7 Days Away

7 Days Away


7 days away tends to stay unique and melodic. Ranging from acoustic, to their heavy metal breakdowns, their music is their masterpiece to share with the world.


7 Days Away was formed in early 2006. After shedding their blood, sweat, tears into what they love, in late May 2006, 7 Days Away released their first E.P. titled "Better Days". After the release, 7DA performed all around the tri-state areas. 7 Days Aways not always performed in front of their type of crowds, but always got the crowd hyped and on their feet. After months of hard work and dedication the band decided to get back into the studio to record a full length album. Then in March of 2007 7DA released their second E.P titled "Death Cannot Seperate". Bringing a new melodic rock sound for the world to hear. Ranging from acoustic to metal breakdowns the cd is their masterpiece. This Summer 7DA plans to release their full length album "Death Cannot Seperate".



1. Better Days (2006)
2. Death Cannot Seperate (2007)

Tracks On Radio:

1. Released (G101.3,X103.3,Q95)
2. Final Cry (G101.3)

Set List

Set List:

1. Season Of Sorrow
2. The Core
3. Released
4. My Time
5. Silence Is Cold
6. Clover
7. The Thought That Counts
8. To Want Is To Die For
9. Final Cry (Acoustic)
10. The Waiting
11. I'll Stay
12. Unknown
13. Alone
14. In The Haze
15. Promising Ways

Set Times:
90 Minutes


Breaking Benjamin - So Cold
Killswitch Engage - End Of Heartache