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800 The Jewell @ Denver Post Underground Music Showcase

Denver, Colorado, USA

Denver, Colorado, USA

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The best kept secret in music


Bo James plans to collapse Sunday and, finally, sleep. That's because the head of hip-hop entertainment group Launchpad DMI and a member of the Des Moines Music Commission will spend from today until late, late Saturday running a marathon of entertainment events themed to the Drake Relays.

His starting line tonight is at the House of Bricks, with loops through West Des Moines and Clive before he reaches the finish line.

"I like the fact it gives the nation a chance to come to Des Moines," James said of relays weekend. "Because when you're in Des Moines, there's not a lot on the club scene, especially if you're into the hip-hop demographic. We always have to travel to Minnesota, Kansas City, Chicago, Omaha to party. This is our chance for us to host those cities."

This year's relays hip-hop has a Southern, post-Katrina tinge. David Banner from Jackson, Miss., is the weekend's marquee name and helped fund hurricane-relief efforts through his own www.healthehood.com charity. New Orleans rapper Big Pick, who performs tonight, set up camp in Des Moines after he and his crew were scattered by the storm.

Also, the Drake neighborhood has a new venue for relays entertainment: Mars Cafe, 2318 University Ave.

Here is the rundown on all the off-track relays entertainment:

What it is: Multi-platinum rapper Banner from Jackson, Miss., headlines a major-label night in Clive. Bo James will emcee.

When: 8 p.m. Saturday

Where: 7 Flags Events Center, Clive

Tickets: $25 in advance, $30 at the door from 7 Flags, Hip-Hop Heaven in Merle Hay Mall or Solid Foundation Inc., 2340 Euclid Ave.

- The Des Moines Register

Best Hip-Hop Label
Jewell Tyme Music
www.myspace.com/jewelltymeJewell Tyme Music launched in the heart of east Denver in 2002, headed by rappers 800 the Jewell and F.O.E. But it wasn't until last year that the imprint caught the attention of the rest of the city with the Joe Thunder/Selector Sam mix tape Drama Kings, starring F.O.E. and B Blacc and featuring the entire Jewell Tyme roster and its affiliates. And that was just the beginning: The label plans to release over ten projects in 2008, including albums from F.O.E., 800 the Jewell, Duce Wyld, Meezly and Haven and more comps from Joe Thunder, Selector Sam and DJ K-Tone. This is the type of hip-hop that Public Enemy's Chuck D was referring to when he termed it "the Black CNN" — hip-hop that gives you real insight into what's happening on the streets. - Denver Westword Magazine

2006 wrap up! Just kidding, we aint gonna waste your time with the same sh-t everyone else is talkin. Major and JMack speak on more Vida bringin Phro in for a quick phone call as well as our boy James for HipHopDirectory.com on the phone! Don't forget to check out five HOT bangers this week from St. John from Sacramento, CA, Eddie Kane from Raleigh, NC, 800 The Jewell ft. Tre Scoops and Mississippi Mac from Denver CO, Young Chilla outta Baton Rouge, LA and Eric Morrow from Russellville, KY! Stand up! Hoodhype.com - Hood Hype

Better Than: Watching the Nuggets get beat down.

After just a handful of releases in 2007, Denver hip-hop label Jewell Tyme Music (JTM) is looking at a big 2008 and kicked it off this weekend with the release party of F.O.E.’s mixtape comp, King of the Mountain, at the Snake Pit.

The night was hosted by Jewell Tyme CEO 800 the Jewell and kicked off with short sets from Makk Beez and ACO (abbreviation for Aurora, Colorado), who both delivered decent sets performing songs from upcoming JTM releases. The backing music, however, sounded muffled throughout their sets thanks to a shoddy PA, which made it difficult to decipher what was being said.

After a single-song performance by DJ, which sounded better equipment-wise than the previous performances, the Pirate Signal took the stage. The set consisted of totally new material from the group's upcoming mixtape, The PS Pt. II: Of Gods and Gangsters Vol. 1, including the pounding “Grinding” and “No One Seems to Care.” In the middle of the group's set, the music and mikes shut down, prompting Yonnas to finish a song without a mike, rapping at the top of his lungs. Once the sound was back up and running, the crew finished their set with a rousing performance of an untitled track from their mixtape.

