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""Sex, Light, and Rock'n’Roll is wonderfully produced and executed, and it's ready for major radio airplay.""

Artist: 7th Dimennsion

CD: Sex, Light and Rock'n'Roll

Home: New York City

Style: Dance/Industrial

By Benjamin Daniels

7th Dimennsion is a dance/industrial outfit hailing from New York that looks to redefine the underground scene with their own unique style. Their music is a complex mixture of electronic (heavily weighted in ambient, trance and industrial), metal, and the energy of dance music that all combine to unleash a formidable sound coming from your speakers.

After a quick intro track, the album explodes into “Following The Light." The song combines a driving dance beat with heavy, frenetic guitar riffs and energetic vocals provided by lead vocalist Ilonah, which wind and flow through the track with exceptional intensity. The track clocks in at more than seven minutes long but stays fresh due to the excellent vocals and shifting synth and guitar.

The next track that stood out to me was “Liberate My Mind." It brought a much more brooding rock style to the table. It’s a slower tempo with extremely heavy and percussive guitar work and great ambient synth work. The song is enormous and atmospheric. Ilonah’s vocals on the track are reminiscent of Maria Sjoholm, formerly of Drain STH. Her voice is deep and powerful, which creates a much harder-edged sound than on other more dance-based numbers. It’s always nice to hear a singer with an extremely versatile range.

“Born Again” runs along the same lines, with a heavy industrial groove punctuated by the excellent guitar work of Marqus Mars. The combination of distorted guitar with almost operatic vocals and bombastic keyboards bring to mind KMFDM, but it’s only comparable, never derivative.

Marqus Mars takes over lead vocals on “Now I can Give You” and “Keep on Keeping On," providing a distinct change on the halfway point of the CD. This is an excellent dynamic to keep an album with more than seventy minutes of music feeling fresh for the listener.

7th Dimennsion has managed to create an interesting, musically diverse album that is solid on all the important points a post-industrial outfit should be. They have two talented vocalists, excellent drum programming, and samples that add to the songs instead of drawing away from them. Combined with Marqus Mars amazingly catchy guitar work that is memorable instead of just blending into the mix as with so many other industrial outfits, and you have the formula for an incredibly strong album. Sex, Light, and Rock'n’Roll is wonderfully produced and executed, and it's ready for major radio airplay.
- www.indie-music.com

"Loud, fun and fast."

7th Dimennsion Sex, Light and Rock 'n Roll. Not the Fifth Dimension, that's for sure. 7th Dimennsion blasts out soaring dance tracks, replete with metal guitars, trance beats and the occasional dip into the goth bag of tricks. Much more dance-oriented than most acts that have tried this sound before--anything that impedes movement has been eliminated. Loud, fun and fast.

Reviewed by: Aiding & Abetting - Aiding & Abetting

"Very dynamic voice, great groove and heavy electronics."

7th DIMENNSION Sex, Light, and Rock and Roll NYC’s 7th Dimennsion is compromised of Polish transplants Marqus Mars and Ilonah as well as their computer cohort Buddha 777. This band's sound is refreshingly different for electronic music. The feel is different from song to song, as opposed to a lot of electronic music that simply flows together. You’ll find many anthemic rock influences throughout the CD for sure but there are also quite a few edgy dance tracks not unlike Madonna’s newer material (at least her good songs).

The dance tracks hit the hardest in my opinion because Ilonah’s voice sounds most comfortable with that style. She has a very dynamic voice that lends itself well to the ever changing landscape of a dance track. The addition of guitars to round out the sound really helps the CD’s flow, it never sounds disjointed but it certainly is a journey that must be paid attention to. All in all, if you like electronic Madonna, Marilyn Manson, or pretty much anything in between that has a great groove and heavy electronics then you should definitely check out 7th Dimennsion.
Key Song: “Wild Wild River”

Reviewed by: Mark Fisher /1340mag.com
- 1340mag.com


Album: "Sex, Light and Rock 'n' Roll"

Radio singles:

* Wild Wild River
* Following the Light
* Liberate my Mind
* In the Rain
* Sex, Light and Rock 'n' Roll
* I'm Delighted
* Keep on keeping on


Feeling a bit camera shy


There is a new sound redefining New York City and the Internet undercurrent music scene. It's a sharp, imaginative visionary with hard-edged electricity.
It's optimistic and hypnotic; the sound is 7th DIMENNSION.

Fully established in '98 7th DIMENNSION is a modern R'n'R trio composed of Marqus Mars, Ilonah and computer cohort Buddha 777 that takes a new "Sex, Light and Rock'n'Roll" approach to music, combining mysticism and spirituality with the best elements of different styles into Total R'n'R blast.

Its music blends precision of techno, joy of dance, ecstasy of trance, weight of industrial, depth of ambient, passion of metal, freedom of blues and rebellion of punk mixed with the pulsating energy of New York City and is radiating with the powerful message of Love.

Mars & Ilonah are experienced creators and members of 3 professional rock bands (two of them rank NR1 on the music and press charts) in their native Poland, with computer Buddha 777 they became the music powerhouse that is now 7th DIMENNSION.          

The album "Sex, Light and Rock'n'Roll" is a collection of 15 songs written, performed and recorded between November 1999 and November 2003 in their "RubyMagicStudio" by Ilonah, Marqus Mars and computer Buddha 777, produced by Marqus Mars.

Key songs: "Wild Wild River","Following the Light","Liberate my Mind", "Sex, Light and Rock 'n' Roll","I'm Delighted", "In the Rain" and "Keep on keeping on".

The album "Sex, Light and Rock 'n' Roll" is available through: CDBABY.com and iTunes.com