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Dallas, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Dallas, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
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"H2O Review: Love and Fear by 832"

First off, 832 is a Dallas based hip hop group. Why are they being reviewed on H20? Cuz they are originally from OKC, and 832 is a tribute to their child hood home, here in OKC(832 musgrave blvd to be exact), that was destroyed in fire. So kudos to moving out of OKC and still reppin for OKC. Nawlege 405 and King Solomis, collectively, make up the group and fully intend to move back when they can really give back to the city they love so much. They come across as intelligent and fun on "Love and Fear." Every now and then, I hear a bit of Field Mob styled vocals, which fits 832's tracks very well. Considering they have a video for "Chaos" with over 70,000 views, they seem to be on the right track. Now, on to the cd...
"Wonderful World" is short and sweet, clocking in at just under 2 minutes. Generally, I'm against short tracks, but this one is soulful and super bouncy. The sampling on this one was a great match for the emcees. Their timing had perfect rhythm. DEFINITELY, check this one out!!!
"Too Many Lies Burned" is another dope track with a melodic sample. A very politically educated song with a message. Nice. Be sure to peep out the video on youtube!!!
"Chaos" is their single. I don't mean "their's" like the obvious actual ownership of this track. I mean they owned this track, and they got 70,000 views for the video to prove it. Hype, double-timed vocals with a slower but still amped up hook. Don't be one of the few who miss this one!!!
"Throw the Dice" has some sooooouuuuul!!! Very bluesy and abstract!!! Another track with some crazy dope sampling and workin a stutter!!!
Pretty good album all around. This one is, definitely, for critical tinkers. So if you're looking for dumbed down club tracks, look elsewhere. My first critique would be on the producer's slip up's. There's a few tracks where the volume is considerably louder and some that are considerably lower, however, I'm sure most people won't notice. That's a great thing to do(especially with other genres or to grab your attention), but only if it's done on purpose. Some of this album seems kind of bland. Just when I get bored with it, one of the next tracks brings my attention right back. I think the problem is they grind their niche' style to the teeth. Samples, stuttered beats, abstract rhyme schemes, etc., all are great things to toy with, but don't overkill it. Sometimes less is more. A few fun tracks with no message could have livened it up. Still to the point, this album has some pretty, solid joints on it. 70,000+ views on one video and 10,000+ on another, that's some impressive numbers. Hip hop, do yourself a favor, and keep an eye on these guys. Much much potential. Very nice job, 832! - SmacOne

"Review You: 832, Love and Fear LP"

Dallas hasn’t had as famous or celebrated a hip-hop scene as Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York City (where hip-hop started), Oakland, New Orleans or Philadelphia, but some talented MCs have come from that Texas city over the years (including The D.O.C., Nemesis, the Fila Fresh Crew and Big Tuck). And in recent years, the Dallas hip-hop scene has given us 832, a duo consisting of brothers De’Scaun Lee Parker, a.k.a. Nawlege 405 (b. March 11, 1986) and Travon Damar Parker, a.k.a. Solomis (b. September 2, 1989). 832 also have an Oklahoma City connection; that’s where they are originally from. But it was after the siblings moved to Dallas that they recorded their EP, Synergy (a 2011 release). Love and Fear is their first official full-length album, and parts of this early 2013 release demonstrate that the Parker siblings aren’t afraid of depth and intellect.

These days, hip-hop is full of rappers who specialize in decadent, hedonistic party music; their lyrics are all about “getting crunk in the club,” drinking Alizé, making money, obtaining an endless supply of bling-bling and having casual sex with multiple partners. In other words, they are offering pure fantasy and pure escapism. Instead of “keeping it real,” they are keeping it in the fantasy realm. But 832 have a lot more substance than that, and they are quite capable of deep-thinking rhymes. A recurring theme on this album is trying to keep your head above water and live a moral, decent life despite life’s challenges; that theme asserts itself on “Good Life,” “Too Many Lies Burned,” “Dead At Last!!!,” “What Do You Say to Faith?” and “Shadowed Eyes.”

Biblical themes often assert themselves on Love and Fear. The haunting “Devil May Cry” is a perfect example. On that track, one hears a deep, sinister voice that is meant to be Satan, and the voice portraying Satan offers the rappers plenty of rewards if they will follow him (including a lot of sex and a lot of money) and promises them an abundance of misfortune if they don’t follow him. But Nawlege 405 and Solomis assert that they have no desire to give in to Satan, regardless of what he might promise or threaten. The message of “Devil May Cry” is that Satan is offering fool’s gold.

