7 Years

7 Years


Power/Punk,Rock 4 piece band. Catchy tracks about girls,love and previous encounters. High energy,experienced musicians with influenecs including Gyroscope,Anberlin and The living end. Strong vocals with lyrics and songs that will stay in your head for a long time.....


Formed in 2004, 7 Years have been working hard on building a fan base and playing as many shows as they can. 7 Years began when school mates Jeremy and Leigh started jamming in the garage of their eastern suburbs home. It wasn’t long until Matt joined the band adding an extra vocalist/guitarist to the mix. In search for a bass player, Adam answered an ad in a local street magazine which completed 7 Years.

The following 12 months would see them play at almost every venue in Perth and notch up tours up and down the coast, with a following that’s growing with every gig, 7 Years made the natural progression and starting working on their debut EP.

With Gavin Tempany (Little Birdy, Eskimo Joe) behind the mixing desk 7 Years started recording their debut EP, Forever Searching in January 2006. Once mixed it was sent over east to the safe hands of William Bowden (The Living End, Shihad) for mastering. The finish product, released in August 2006 is a 7 track EP which contains catchy melodies, solid riffs and strong harmonies to back it all up.

7 Years were back in the studio in 2007, this time teaming up with Al 'The Alien' Smith. What come of it was a 7 track release titled 'This Is Now' released in April 2008. With a new guitarist on-board now Joel the band are going into the studio in February to record their third ep which will be released mid 2010.



Written By: 7 Years

Is there anyone out there
I,m not sure how it all began
You came to me and told me things
Confused and lost,I,m scared to breathe

Did you really see those horrible things?
I know you watched me smoke and drink
Do you think I,m better off now
You know I lost all faith and drowned
I,m so confused,yeah you got away
I,m still here,just to save the day
Guide me now for where to go,
I,m not pulling out or giving in
Take me there to your will
My life,my dream one void to fill

Your back my knife

Written By: 7 Years

You're throwing me girl
You,re throwing this
You throw it all away
Losing sense of stability
While your our on parade

Remember times I said it,s true
I can feel your pain
With this cross I bear I will not
Walk away,walk away
My heart works till it bleeds this way
Tears fall on broken wings
When your away
Cut right through,please girl,
Girl,please get to me
I,m laying dead upon this bed
Like a hit from your cocaine
Let it go,let it fold
My appearance withers and fades

These times change all for a reason
I have the book,but lost this page
I,m laying dead upon this bed
Like a hit from your cocaine,Your cocaine

They Wanna Dream

Written By: 7 Years

Don,t take it out on me
The secret of your enemy
To want,to do,to wait tomorrow
You,ll sit aroudn and wait
until your chance is gone
Then you,ll sit and realise
its the fault of your demise
You just don,t give it a shot

They wanna dream they wanna do
They aint ever going to

Where do we go from here?
The secret of your inner fear
By the side line wasting your time
Tearing into me
I won,t take it not listening to words you say
Because you will sit around and say
It,s never gone your way

I,m doing it I,ll make it through
By not giving in to people like you
So take your eyes that shine so green
And shove em back where they can,t be seen

Miles Away

Written By: 7 Years

Dont, try to run away
It,s just a waste of time
Another suicide

When you fell so isolated
Coz you can,t control
Your falling down

When all that's left has gone away
I dreamt that you were there with me
No but your're miles away
I though that you would never leave
No but your miles away

So can you calm her down tonight
When she's all along
And she's giving up

When her memories of you start to fade
And she,s trying to break away from it all
Just to hold onto you
It,s just another suicide
She,s gone away
It,s just another suicide
She,s gone away


Written By: 7 Years

Well you can,t see just what you're coming to be
And I can,t say I think it,s better this way
Because when I look into the darkest room
I see your eyes tonight
Then you clench your fist
and do it one last time

She,s sinking down,she,s sinking down again
In this world her innocence is lost
But it,s over now,she's misunder stood

So take these lines,I know I,ll be wasting my time
Because you can,t seem to see all the pain and hurt
I,m setting you free

Voices Within

Written By: 7 Years

Your,re standing there you're all along
No help in sight you don,t belong
Everything you thought was real
Was all fake it,s how you feel

Talking clear,acting fine, don,t move on until it,s time
Just grin and bear,push it aside
Just keep on moving it,s all in your stride

Forget the past and just move on,you don,t belong
Another life for you will come

Voices screaming inside of her head
Her sky is falling she,d rather be dead
Running far so far away
Her lights will shine one of these days

No matter what they say it,s the same
No one wants to take the blame
A shattered soul put to sleep
Waiting for it,s chance to creep

You,re not the same
it doesn,t have to be this way

Late September

Written By: 7 Years

I pulled you up and I pushed you down
I,m making this all on my own
Because I want to see you follow me
Tell me which way to go
Because I want to feel and
I want to see you walk this way

You were the answers to my nightmare
Stuck in a hole and wanting more
Tell me something do you feel this way,I feel?
Tell me something,what do these whispers mean inside of me?

Where do you sleep last night
I think the devils in my mind
Telling me what I don,t need to know
Can someone tell me it isn,t so?

And on thsi late September night
When everythings going right
I,m leaving it up to you
So don,t believe me when I say
that this is easy
I,m leaving it up to you


EP: forever searching
EP: This is now
EP: 2010 title tbc...


Set List

45 minute sets,all original songs
Typical set-list:
- Seeing Red
- They wanna dream
- Miles Away
- Nightingale
- Late September
- Missunderstood
- Days Go By