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1St Single - The Jumpoff (2007)
1St Mixtape - 7 Stars International (2007)
2nd Mixtape - 7 Estrellas Records (2008)(Coming Soon)



7 Stars began with a passion to succeed and bring a new generation of Rap, HipHop, and Crunk music into an international level. The name 7 Stars came from it’s original name 7 Estrellas, which is a translation of 7 Stars in Spanish.

In the year of 2003 three very talented artists Messiah, Sicario, and Oz Killa got together and originated the name 7 Estrellas. They were the original founders of what is now a well known underground group. Later on that year, a fourth member was brought into the group known as Polo (Miami, FL) who shared the same passion for the music like the other members. Polo is a very talented young man with a unique creativity to speak his mind in rhymes and recently started working with Recording and Beat Production and going to school for Audio Technology to make even better his new skills. Slowly the group started growing and gaining its power and respect. In 2004 Caramelo (Miami, FL) was welcomed with open arms to the group making her the First Lady! Also bringing the group a unique talent and her hip spanglish swagger. Also following her entrance came the newest members: Dyamante from New York City and Facha from Maracaibo, Venezuela. As they grew together in unison and surpassed different difficulties throughout their careers along came one that couldn’t be avoided…distance. In 2003 Messiah moved back to Margarita, Venezuela and in 2005 Sicario moved to Tenerife, Spain. However even the distance couldn’t stop them, as a matter of fact, it only made them stronger. Now with 7Estrellas/7Star*s spread world wide they continue to let their voices be heard as one. During Messiah’s return to South America he managed to recruit some new members: Yon-k, Artega, and Adalid now known as “Los Margaros Marditos”. As for the members in Miami, FL (Caramelo, PoLo, and Oz Killa) they continue to represent 7 Stars as a Latin Hip Hop crew from Venezuela living in Miami bringing the best of both worlds together in one concept which is Spanish/English Crossover Music.

Now spreading the name 7 Stars in the U.S. and their hometown Caramelo, Polo, and Oz Killa came together to share their positive thoughts and their point of view on reality throughout their music for the people. After many struggles, hard efforts, and lots of work the Miami crew can be proud to not only launch their 1st Mixtape, 7 Stars International (2007), but a Banging Hot Single as well, The Jumpoff(2007).

For the near future, 7 Stars International (Miami) has a mission which is to get on stage the goal to get on stage a lot more, and for that they have prepared a shows with Dj Fatnugz, a whole set of new songs yet to come out to the streets, and they are also preparing the material for their newest Mixtape CD “7 Estrellas Internacional”, along with the rest of the 7 Estrellas members from around the world. For next year, 7 Stars is planning on the recording of what is going to be their first CD Album. Our goal with Sonicbids.com is to let more people in the industry know that 7 Stars is here to bring good music to the people and to make contact with more promoters that can help us get our music out there.