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800 The Jewell

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In my past 16 years I have accomplished many things such as releasing 2 albums internationally with Sonic Wave Intl, Becoming a Grammy Considerate in 2006, Getting my own production label off the ground (Jewell Tyme Music), & being voted Denver's Best Hip Hop Label 2008 from Westword Magazine.


I was blessed with the gift of music. I never took any music lesson's. It was something that was felt deep within, not something that was taught. I am one of few producers that you will see on a large selection of artist from Denver. I have also worked with artist from the East Coast and the West Coast. I am very versatile with my production (Hip Hop/Street/R&B).


I have done production on so many projects throughout the years. I have listed a few below which I have produced multiple songs or the entire project...

Only N Colorado - 800 The Jewell 2005
8thooven - 800 The Jewell 2007
King of the Mountain Street Mix - F.O.E. 2007
Music, Money, & Round Tables - JTM 2008
Untold Veracities - Rie Rie
Ill 7 Ridas - Comp 1998
Unterstimated -Lett Loose & 187 1998
Independent Dope - Gangsta O 2003
My Story - Allison Wright
and a host of others...

Set List

I have too many to list. Go to a record store on-line.