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. So if you would like to catch a glimpse of this rock sensation in action, go down and support them. I promise you it will be a showdown you will never forget. Please visit: [bluehttp://battle.bodoglife.ca/bandsandmusic/1727/VII+Days+II+Perfection?thankyou=1 for more information and show your support by voting for them. You can also visit the guys on their web page at: http://www.7d2p.com/home or sample their music on myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/7d2p Everyone around the world is paying attention to the fabulous five and it is with great honour that I present them to all of you. See why fans are so taken by VII DAYS II PERFECTION and then ask yourself why it has taken you THIS LONG to follow suit!

The special guy in this band that I personally know and love is Alan Kulka; who is the lead guitarist of this band. This man can make a guitar sing it's beautiful vibe like no other I have heard before. The 19 year old Guitar God has skills that will leave you weak and craving more. Truly a force to be reckoned with. I am so proud of him and the band and wish them all great success. I feel truly honored to know them and am incredibly blessed that their music has both touched and embarked upon my journey in this lifetime. ROCK ON GUYS!!!!

So remember their name: VII DAYS II PERFECTION. Remember their Debut CD: LOOSING MY FAITH. Remember to come down and support their cause: HARD ROCK CAFE, DOWNTOWN TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, DECEMBER 18th, 2007 AT 7:00 P.M. Be a part of history in the making and be present when this group is crowned: "BATTLE OF THE BAND CHAMPIONS"

Find out for yourself why they are the musical Phenomenon they are and see just how they are hitting the music scene by storm.

Written By: Lucia Giardulli
~ Juliette ~
Edited by - Juliette In Modern Day on 11/15/2007 3:13:36 PM - Lucia Giardulli / Sir John Magazine

Within only minutes of stepping on stage, Chris Ning and his band have the
ability to capture an entire audience's attention. They do this not only
with their evident understanding of music, but also with their effortless
love of performing. - Ronald James Mackay

Hey Chris,

How are you? I enjoyed your show last Friday. You have a GREAT TALENT and LOVE and the Passion SHOWS!! I"m sure we will see you again at the ACC center:)

Say hello the Band!

Mike Carparelli
www.dotonshaft.com - Mike Carparelli

The boys are talented beyond their years. They had the place hopping and left the crowd wanting more.
I've been asked several times already when will they be back.
- John M

Chris Ning you are ridiculously amazing! - Allan

thanks for the insiration. good burst of creative inspiration during your performance. If not the best band i've listened to at the pic one of the best. bloody brilliant! - Sarah

i watched chris for the first time on feb 11 and i was left in awe! chris and i have been good friends for over 5 years now and that performance blew me away. he is truly remarkable in every way! he is definetly born to be musician!!
much love
- Whitney

Chris Ning – Being an indie artist means to be free - by Mel in Toronto

You would never guess that the man behind the powerful voice in Chris Ning & VII Days II Perfection is only 19 years old. His classical vocal training is evident in the wide range, precision, and full body of his voice. This Canadian artist, who lives close to Toronto, is our sixth indieMortal7.

Chris Ning co-writes his music and lyrics with his father Tony, who has been writing music since he was 15 years old. Sitting in a coffee shop in Toronto next to his son and wife, Tony admits that "I've been writing for a long time, but I am not a great singer, so I was waiting for him [Chris] to be born to sing some of my tunes." The father-son co-operation works really well. Being influenced by classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin, but also by bands like Korn and singers like Chris Cornell, their music delivers a perfect blend of all the goodness in classic epic rock songs, with modern influences that give the music a distinctive edge.

Chris Ning has a lot of support from his parents, Tony and Julia. Although he was already singing when he was six years old, it wasn't until he was eleven or twelve when "he got a lot of solos in the art school. He demonstrated a lot of talent. That was the point where I thought we have to do something and show other people what he can do," Tony says. Four years ago they started working on Chris Ning's current album ‘Losing My Faith'. This album contains many dark songs: "That's a lot of my doing. Growing up as a teenager, you are in a different place. I am getting happier now. When we first started writing, every time I sat down to write, I wasn't really happy," Chris says. He smiles.

And he has good reason to smile. The ten-song album ‘Losing My Faith' is something Chris and Tony can be proud of. Most of the songs are rock songs, but there is also a ballad on the album. "FOR YOU is one of the songs for when you are down; that are supposed to be uplifting," Chris explains. He was writing this song "when I was really down at one time. I was in a band before and some friendships have fallen apart because of it." In this song the way Chris sings is really reminiscent of Robert Plant. According to Chris, the title song LOSING MY FAITH "is about what people don't understand, when they question what happens in their life." With it, he hopes they will find the strength to go through difficult times. WORLD UNDONE "is a very political song, a very open your eyes type of song," Chris explains, "politicians, large corporations that are ignoring what's happening to the planet and they'd rather make money or war over peace."

Watch out for upcoming tour dates for Chris Ning & VII Days II Perfection.

"In your own words" – ONE on ONE with Mel and Chris

Mel: Why was it important to you to be an indieMortal?

Chris: It is important, because, obviously, the great exposure that you get on indieSolo. And to be honoured by something like that, really gets a lot of respect by other musicians. I believe that in order to achieve any success in the business, you have to be respected by your own, by musicians. I think my spot at indieSolo really represents that I am a good artist and I think that is important.

Mel: Who are your influences?

Chris: I have a lot of influences: from Madonna to Chris Cornell, from Stevie Wonder to Korn, it is very eclectic. I wouldn't say that there is one person who really influenced me; however, I would say Led Zeppelin, if I have to choose someone, just because he is so raw.

Mel: What does it mean to you to be an indie artist?

Chris: That's a tricky question. I like to have control over my creative do's and what I do with my music. I really don't like the fact that when you get signed by a major record label, they coordinate everything that you have to do. They say that you have to be this way and that way. I like to be myself and that allows me to make a more free album. So that is what it means to me: to be free.

