7 Day Ride

7 Day Ride


7 Day Ride is a unique combination of Country and Southern Rock with a slight Alternative edge, that leaves people wanting more.


When the 5 members of 7 Day Ride began playing together in early February, 2007, recording a CD was a dim possibility. The first few practices, which were really no more than jam sessions, were shaky at best, and all of them were left wondering whether the chemistry was there to make the group work. Then, little by little, 7 Day Ride began to take shape. Practices became more productive, as the band members became more comfortable with each other. As their list of songs grew, so did their confidence in themselves and each other. Original songs were brought to the table, ideas were formed, and the beginnings of a debut CD began to take shape. But recording takes money, and that was a major road block for the group. So, the band began looking for gigs, and their first performance came in May of 2007. After landing a regular spot at The Cabin Sports Grill in Sardis, the CD seemed to be well on it's way to completion. The group began recording in the studio, taking 2 Saturdays out of the month of July to lay down the 10 tracks. Recording engineer, Paul Crawford, then began to work his magic, and the CD was finished by early August. Everything seemed to be going along according to plan, when disaster struck. The Cabin, which had been the group's means for paying for the CD, burned down, leaving them with no shows in the near future, and no money to finish the CD. Trying to stay positive, the group continued to look for gigs and work on their show, all the while praying for a way to finish the project. Those prayers were answered in early October, by Dan Chadwick, whose belief in the group paved the way to finish the CD. What seemed like an impossible dream is now a reality, thanks to alot of hard work, dedication, and a strong belief in their music. 7 Day Ride's debut CD is an intriguing mix of country, alternative, and rock...all with a Southern flavor that gives it just enough kick to leave people wanting more. And more, is exactly what 7 Day Ride is ready to give.


7 Day Ride just released its debut CD.

Set List

We play a wide variety of music, ranging from Sheryl Crow, Carrie Underwood, Melissa Etheridge and others to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zepplin, Fuel, Crossfade, and many others. We also play our own ORIGINAL SONGS. We mix it up to keep the crowd happy. Our list of covers continues to grow, as well as our originals. Here is a partial list of the COVER SONGS that we do:

Harder To Breathe
Feel Like Makin Love
Best of My Love
Before He Cheats
Wonderful Tonight
Poor Me, Poor Me, Pour Me
Angel Eyes
Proud Mary
Dead or Alive
Purple Rain
Sweet Home Alabama
Bad Day
Three Steps
Help Me Hold On
Whats Your Name
Let Her Cry
Simple Man
All Right Now
That Smell
Cant Get Enough
Red, White and Blue
Hey Joe
Whole Lotta Love
Folsom Prison Blues
The Day I Started Lovin You Again
Green River
Think I’ll Just Sit Here n Drink
Highway Song
Sweet Emotion
Turn The Page
American Band