7 Days Wasted

7 Days Wasted

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Power Classic/Modern Rock 4 Piece, That moves you to the dance floor begging for "ONE MORE" (asking this one question) 7 Days Wasted -"When's The Last Time You Were"?


J. Dub: He is a powerhouse, driving the vocal nemesis of Shinedown to Candlebox and smooth sounds of Gary Moore to Three Dog Night. His vocal range is not for the faint at heart. He always leaves you with a memorable performance
“And That’s Why It’s Good To Be Me”

Brian: The Driving Force that moves this talented group Of musicians. He sets the tone and mood of what this group does. He is the organizational backbone that ensures, structure and integrity. At the mere age of 5 he began playing drums this drove his folks nuts and being in a cold weather climate Like Maine .Brian sought refuge here on Delmarva where it’s a tad bit warmer.His style is simple and straight forward. This is the foundation and fundamental 7DW is based on. Come hear it for yourself!

Paul: He was a crutch to many other bands proven by his solid rhythmus style and the ability. Paul has been involved with many various Types of music, from R&B, Top 40, Original, Blues, Rock and Country. He has played at some of the largest venues Phoenix could offer including opening day at the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium, Paul also spent time on the road and has jammed with Jane’s Addiction.Paul is the common sense of the band, together with Brian they are the Forceful Rhythm Syndicate that Keep the dance floors jumping. De Goache!!

Aaron: This cat has a style all on his own, not because he is a Berklee Alumni. He Has played and studied music for 21 yrs. This musical genius started as a trumpet player but then realized that’s not for me & picked up a STRAT cause that’s where it’s at and taught himself to play over a complete summer, Aaron moved to Boston where he played the music scene for 7 years, he got burned out and there was no hope for his tantric style of rock, rhythm, funk and blues until now.


6 Seconds of Love
Baby I'm Gone
I Ain't Broken

Set List

Song List "Sample"
Bittersweet - Fuel
You Really Got Me-Van Halen
Simple Man - Shinedown/Skynard
Make Love 2 U - Foghat
Drowning- Saving Able
It's Not My Time - 3Doors Down
SuperFreak - Rick James
Funky Music - Wild Cherry
In Your Mouth - Nickleback
Man In The Box -Alice n Chains
Hate My Life - Theory DeadMan
FarBehind - Candlebox
Shimmer - Fuel
Second Chance - Shinedown
Got The Blues - Gary Moore
One Night Stand - Divide Day
Get In Get Out - Cinder Road
6 Seconds Of Love - 7DW
Wasted Time - Fuel
I'm So Sorry - Cinder Road
and a whole lot more, 60+ songs to groove and dance to