In addition to being lyrically substantial, 832 often rap over grooves, beats and tracks that are musically interesting. For example, “Sweetest Hangover” (which features guest rapper B-Eazy) samples Diana Ross’ 1976 hit “Love Hangover,” one of the definitive songs of the Disco Era. And on “Wonderfull World” (as opposed to “Wonderful World”), one hears a sample of Louis Armstrong’s 1967 hit “What a Wonderful World.” But the Parker Brothers don’t use the Armstrong sample at its original speed. Instead, they speed it up, making it sound the way it would have sounded back in 1967 if one had played a 33-speed LP at 45 speed. So instead of hearing the husky, gravelly voice that Armstrong was famous for, one hears a high-pitched Alvin & the Chipmunks-like voice. To some listeners, the idea of speeding up “What a Wonderful World” might sound silly, but for 832, it serves a useful purpose and adds a touch of comedy to an album that is full of serious introspection and heavy themes.

Love and Fear opens with the epic “Welcome to the Show,” which has the sort of big, grandiose, larger-than-life hook that a lot of Dirty South rappers are known for. If one listened to that opener without hearing anything else on this 57-minute CD, it would be easy to assume that Love and Fear was going to be an exercise in total escapism and a nonstop ode to wild partying. But while the bigness and infectiousness of “Welcome to the Show” might lead listeners to assume that this is strictly a party album, the seriousness that comes later on “Devil May Cry,” “Shadowed Eyes,” “Pain and Progression” and other selections makes it clear that Love and Fear certainly isn’t about all partying all the time.

As far as deep-thinking hip-hop goes, Love and Fear isn’t in a class with the best sociopolitical albums that KRS-1, Public Enemy, Ice-T, Ice Cube and 2 Black 2 Strong offered during their heyday. But Love and Fear is a respectable, worthwhile effort, and it is good to see some 21st Century MCs going for depth and substance instead of running away from it. - Alex Henderson

"Turia Media Review: Love and Fear LP"

The brother duo of Nawlege 405 and Solomis are 1980s babies who found a bond as younger siblings through hip-hop. Their group title of 832 bears a significant meaning as they proudly wear the number of the Oklahoma City home that they grew up in before it was burned to ashes. Their latest album Love And Fear features rhymes and beats as stark as vacant tenement buildings, both rappers refusing to hold their tongues regarding inner turmoil as well as the external chaos that floods the world around them. Within the album’s opening song, they refer to themselves as “political rhyme peddlers.” While it may not be immediately apparent as to why, just keep listening.

A track like “Sweetest Hangover” delivers what’s expected and does it well, easily making it a candidate for a single release. Working off a groove from a classic Diana Ross tune, Nawlege and Solomis spit alcohol-soaked tales over a West Coast-inspired rhythm, low riders creeping through double time hi-hats. The sped-up chunks of Louis Armstrong that intro “Wonderful World” unfold into cleverly orchestrated loops that are chopped and spread over a skeletal beat. The brothers of 832 rhyme circles around each other, lyrically bobbing and weaving at breakneck speed. Their flow is one part Freestyle Fellowship, one part Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, an equal balance of multi-syllabic wordplay and impressive showmanship.

Both of these factors are on dazzling display during “Hydroplainin” as a sweet soul instrumental gets hacked into staccato sample slices. Nawlege and Solomis are slower in vocal speed on this one but no less funky, choosing instead to verbally bounce alongside the jingle bell accents and G-Funk frequencies. Even the slightly off-key chorus sounds unquestionably cool on this airy, hazy selection. However, the sharp edges of their lyrics can still cut deep and “Too Many Lies Burned” is a great example. While a wavering guitar finds its way over laid back drum pads and calming female background vocals, 832 runs down a litany of sociopolitical concerns including polluted waters, the 9/11 tragedy, and the Y2K scare. Lest we think that their fingers point solely towards the Bush administration for opportunities lost, these guys aren’t ones to let Obama off the hook, either (“Yes We Can…lie”).

