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Welcome Amnesia

Written By: Philip & Rachelle Cradle

Verse I

What's goin' on?
It hurts so deep.
Even think about it when I sleep.
You and I
We tried so hard
2 get past these brusises
and these scars.
On the inside
and outside....
Damn, we've tried.
Years go by,
tears we cry...
never wanting to say good-bye.
We know that
it would be best
2 'member the good times
and forget the rest...
and forget the rest.
We wish it could be like.


Where R we?
Who R U?
Did we start?
R we through?
it won't let...
won't let me....
let me forget!

Verse II

I know what,
know whatcha' mean.
Been goin' through
the same damn thing.
Believe me,
it hurts me 2...
we're wearin' the same pair
of shoes.
I lie next to U at nite,
through the bruises and scars
can we get it right?
Sure I wear
your wedding ring,
but things ain't always
what they seem.
I really want this 2 end.
Tell me, can we be friends?
Oh, can we be friends?
I wish it could be like...
(Repeat Hook)


Where R we, who R U?
Did we start, R we through?
Wish I could forget.
Ten years plus one we spent.
Tryin' 2 make a go,
tryin' 2 make it flow, oh,
but you know its hard...
got these bruises and these scars..
so mad bustin' windows out of cars.
And s#@t like that..
once its done you cant take it back
that's a fact.
Be careful how you react,
or the breakin' point you'll be at.
And you don't wanna' be there.
For the other one you do care.
The good and the bad you share.
A love like that is rare.
So work it out , yall'.
With out a doubt yall'.
Keep the good times,
and throw the bad S#@t out yall'.