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End Of The World - 2007



To sum up the band Seventh Day Religion in one word would be really hard. But the closest the band has ever gotten to it would be the word “Dynamic”. Most hard/alternative rock bands don’t put much emphasis on that in their music. Seventh Day Religion made it a priority. They take the hard rock nature that influenced them from the early days of Ozzy to the new days of Saliva, and incorporated it into something that is not only abrasive, but melodic. Every song this band writes tells a story that is meant for someone in their audience, and their fans appreciate it with their response to not only the album, but the live performances. Nothing Is ever written just to fill up time. Lots of thought goes into both, the music you hear and the lyrics you read. The sound you hear comes for the five members brought together to make it. Ironically, they all come from different backgrounds and have a deviation of music they enjoy listening to themselves. Mike Abercrombie was the first lead guitarist to join the band. He is from Laurel, Mississippi. Mike was born with a pacifier in his mouth and a guitar in his hand. His gift to play shows up every time he plugs in. The world of experience that he brings to the band as a writer and musician takes Seventh Day Religion beyond the boundaries that most bands cant cross due to the lack of talent. There is no such thing with this guy. He will rock your head off one minute and make you cry with sweet lead music that brings you back to when you were hurt the most. Robbie Black is the drummer and glue for the band, as most drummers are. He lives in Taylorsville, Ms, and host all the practices for band at the county-renown location called “The Shed”. Robbie has the quick feet and hands of a metal drummer, but he understands that the song is what is important. He has the spirit of a teenager and drive of a real rock and roller. He is a fan of every kind of music and if you hang out with him very long, he will make sure you get to listen to it all. Robbie calls it, messing with your mind. If Abercrombie was born with a guitar in his hand, then Rob was probably there hitting him in the head with drum sticks. The second guitarist added to the band was Derek Barney. “Dirty D” is also from Laurel, Ms, and was discovered by Abercrombie. Derek is a phenomenal young talent. His favorite type of music is the really hard stuff that isn’t very radio friendly but seems to be moving rapidly along the underground. His spirit and ability's give the band a raw and untamed sound that mixes well with Abercrombies polished performance. Fans, young and old alike, can really hear something special when these guys start rocking together. The bass guitarist for Seventh Day Religion is Mike Cook. Cook grew up in Mize, Mississippi. He was a standout athlete, turned musician and excelled at both. Only one way to describe Cook and that is “incredible”. If you don’t think a bass player can make a band, you haven't heard this guy play. There is nothing he cant take on and is limitless with where he will take you. Cooks way into the band came via Robbie. They had played together in a previous band years before and developed a lot of respect for one another. He is a great song writer and brings an alternative influence to the guys in the band. When all four of these musicians crank up, you know you are at a Seventh Day Religion Concert. The final piece to the puzzle is the vocalist, John Marc Bailey. He was born and raised in Raleigh, Ms. His introduction to Robbie came as a chance meeting set up by a mutual friend. After jamming together one time, they knew they had something special. John Marc comes from a christian music background, where everything you ever write is meant to touch your life. He brings those same ideas over to the secular world when writing lyrics for this band. A lot has changed since performing at five years of age with his brothers. But, the love for the music and the performance thereof hasn’t. He is also the pianist in the band. This just adds another tool for the band to use to reach an even bigger audience. JMarc’s love for the alternative music world, mixed with sweetness of Abercrombie, the hardness of Derek, the drive of Robbie, and the mind-blowing licks of Mike Cook….make the sound that you will hear at every Seventh Day Religion concert and on every album. These are the original five that make up this band. They all come from different places and different faces. But if they were all the same, the music would be bland and sound like everyone else. They have spent months preparing for what is about to happen. Why don’t you come with them?