The songs that comprise Love And Fear reflect an approach captured by a Dead Prez album title: Revolutionary But Gangsta. The smoky and sinister backing track of “Throw The Dice” provides 832 with the perfect setting for their battle stances, wielding rhymes like samurai swords. On the title track, they are practically pleading for peace in a world of war, their impassioned delivery forcing the listener to pay close attention to every word. The way in which they express themselves is just as impressive as what’s being said. Lesser emcees would stumble over themselves if they had to work with the instrumental for “Good Life,” which flips a sample origin in 7/4 time into an offbeat 4/4 rhythm. Nawlege and Solomis attack the track slightly behind the beat and make it their own, working the instrumental with the finesse of seasoned jazz musicians.

The head banging, chaotic waltz of “DEAD AT LAST!!!” closes the album with 832 ripping through bars in 3/4 time, laying to rest any doubts about their talents on the microphone. Love And Fear is a diamond in the rough of present-day hip-hop, a release that’s willing to tap into a world much bigger than the genre, yet still directly affected by that world’s changes. Nawlege and Solomis recognize the power of their words and their place within a larger battle between good and evil. In a world where narcissism reigns supreme and accountability isn’t even an afterthought with most artists, this album should be celebrated for that reason alone. - Jason Randall Smith

"Street Khemistry Album Blog"

The RAP-ture is 832’s latest album and a creepy intro draws your attention quickly. 832 is the duo of brothers Nowlege 405 and Solomis from Oklahoma City. You connect with the feeling and passion that these two emcess emanate. They attempt to give you the power to empower yourself in 16 tracks or less. One thing I am not a fan of is the album art. If the only thing I’m not a fan of in the entire album is the cover then that’s not such a bad thing right? There is just something in me that is not drawn in by the cover. Covers don’t make or break an album but, if you’re looking to convince a new listener to click on your album link, the first thing they’re going to see if the art. It has to be good. It looks like mixtape cover more than an album cover. Anyway, back to the music. 832 goes 2 on 1 with the devil (metaphor for challenges in their life?) in The Rap-ture and they are backed up with their influence from various artists including Flatbush Zombies and Tech N9ne. Ontop of their message you will be met with witty wordplay and ear grabbing production. If you need more of a reason to press play, 832 also won the 6th Annual Street Music Award for Best Duo or Group in 2013. Again, here is The Rap-ture by OKC brother duo 832. - Fiasco The God

"Insomniac Magazine-Review: The RAP-ture"

From its inception, Hip Hop was created as a way to provide a voice for the disenfranchised and underprivileged. The genre eschewed materialism, in favor of clever wordplay & lyrical content about social and political issues. More importantly, the artists involved, offered a fresh alternative to the overly sweet and cloying sounds of their Rock and R & B counterparts. Of course, things have changed DRAMATICALLY throughout the years. Hip Hop is now guilty of the unimaginative musings and gimmickry it used to mock. Fortunately, the brother duo of Nawledge 405 and Solomis, known collectively as 832, take the music back to basics with their new album, “The Rap-ture.”
“The Prayer” sets off the proceedings with a Greek chorus of female singers nervously crooning The Supremes “You Keep Me Hangin’ On,” while a powerful thunderstorm rages in the background. One gets the sense that a beast(or in this case, THE Beast)is lurking around the corner, ready to attack. That feeling is amplified by menacing horns and what can only be described as the March of Armageddon, with 832 warning us that “nothing is the same” and the “devil is around,” as they experience the world that they once knew collapse around them. The group survive the wreckage, saving their souls to reemerge with “Under The Ground,” a loopy, exotic production that allows the brothers to exhibit their deep, commanding bass vs. high, neurotic vocal interplay that keep the listeners tuned in to every word. Once 832 is resurrected into the new world, various news outlets announce that “…hope is on the way,” as the track’s veil of darkness is lifted to reveal the guiding light emanating from this incredible group. “Any Way You Can” begins with beautiful yet haunting, vocal harmonies before 832 break through with lyrics informing the fans that despite their frustrations about the world…they will TRIUMPH. The production is immaculate! When the track fades out, our heroes encounter a little girl, who is actually a demon in disguise. She(IT) then presents the disheartening news, that in order to defeat The Beast, they must become evil first…The battle has just begun.
“Ghost in the Darkness” allows the brothers a chance to reflect on the traumatic moments in their lives over a moody groove. “Burn” featuring JuJu, ups the ante on the “new world order” canvass 832 carefully constructs with each successive track. The music video finds them looking confused and out of place in an eerie forest where dark forces have labeled them as “Missing” to the eyes & ears of the public. The track itself, involves a powerful dialogue with the devil as Juju masterfully lends support with a soulful chorus. “Sick the Dogs on ‘em” takes direct aim at satan(literally!)by playing off of Boogie Down Production’s “9mm Goes Bang” chorus, while “War”(featuring Juju) advances the group to the next level of their struggle as Nawledge 405 & Solomis must question whether to pull the trigger on a new enemy…Aphrodite!
“Aphrodite”(Extended Version) feat. Dawun J, details the doomed result of 832’s inability to vanquish the seductress, as the group realize they have battled this enemy in many different forms throughout their lives. “Babylon Kids” feat. Aisha Eustache focuses on crime and violence the unit witnessed growing up in the gritty streets of Oklahoma City. “Ragtime” displays the crew “transforming” into animated, freestyle rhyme spitters who are at the forefront of a social & spiritual revolution. “Psycho Woman” is a callback to “Aphrodite,” minus the alluring majesty that the deity was said to possess. The female that 832 chronicles in THIS story is clearly and vehemently hell-bent on destruction. She must be stopped by any means necessary! A bullet swiftly puts an end to her miserable existence.
“The Showdown” represents the ultimate face off between 832 and satan. Angels from the heavens descend to assist the group in battle. Armed with an array of musical weaponry, 832 successfully sends all demons back to hell! “Victory” finds the brothers celebrating their triumph over the forces of evil while “The World is Y(ours)” wins for its jazzy instrumentation and uplifting vibe. “The Crown” feat. Wilson the IV, highlights the duo as they contemplate life from a throne that begs to be filled from a position of love and positivity. “Skyline” feat. Tone P, rounds out the entire project with uptempo production as the leaders of the new reality look skyward for future hope and inspiration.
“The Rap-ture” is an enticing and impressive album from the creative siblings. The lyrics are insightful and the production is top notch. Now that the forces of darkness have been defeated, 832 can enjoy the paradise they fought so hard to create. But to paraphrase the group’s final words – “If evil ever decides to return…They’ll be ready!” - Kevin Keith

