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"CPAUG magazine"

"Pure energy, innovation, and intensity....The logical and probable heir to the ICP throne"-- - Kevin Morales

"Pa Musician"

"Lively show, coordinated rhymes and dialogue, lots of action, and very crowd friendly"-- - JP the Proffessor

"Bodog Music"

"Rounding out the hip hop acts and closing the show was 7th Layer. They provided a creative set of entertaining hip hop music that was both thought-provoking and danceable. All in all, it was an impressive close to a great night in Philly." - Bodogmusic.com


"7th Layer has created a interesting but dangerous playground out of their musical fantasies and actually have some interesting ideas to take it to new levels. This CD leaves you impressed, it’s serious while also being nutty, fun, and a bit bizarre." - Crazy John

"Hardcore Marketing"

"You guys could start a cult" - Don DiBiase

"Ball Buster"

"Redeeming Faith," is like a breath of fresh air. There's a lot of energy to be found on this disc....corpses, serial killers, psychotic people and, believe it or not, it's all about having a good time. That's the 7th Layer style" - Paul Autrey www.ballbusterhardmusic.com


7th Layer:

With National Producer Don Dibiase (Beneath the Skies of Victory Records) teaming up with 7th Layer long time producer LIL D, 7th Layer have mput out thier most brutal and seering release to date. With tracks ranging from Politics (hellbound), to tracks of Despair (the Hunted), all the way to showing everyone that after all this time they haven't changed (we're back), 7th Layer has continued to poineer and develop it's own brand of entertainment.

Volume 1 in a 2 part Sci-Fi series 7th Layer along with producers Mister Hyde, and Lil D lay forth a trippy trance through space and time.

Redeeming Faith
-This is known as the most recent 7th Layer work. 16 tracks long, the second installment of judgement is put down with professional sound, and has since been the starting base for 7th Layer's popularity and success.

Lost Hope
-19 tracks of rookie mistakes. This album lays the foreground for what would later be known as 7th Layer's forte'. Music about the world around, and finding a way to judge those who live wickedly. This story told in reverse makes this the finale in the 7th layer anthology, but only the begining of things to come.

(Solo Works)
Mal H-Vock:

Havock's United States of Terrorism
-Another 21 track cd, giving more bang for the buck, Havock crosses lines of political awareness to the point of calling out faults in the Iraq conflict, and aligning himself with some of the elite of central Pa, Havock creates a spit fire of fury not seen since the heyday of Rage Against the Machine.

History Of Havock Vol 1
-Packed with 21 tracks of industrial, and metal the History of Havock follows the musical starts of Mal Havock, and where he may be going forshadowed.


Filth's it Happens
-Hip Hop comedy genius at it's best. 16 pounding tracks about being homeless and living on a couch, to freestyles about gathering together beer money, and even being medicated. Filth's it happens starts a party in your head that your mind didn't invite you to.



Since 2004 the realm of the wicked, the realm of the controversial, the realm of shock has been held high by 2 individuals. Mal Havock and Filth. These two individuals along with the production stylings of Lil D had taken the underground hip hop, acid rap, and horrorcore scenes by storm. With their stage show, known to include fire, a casket, 12ft grim reapers, stage dancers, and confetti finale, 7th Layer since day one had been recognized as a force.

In 2008 7th Layer decided to expand their live show to include a full band. This addition had taken them from the underground, to opening for many different national acts, larger stages, and presenting a sound that transcends age, sex, race, religion and genre.

Now in their new form, 7th Layer has become more of a super group of talent consisting of Kar and G on guitar (former suture 7 and current el broosha), media man Crazy John on bass (Oshradio.com and the ragazine director), D-Tail on drums (current Effigy), Goat-Rides riding the boards, and several DJ's cutting it up. With these elements in place 7th Layer now sets out to not only take the scene by storm, but redefine musical classification as a whole, and have started this journey by opening for such National acts such as Powerman 5000, Bionic Jive, Thrill Kill Kult, ABK (Any Body Killa) and many more.

Oh & if you want to know, yes they do still kill people, and no they wont ever stop. So I hope you remember one thing, dont harm others or others will harm you!