Brunswick, Georgia, USA
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Positive Hip Hop. Giving nothing but the truth through music but always relaying the message of hope regardless of the challenges. This music is to encourage, entertain and inspire our generation. All things work together for our good. That's what I represent.


A Long Time Coming

The emergence of motivation musick artist 7emanon marks the beginning of new and exciting chapter in modern musick. In a time where the music industry has lost its grip on reality and all stars want to be thugs, dope boys, killers and promote drug abuse, degradation of women and lifestyles that lead to incarceration or death, 7emanon dares to be different.

Having been one to get caught up in the streets at a young age, 7emanon knows all too well about making mistakes and having to learn the hard way. With the vision to uplift our generation, encourage dreams and change the communities we live it, 7emanon is ready to go in!

For 7emanon, it's been a long time coming and through the trials and tribulations of life he has gained wisdom and a heart for the people. 7emanon has been traveling throughout the southeast, from Atlanta, to Jacksonville, to Fort Lauderdale and more. With the hot single, "What The Game's Been Missing" and a debut EP, titled "Destined 4 Greatness," that is nothing short of classic, this young MC is creating a buzz that cannot be contained by any genre or region. This is musick without boundaries.

As a young man, 7emanon loved and followed all styles of music, from reggae, to rock, to hip hop and gospel. Not only did he love this music, he began to write and produce. Now, after 12 years of planning and perfecting his craft, 7emanon is finally here. If go hard or go home is the saying, it looks like this young man won't be home for a while. He's what the games been missing indeed and it's going to be great to hear motivation musick at its finest. The game will never be the same again.

What does 7emanon mean?

The number 7 siginifies God’s number of perfection. This number was chosen to represent the pursuit of perfection.Being a Christian does not mean that we are perfect people, it means that we are people who are actively pursuingChrist, who is our example of perfection.

Emanon, pronounced Em-uh-non, is Noname spelled backwards. This signifies the fact that we are nothing withoutChrist. This represents the promise to remain humble regardless of how far we travel or how high God chooses to raise us up. We must give all glory to Him for He alone is worthy.

Together they equal 7emanon.


Grind Now, Rest Later (EP) 2009
Destined 4 Greatness (EP) 2010

Set List

Set List (6 songs, Approximately 30 Min.)
Welcome to the Movement
Destined 4 Greatness
They Said
What The Game's Been Missing
Stand Up
Dare To Dream