"Hip-Hop Vibe Review: The RAP-ture"

Last month, 832, a rap duo from Oklahoma, released their album, The RAP-Ture, which had plenty of internet success. Currently, the two man crew is experiencing success with their “Burn” single. This record features an artist named JuJu.

The RAP-Ture shows just how outside of the box 832 is, which is definitely a good thing. One mark against hip hop is everyone trying to sound like the next man, but 832 is blatantly different. Spearheaded by the brotherly duo of Nawledge 405 and Solomis, the two simply go hard.

Regular rap is what has begun to fill the mainstream hip hop media and the fans have come to expect it. But, for those looking for something different, 832 is definitely right up their alley. With this new album, The RAP-Ture, the two have put together a project that is definitely a gem in a year that did not deliver many cohesive albums.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Rating: 8/10 - K.B. Tindal

"832 Releases The Rap-Ture"

There has been a wave of artists Conscious Hip-Hop or socially conscious Hip Hop is a sub-genre of Hip Hop that challenges the dominant cultural, political, philosophical, and economic consensus. It aims to subtly inform the public of true political and social issues which are predominantly obscured by the mainstream media.

Add 832 to the new wave of Hip Hop artists that challenge the dominant cultural, political, and economic consensus. The Oklahoma City Hip Hop duo that consist of brothers, Nawlege 405 and Solomis, are armed with lyrics and beats and look to inform the public of the true political and social issues which are predominantly obscured by the mainstream.

Known for their raw and gritty true-life approach, 832, has recently released their album The Rap-ture, which they described as a cinematic fantasy of two indiduals facing the devil. They state that The RAP-ture teaches one to face and overcome their fears and that anyone can do anything if they put their minds to it.

With the release of The RAP-ture, 832, looks to give social issues a wider audience base. - The Source Magazine

"Get Money Music: 832 "Album and Music Video""

If anyone is going to shake hip hop up with some true originality and passion from the underground, 832 could be the ones to do it. 832, The brother duo of Nawlege 405 and Solomis are 1980’s babies who found a bond as younger siblings through hip-hop. Their group title of 832 bears a significant meaning as they proudly wear the number of the Oklahoma City home that they grew up in before it was burned to ashes. As opposed to rapping about materialism and decadence, the duo take an aggressive and real approach, each with their own unique and experimental flows. In 2013, the duo won the 6th Annual Street Music Award for Best Duo or Group despite being invited to the show one week prior. - Derek Lemire

"'Political Rhyme Peddlers' from Oklahoma City: 832"

Nawlege 405 and Solomis are brothers who rap together as part of 832. Named after the house number of their childhood home in Oklahoma City, which burned to ashes. Armed with a mission to tell untold stories, their latest track is called Burn.

