80 Proof

80 Proof


80 Proof is comprised of 4 singer/songwriters from different backgrounds in music. They come together and blend popular styles to come up with thier own distinct and moving sound. With great originals and a high energy show, this band has the oppurtunity to leave an audience screaming for more.


When 80 Proof hit the Texas Country Music Circuit in 2003, they operated off one standard; Good Music makes Good Fans. This standard holds true today and everyday. The 80 Proof Band is made up of 4 very diverse singer/songwriters who all come from different backgrounds in music. They easily blend the popular styles to come up with one distinct and different sound. It's very easy to get lost in the melodies of such ballads as "Crazy Dreams" and "December Rain", and then to rock out to the sounds of "Throw Away the Key" and "I'm Alright". 80 Proof's shows consist of many original songs, which the band has written and composed, mixed with covers strategically placed to get and keep the attention of the crowd. The showmanship of the 80 Proof Band gets better all the time. By mixing high energy, lots of great original songs, and great cover songs, the band has the opportunity to draw a crowd and leave that crowd wanting more. 80 Proof has been influenced by many artists. Some of those artists include Johnny Cash, SRV, Stoney Larue, Rodney Pyeatt, Waylon Jennings, Victor Wooten, Johnny Hiland, CCR (both 'em), Mike McClure, Willy Braun, Led Zepplin, Cody Canada, Deftones, Mike Eli and Willy Nelson, just to name a few.


We are currently releasing a New Studio Album. We have named the Album "Tuesdays at 7" and have been getting radio play and lots of promotion. Our Single "One Senorita Two Margaritas" is currently number 29 on the Texas Music Chart and Number 26 on The Texas Regional Radio Chart.

Set List

80 Proof's Set List is comprised of mostly original songs mixed with strategically placed and well known cover songs, to grab and keep the Crowds attention. Sets in an opening gig are usually 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes. Headlining solo gigs are negotiable and are usually 2 hours and 30 minutes with breaks accordingly.