Mel: What would you like to achieve with your music?

Chris: I would like to achieve international success, like a lot of artists would. I would like to get to people with a message. I want people to understand the music. I want people to enjoy it. I want to see people singing my song in an audience while I am on stage, I think that's what I would like to achieve.

Mel: With which artist would you like to record a song and why?

Chris: That's a tricky question. If I had to choose I would probably have to say Chris Cornell, because I find the musicality of a lot of his songs very different from what we hear today. Working with someone like that, so creative, so intense about what they do, would come off really well. I would love to work with someone like that. - Melanie Schade- Indiesolo

Losing Faith

That's one of the best songs I've heard in sometime; I first heard it on www.powercastradio.com and I seldom request songs!

PartyInKingston.com - PartyInKingston.com

I can only think of one word to describe the total package known as Chris Ning... Phenominal. Chris uses his natural charisma and killer sound once again to pull out another phenominal track in Losing My Faith. I have played this song for many people and they have all enjoyed it. The beat is tremendous and the vocals will be stuck in your head for at least a week. People have said that Chris Ning sounds a lot like Lenny Kravitz. The truth is Lenny has nothing on Chris Ning. It is only a matter of time until Chris makes it to the mainstream!

Jericho Canyon
Total Adrenaline Radio - Total Adrenaline Radio


"Losing My Faith" (2006)
"Drowning" (2006)
"Kiss My Heart Goodbye" (2006)
"For You" (2007)
"The Other Side" (2007)
"World Come Undone" (2007)
"Loser" (2007)
"Connie D" (2007)
"Awful Truth" (2007)
"Fade Away" (2007)
"Whatever" (2005)
"Unrealistic" (2005)
"Nothing For Your Thought: (2005)
"Better Than A Bedtime Story" (2005)



Fans say that 7 Days 2 Perfection (7D2P) combines the Hard Rocking sounds of Alice In Chain, Arena rock of Bon Jovi, The Powerful voice of Chris Cornell, and the artistic flavors of Led Zeppelin, in a fresh and totally unique way.

7 Days 2 Perfection aka. 7D2P... was formed when Performaning Arts High School buddies Chris Ning (Lead Vocals) invited Alan Kulka (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Jack Bedford (Guitar /Vocals) and Justin Martinko (Bass/Vocal) to get together with one goal in mind... and that is to create and play great music. With Jeremy Kleynhans joining them on killer Drums.... 7 Days 2 Perfection is ready and destined for greatness.

With an Award Winning CD "Losing My Faith" in 2007... this amazingly talented band is poised to take the world by storm.



WINNER OF 2007 "BEST ROCK ALBUM" award from Toronto Exclusive Magazine.
CD Album: Losing My Faith

Music Featured On TV Show "The Art Of Body Building"

Finalist in Mazda Muzik Tour. One of Top 5 Bands across Canada.

Regional Finalist inBODOG Million Dollar Battle
7 Days 2 Perfetcion is amonst one of the top bands out of 10 in the Greater Toronto Area and one of the top of 24 bands in Ontario.

#1 On Powercast Radio ,,, February-April 2007: Losing My Faith Charted at #1 on Powercast Radio.

Song Of The Month� January 2007: Winner of Prestiges Broadjam Song Of The Month Contest

Perform at Castrol's 2007 Drift Mania Canadian Championship at Downsview Park.

Sonicbid Spotlight for the week of December 17, 2007



"Track Is A Hit" says Jericho Canyon of Total Adrenaline Radio, "I can only think of one word to describe the total package known as Chris Ning... Phenomenal. Chris uses his natural charisma and killer sound once again to pull out another phenomenal track in Losing My Faith. "

"That's one of the best songs I've heard in sometime", says Chris White (Music Reviewer) from Party In Kingston, referring to the song Losing My Faith.


More Achievements:

Nominated for the 2007 "BEST METAL" award with Toronto Independent Music Awards

Nominated for 2007 Toronto Exclusive Magazine for "Best Rock Song"
Song: Kiss My Heart Goodbye

Performed at University of Western Ontario invited VII Days II Perfection to perform at Carnival Night to 5,000 students on Sept 6, 2007. It was a great night of music.

Songs are receiving commercial airplay on The Rock 94.9, and Internet Radio Airplay on Mohawk-Radio, That Radio (Canada's Largest On-Line Radio), Throwback Revolution, Powercast Radio, CHEV Radio, and Total Adrenaline Radio.

November / December 2006: Won 5 prestigious awards at Garageband.com . Awards include: Track Of The Day, Best Male Vocals; Most Original Song, Best Beat and Best Drums.

Music Place in TV Show "The Art Of Body Building"

Winner of the Battle of The Bands held in Mississauga.



Mississauga News Two article written about the band to date

With Newspaper write ups and a loyal fan base, 7 Days 2 Perfection has proven that their musical talents are nothing short of spectacular.

Performances include the following venues and events:
University Of Western Ontario (Carnival Night)
University Of Toronto,
Ryerson University,
Drift Mania at Downsview Park,
Toronto Independent Music Award Showcase at Healey's Roadhouse,
Hollywood Heaven,
The Rivoli,
Rock And Roll Heaven
Clinton's Tavern,
Smiling Buddha,
The Brickyard,
The Legendary Red Rooster,
University of Western Ontario,
Harbour Front Concert,
The Pic A Deli,
The Muddy Moose,
Holy Joes,
Degrassi House,
The Boulevard Club,
School Dance at Cawthra Park Secondary,
Rick Hansen Secondary,
Meadowvale Community Centre,
Mississauga Summer Festival,
North Bay Music Festival,
Bread and Honey Festival
and a host of other events.