F.O.E. took the stage around 12:15am and kicked off his set with charismatic performances of “F.O.E.,” “Why I Do” and “The Box,” which are slowly becoming Denver hood classics. His stage presence pretty much showcases why he has a loyal fan following, it’s hard not to be hooked on his passion for the music. Joined by B Blacc and Derby, F.O.E. also went through a few songs from King of the Mountain as well as the song “Tic Toc,” a bonafied hit featuring Karma and Meezly from the upcoming Jewell Tyme comp, Music, Money, and Roundtables. Once the bulk of F.O.E.’s set was completed, he opened up the stage to feature other Jewell Tyme artists and affiliates, and the night turned into a Denver hip-hop showcase featuring T.E, S.O. and J Money, among others. Two artists that stood out were singer Allison Wright, who has a Mary J. Blige type of vibe, and veteran Aurora MC Julox, who continues to create innovative hip-hop with a distinctive voice. It feels like he’s ripe to catch national interest like Houston’s Slim Thug or Miami’s Rick Ross. He’s just a song or two away.

If the evening had any downside, it was the sound system. With the exception of The Pirate Signal, most of the artists performed over tracks with vocals for fear that the mike setup would not be up to par. Most of them made up for it by giving energetic performances and it was a decent night for hip-hop
- Denver Westword Magazine

With every re-lease, Joe Thunder and Selector Sam move further away from simple mixtapes and closer to creating compilation albums featuring original rhymes and beats from homegrown rappers and producers. For their latest project, the two headed to east Denver to connect with F.O.E. and B Blacc and showcase the gangsta side of Colorado hip-hop. When listening to tracks like "Pushing Weight," "Just a Little Bit" and "All Day, Every Day," you can't help but want to grab a Raiders hat, some locs and a pair of creased khakis, and C-walk around the crib. There's no doubt that F.O.E. and B Blacc are inspired by early-'90s West Coast hip-hop, but contributions from non-gangsta cats like Deca, Yonnas, Dent and SP Double add variety to the project. Blacc and F.O.E. are comfortable out of their element on up-tempo, G-funk-free tracks such as "Step Up" and "Why You Do That," but don't get it twisted: With appearances from Dez, Rie Rie, 800 the Jewell, Duce Wyld and Meezly, among others, this is a straight gangsta party.
- Denver Westwod Magazine

For the last decade or so, F.O.E. (Father of Enemies) has steadily been putting in work, first as a member of the group Hilltop Click, then as a solo artist and now as vice president of Jewell Tyme Records. But just because he’s helping run one of Colorado’s most promising record labels doesn’t mean he’s slacking on the music side. He’s releasing a new project called King of the Mountain, this week culminating with a release party on Saturday April 26 at the Snake Pit, 608 East 13th Avenue.

“The King of the Mountain project is an album to in a way introduce myself,” F.O.E. said. “It’s being released before my official album because most of the songs have features, but are still good songs. It’s all original work, no industry beats. I did the album in mixtape fashion, with DJ KDJ mixing and hosting it. You can expect a lot of street shit. The album addresses my thoughts on the industry, life struggles, all the way to my undeniable infatuation with lady green.”

As far as Jewell Tyme is concerned, last year saw only a few releases but 2008 is looking to flood the streets with new music. Along with King of the Mountain the label is also releasing in May Music Money & Roundtables, a compilation featuring various artists associated with Jewell Tyme mixtapes from Haven, Karma, Duce and F.O.E.’s album Welcome: A New Beginning in August. But what F.O.E. is really passionate about is uniting the Denver hip-hop scene, which seems to be divided regions and sound.

“I feel the divide is bull! We have artists in Denver who seem to put themselves in certain circles and only mess with those people in those circles,” he said. “We seem scared to venture out of our comfort zone, afraid to listen and work with someone we don't know, feel uncomfortable to put other artists on shows. If you look at a lot of local shows you will start to see a pattern, groups coming with their own small crowd rocking the show and then leaving as soon as they get off stage and who follows? Their crowd. We all yell ‘we need support’ but don't support our own. We expect people to stand up for us, but don't wanna give the same in return. It hurts to know that you can go to another city and be well recieved by the fans and radio but not get the same here.”