No, they’re not bling rappers. Rather, they’ve got a conscious edge which is funk-infused and laced with influences like Pharcyde, OutKast or even Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

In response to mainstream hip hop, the duo says: "These days, hip-hop is full of rappers who specialize in decadent, hedonistic party music; their lyrics are all about “getting crunk in the club,” drinking Alizé, making money, obtaining an endless supply of bling-bling and having casual sex with multiple partners," writes 832. "A recurring theme on this album is trying to keep your head above water and live a moral, decent life despite life’s challenges." - Nadja Sayej

"SupaJam Music News: 832"

Rap duo 832 are named after the address of their childhood home which burned down and they aim to be as incendiary with their lyrics, eschewing materialism and tackling what they feel is important. Lorde would, we presume, approve. We’ve got Burn today, a track from their recently released The Rap-Ture LP. - MediaMonkey

"832 Rise From the Ashes with RAP-ture"

832 is a duo from Oklahoma, the name deriving from the number of the house they grew up. It has long since been burnt down but from this 832 rose from the ashes and have released their second album RAP-ture.
832 are not your typical modern day hip-hop group. Taking their previous album Love and Fear into account and RAP-ture, 832 is as real as it gets. Spitting from their heart the lyrics contain a vibrant passion that can only be detected in honest tracks. Varying from many styles they can be likened to Eminem or Jedi Mind Tricks, expect eloquent flows mixed with hardcore realism to esoteric poetry. They are truly something you would only find in the underground scene but definitely have enough talent to rise above into the mainstream.
Although ‘real’ 832 avoids the pitfalls many ‘real’ artists do. Brothers Nawlege 405 and Solomis only tell their story, say what they think in intelligent and raw lyrics refusing to preach. They say what they want without trying to convert anyone to their view.
Any Way You Can is one of the best from the album which contains the brother’s perspective on the world they live in. There isn’t an overindulgence of the lyrics which sometimes alienates fans outside of hip-hop, instead the brothers let the song play itself and simply become a part of the flow with their lyrical input. It also contains a great sample from Coldplay’s X&Y and is just an excellently produced song.
The single Burn (whose video can be seen here) featuring Juju summarizes the album perfectly. It shows the cutthroat lyric capabilities of 832, some excellent production especially Juju’s chorus and overall theme of the album. The tempo is quick and unforgiving with 832 keeping up the pace with their spoken word. Combining the bars that don’t seem to end as each line intersects with each other and the potential of deep, complex and meaningful lyrics, Burn truly demonstrates what you can expect on RAP-ture. As with Any Way You Can the brothers don’t take over their track with their lyrics. It shows a maturity in giving the priority to the track and not themselves. Each brother has a verse with Juju surrounding each verse with the chorus. What’s left is a beautifully crafted track with an addictive flow.
RAP-ture was released in November and is one of the best follow up albums in modern day hip-hop. Refusing to delve into the ‘mainstream’ style singing about flying to Paris and having sex with countless (possibly paid for) women, 832 stick to what is real for them, what they actually believe in. For this reason they may not see themselves top any charts unless they are exposed to the mass majority so their talent can be enjoyed by all. - Peter-Shaun Tyrell

"832’s New Album ‘The RAP-ture’ Tries To Take Hip-Hop In Soulful Direction But Forgets the Basics"

Hip-hop duo 832, hailing from Oklahoma released their latest album titled, “The RAP-ture”, late last year. With the release of their new album, the rhyme-spitting duo bravely try to take hip-hop back to an earlier era when thought-provoking lyrics and people empowerment was the purpose of the music. The brotherly hip-hop duo’s valiant effort is all for naught though, due to the lack of polish on lyrics and lack of a defining signature single.

832 are comprised of brothers De’Scaun Lee Parker and Travon Damar Parker. “The RAP-ture” is the brother’s sophomore effort. Both brothers handle lyrics and production on the album with help on production from E Major, Tone P, Flawless Tracks and Fanobee. The lead single to the album, “Burn” featuring JuJu, can be heard here.

