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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Barinn - Airwaves review"

...and the big beats from Barinn downstairs didn’t exactly make for
the year’s best mash-ups with Barinn upstairs. Case in point with the obviously talented \7oi, whose Album Leaf meets Squarepusher experimental glitch-pop didn’t cooperate with four-on-the-floor gobble-dygook down below. It’s unfortunately dull watching a gorgeous act like his, witnessing someone breathe in and out while their hands are cocked over a sound board in the nipple tweaking position for a half
an hour.
(note, not part of the review: my live sets are much more lively now. practice makes perfect.) - Reykjavik Grapevine


Síngur (2001)
Allt virðist svo smátt séð héðan frá (2002)
Þið eruð ekki að taka mig nógu bókstaflega (2003)
Lost under a pile (2004)
Don't Push The Rocks In My Face (2009)



I've always been a sucker for music. Good melodies just seem to stick in my head, whether they are songs I hear or songs I make. When I got my first computer, I could finally get the complete songs out from my head to some form audible to others and there was no going back after that. It's been over 10 years, 4 albums plus 2 unreleased albums; loads of projects in making music for theatre, modern dance and films; and countless other music making that never saw the light of day. The good thing is that I'm not nearly done yet. I don't know what comes further on, but I hope it's something we can all enjoy!