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7th Arsenal

Band Alternative Punk


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7th Arsenal - Contains ten tracks, three of the ten tracks have received internet radio airplay.



We started like many a group of friends that decided to form a band in a small cramped garage and now at this point are trying to make our way to the top. We have been with the set members: JoJo 17(Guitar/Vocals/Composer), Dani 17 (Vocals), Conrad 18(Bass), Nick 19(Guitar), and Jared 17(Drums) for a while now and we plan to keep it that way. Each of us have come from a life full of difficulties like most bands and when we get on stage it releases, we are able to reveal the pain we've held in for so long. We are a mix of Alternative, Metal, and Punk that came together from listening to a mixture of musical influences and meshing them together making the music that you will hear everywhere there is 7th Arsenal. We sing our songs mostly saying we are fed up with the problems of this world and the way its been heading and we try to get on same page as the fan listening to the song on the other end. Our experiences have all led us to the end thinking, determining whether we shall give up and die or stay here and live on, we have held strong and are able to witness what is happening now, which makes us loose our minds and make us go to the point of not only life or death but insanity or sanity. Which brings us to how we got our name 7th Arsenal. Arsenal being a bunker where weapons were stored during the Civil War and 7th being the 7 friends that have lost their minds. We have changed the meaning of Arsenal so instead of a bunker where weapons were stored, to us its our minds with so much ammo and ready to explode at any moment bringing chaos to those within. We are hoping that the artists we are and the music we make will touch at least one person out there and help them survive the challenges life can bring shedding light on this messed up world and people that create it.