7 Horses

7 Horses

 longbeach, New York, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

Described soft as Jewel to Patty Smith with an Edge. An allure of a smokey room.7 Horses are a band that play real music. Has a rawness purity that sounds as good now as it wil do in another 10 years There sound has warm blues undertones a beautiful darkness that is captivating soul searching


We thrive and live for music. Our influences are David
Gray,Jackson Browne to Bon Jovi, Patty Smith and Johnny Cash. The Band came onto the scene as an alternative acoustic act. Their inspiring blend of diverse styles combined with a firing selection of lyrics and music can take you through the emotions of life and love through their unqiue groove. Joanne is a prolific songwriter who sings lead and background. The music is a blend of chord voicings and signature rhythm patterns which lead to a guitar exploration of its very own. Their sound has warm blue undertones, sometimes even a beautiful darkness that is captivating and leaves you doing a little soul searchig with the help of this emotive soundscape.
VH1- Song of the Year Contest has put them on the list of suggestive artist to listen too!


Letters to Juliette

Written By: Joanne Filips

Blue Skies of Dawn
In the earliest morn
I can see the surprise in your eyes
cast aside
And there are thousand thousand of letters to Juliette
They say I love you
The star studdied sky
shines tears in our eyes
tragedies, balcony, lover's poetic poetry's, beauty
Chorus repeats
And you are so beautifu, so beautiful, you are so beautiful
Dear Juliette
all the love that was sent
a promise forever
to give love to give love, you must surrender


Written By: Joanne Filips

Step off your planet
Find a new place
Get Out of your dust bowl
Wipe away the haze

Stop taking your world so seriously, when you look up how bright you'll be, Oh How Bright, Bright you'll be

Turn off the Bad news
Free your mind
Let your heart mend
Just be kind

Come in Come on Out
And feel the Rythmn in your everything
And Shine, Shine, Shine, Oh Oh Shine