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80 Proof is the culmination of two hungry to be heard Toronto MC's, ReeGee and CMAC. Deep lyrical content, slammin original production and an in your face live show makes 80 Proof one of Toronto's most valuable and experienced Hip Hop groups. www.80-proof.com


Once upon a hot minute in the T-Dot, the year was 2003, Richard Gopaul (ReeGee) and Courtney Malcolm Alexander Chambers (C.M.A.C) came together to form a truly unique sounding in your face hip hop duo now known as 80 Proof. 80 Proof is now storming the Canadian hip hop scene with their independently produced debut album The First Sip. Comprised of 14 blazing tunes, from club hits, ladies joints, to street bangers, and more personal tracks, 80 Proof’s debut CD has something for every listener out there. “We wanted to make a record that would appeal to anybody. We’re very versatile in the music we listen to and we wanted to portray that same versatility to our audience through our own music.” The album truly shines with different styles. 80 Proof proves they can rock the club in tunes like Party In Here Tonight, they can appeal to the ladies with hits like Tell Me When You Ready and Beautiful girls, they can keep it hood with tracks like What’s Really Good and Too Hot, they have a humorous side unleashed in No Pimps No Dimes and We’z Crazy Son, but they can also keep it serious and personal with tracks like album opener Just Live and If It Was. 80 Proof undeniably brings their own sound to the table. ReeGee’s alternative/hip hop vocal style, put together with CMAC’s straight hood style makes for an agreeable and original blend of vocals. Throw in ReeGee’s patented beat technique, laced with slamming drums and soulful funky guitar riffs, 80 Proof delivers a new flavor of hip hop that is unparalleled and innovative in its own right.

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The First Sip LP - 2005
If It Was - Single - Featured on CBC Radio 1 and 102.1 The Edge
Working on Second Album, Release date TBA

Set List

Typically our sets average from 20-30 minutes.
We have in the past done 50 minute sets as we have many songs we can perform live.

This is our typical setlist
1. Blow Away(2:28)
2. If It Was (3:01)
3. Enough (3:21)
4. The Playground (3:58)
5. Your Time (3:15)
6. Party In Here (2:57)
7. Show You How We'z Crazy (2:38)
8. Wow (3:26)
9. Whats Up Now (2:56)

We usually do this set becuase the first 5 songs show off our concious and deep lyrical side, and then we switch it up half way and do more upbeat "club" type tracks.
We try to arrange our setlist to grab the audiences attention with deep lyrical content and positive vibes in the beginning, so that when we do our upbeat tracks, the crowd knows that we're not all about "bubblegum" rap. We've done a lot of "rock" themed shows in the past and we find this setlist really goes over well with any audience due to its diversity.