“It’s not really about what can be done to change it, but what needs to be done,” he continued. “We need the promoters to start looking all over the city for the best people to be in their shows, we need intermingling of fans, and we need to have people like me and Julox on the same bill as Maneline and Spoke In Wordz. We need more people networking and working with different artists. We need to have features from other camps on albums. We need to express to our fans that it is ok to like other artists in the city. Although their loyalty is appreciated it is also sometimes a bad look to have everyone walk away! If more people were able to hear us more people would respect the music. I love my city and I know they love me back....we just can't be afraid to show our love!”

F.O.E. along with The Pirate Signal, Julox, T.E., B Blacc, City Block and ACO will be performing at the King of the Mountain CD Release Party at the Snake Pit, 608 East 13th Avenue on Saturday April 26 at 9 p.m.

- Denver Westword - Backbeat

Westword Music Showcase
Saturday, June 14, 2008

The feel for most of the day at DC10 was a sense of community. Hip-Hop fans and artists alike mingled in and around the venue shaking hands, giving pounds and enjoying the Colorado hip-hop vibe that permeated throughout the day. You couldn’t tell that this was a competition to get the most votes, as none of the artists in attendance lobbied for any all day.

Life Crew’s Ichiban set the day off with an energetic performance even though he was onstage by himself and performing for about ten people. Most of the material was from his mixtape, Psycle Killer Mixtape and his upcoming album, Psycle Analysis.

F.O.E. took the stage next and kicked out his most familiar songs like, “FOE,” Colorado anthem “Tha Box,” and the riot-starting “Tic-Toc.” F.O.E. came through with Jewell Tyme family members Karma, Street, Savier, Haven and label boss 800 the Jewell, who all got a little bit of microphone time, once again proving why they’re considered one of the best hip-hop labels out of Colorado.

Showcase favorite Dent, who has been nominated in the hip-hop category the last few years, always changes up his set from year to year with surprise guests. This year Dent performed songs from his album, ConFi’DENT, and brought out D.O. the Fabulous Drifter, Heavy, J Cook, Mr. Verbal, Ron Julian, and Graffiti Language (Marz & Aura) to share some time on the mike.

If you were expecting to hear the old ManeLine favorites, like “Voices”, when the trio took the stage, you were in for a surprise. Mane Rok, Inkline and DJ Tense performed all brand new songs from their forthcoming album including “The Good Bad,” with O.N.E., and a new joint featuring F.O.E. that’ll have fans from all over the city clamoring for the new album. - Denver Westwod Magazine


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Congratulations to Knoc-turn'al, Subsonic, Anand Bhatt, MagnetHead, Darrel Taylor, VSM, Steve Gray, Scoob Serious and Dante Thomas, Phearus and other SWI artists that got GRAMMY considerations! Click here for the complete list.

UPC: # 803680-967928

800 the Jewell - Who Said the Funk Would Die (T) From: Only N' Colorado
Format: CD - Cat. 27 - Best Urban/Alternative Performance
- Sonic Wave International


I have done production on so many projects throughout the years. I have listed a few below which I have produced multiple songs or the entire project...

Only N Colorado - 800 The Jewell 2005
8thooven - 800 The Jewell 2007
King of the Mountain Street Mix - F.O.E. 2007
Music, Money, & Round Tables - JTM 2008
Untold Veracities - Rie Rie
Ill 7 Ridas - Comp 1998
Unterstimated -Lett Loose & 187 1998
Independent Dope - Gangsta O 2003
My Story - Allison Wright
and a host of others...


Feeling a bit camera shy


I was blessed with the gift of music. I never took any music lesson's. It was something that was felt deep within, not something that was taught. I am one of few producers that you will see on a large selection of artist from Denver. I have also worked with artist from the East Coast and the West Coast. I am very versatile with my production (Hip Hop/Street/R&B).