7 Dollar Stereo

7 Dollar Stereo


We are an original rock band from Southwest Missouri. We have been labeled as alternative/hardrock.


After playing cover music for several years in numerous bands the 4 members of 7 Dollar Stereo found their way to the original rock seen. 7 Dollar Stereo was originally Clearview just a few short years ago, but after a break and a few different members, 7Ds was born. We have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with: The Feds, Glass Intrepid, City Sleeps, Field of Grey, Modern Day Zero, Neverset, Leo, state and madison, Essence of Logic, Go Van Gogh. Not to mention tons of local bands. We are continuing to progress with building a fan base, as well as, writing new material.


We currently have 2 albums released to the public (Insane Asylum and Emotionally Unaware). "Nieve" and "Jeagermiester" have had airplay on 100.1 The Buzz out of Columbia, MO.

Set List

45-90 Minute set, Our set usually does not include cover music, and we very our set to fit the other bands we play with.