7th day creeps

7th day creeps

 Port Huron, Michigan, USA

fun & twisted catchy rock n roll w/decipherable lyrics, a cheap motley trick...a cool retro 1st wave punk sound w/a nod to 80s metal and modern rock...an accessable sound.


Formed in 2005 7th day creeps are a four piece rock band from Port Huron, Michigan. a simple 4 point mission statement...1, write and perform catchy straight up hi-energy rock songs w/a punk attitude...2, keep the tounges planted firmly in cheek...3, play anywhere and everywhere we can...4, make them want to come back for more.

the band is fronted by jim schaidt a.k.a jimmy the creep, gtr/vocals...adam suisse a.k.a adaimal, lead gtr/vocals...eddie lee a.k.a eddie lee, bass gtr/vocals...gary marinez a.k.a. cheech, drums/vocals.

influences are motorhead, the ramones, cheap trick, alice cooper, the clash.

we have a sound that is all our own i think...it's not a reinvention of the wheel...we believe it's all about rock n roll, not rocket science...we have a familier sound...but ppl can never really say who we remind them of, and we think that's a good thing.

we are signed to an indie label from cleveland, ohio called jib machine records(www.jibmachinerecords.com)...a solid little label that has just signed a digital distibution deal w/a subsidiary of universal music...something the band is very excited about as we will be the 1st band from the label to be digitally distributed worldwide.

the band can be found on myspace, facebook and reverbnation...tracks from our 1st indie released and current j/m/r release can be heard on facebook as well as our most current videos.


dangerous game(track04)

Written By: james schaidt

she found out about the waiting world and the dirty things that men like to do, she saw it all w/her own two eyes and everything she heard was true.


does this taste funny, redrum records, released 2007

1. lonely roads
2. slave
3. serial thrill
4. i don't care
5. leave me alone*/**/***
6. war/subvert
7. bloodbath
8. party in hell
9. ugly stick
10. whisky train*/**/***

meat the creeps, jib machine records, released 2010

1. gimme gimme rock n roll*
2. wolfsblood*
3. somebody get me a drink*
4. dangerous game*
5. pat n george***
6. munsters
7. jeffery
8. she's so goth
9. take your chance
10. die like a rockstar
11. maxwell murder***
12. is there anybody out there
13. in the flesh

* streaming
** radioplay
*** video