As underground hip-hop albums go, “The RAP-ture” is a solid entry and even maybe a cut above the rest. The production on the tracks is all of a high quality and the beats are definitely tight and banging. These beats could have easily been on a more mainstream hip-hop artist.

With that being said, the lyrics are of a higher moral quality than most mainstream hip-hop, but the lyricism and flow of the duo is juvenile at best. If 832 are looking to give the public an alternative to the Gucci-drenched lyrics of mainstream hip-hop, the two brothers have forgotten one big ingredient—well-polished lyrics and hooks the masses can groove to. Any hip-hop artist that has had success with a more bohemian style of hip-hop, whether it is Macklemore, Talib Kweli or Tribe Called Quest, has first pulled the masses in with a catchy signature song. 832 fail to achieve this on the album, but they do come close.

The best songs on the album seem to be ones that the material deals with the least heavy subject matter. Songs such as “Psycho Woman” and “Burn” deal less with political and economic strife in the ghettos and focus more on just being quality everyday hip-hop songs. This being said, the lyricism is more along the lines of artists like the Gorillaz or Linkin Park as opposed to the metaphor driven lyrics of Mos Def or Common.

Fans of mainstream hip-hop may like some of the tracks on the album and will appreciate the duo’s effort at actually rapping about something of substance. These same fans will probably find the delivery to be a bit lacking though. Look for the album, “The RAP-ture”, on Google Play, iTunes and your local music store. - Tavon Perkins

"The Music Existence Album Review: 832-The RAP-Ture"

832 have been doing their best to put Oklahoma City hip-hop on the map since 2012’s LP Love and Fear. The rappers have since returned with their latest full-length album titled The RAP-Ture. Oklahoma City, which is not exactly known for its hip-hop artists, has revealed some true talent in the brothers of Nawledge 405 and Solomis. The duo’s name 832 refers to the number of their childhood home that was burned down in Oklahoma City. The brothers are known for their exceptional flow technique and substantial vocabulary. They were even recognized for their efforts as they took home hardware from the 6th Annual Street Music Awards for “Best Duo or Group” in 2013 prior to the release of The RAP-Ture.

The sixteen track album is peppered with guest vocalists and rappers while it features content that is heavy, heartfelt, uplifting and intellectual. The brothers overall goal is to rap and speak about matters that are true in real life as opposed to what most in the hip-hop community speak about to excess. On The RAP-Ture that point is hammered home. You won’t hear songs about cruising around in fancy cars, picking up models and throwing large extravagant parties. Instead you hear songs about struggle and keeping things together in times of trouble. Their lyrics are well-thought out and spark listeners to think about their meanings. This isn’t the type of album that you turn up full blast at a Saturday night party, but that isn’t to say that the album doesn’t have its share of fun.

There are a lot of substantial and creative verses on the album. Tracks such as “Any Way You Can” and “Ghost in the Darkness” are highlighted by excellent hooks. All of the guest artists provide extra spice to an already favorable palate and help take some of the pressure and spotlight off of 832. Fans of Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, Pharcyde and Tech N9ine will appreciate this album and The RAP-Ture definitely does not seem like the last time 832 will have something to say. - Kevin Barber

"The Music Universe: 832 'The Rap-Ture' Brings a huge dose of Hip Hop creativity"

The state of Hip Hop has reached a point in which it's suffering from lack of creativity, but the 832, a brother duo from Oklahoma City, bring us a huge dose of creativity with their dark edgy sophomore album 'The Rap-Ture.' While not entirely a new approach, The Rap-Ture plays out like a book, while each chapter deals with political and social themes that affect and are relatable to the inner city, but not often talked about in the mainstream. Brothers Nawlege 405 and Solomis bring us an album of 16 terrific tracks of pure storytelling, not the flashy poppy stuff that passes as rap music today. It's an album reminiscent of the Wu Tang Clan and Nas, using metaphor and poetry, a touch of consciousness and gritty lyrics. This album pulls no punches; 832 is giving it to you raw but do it in such a way that you want to root for 832 to bring Hip Hop back to its storytelling roots. That's not to say The Rap-Ture is bringing it back old school, a cheap way to garner cred and attention. What Rap-Ture does is give you a 2015 approach to how rap music can still sound fresh but still give you a feel for the old school. To call The Ra-Ture a return to the old school is an insult to one of the most creative, lyrically honest albums by a rap duo that has what it takes to be one of the leaders of the new school. - Rob Perez

"SoundCloud Music Reviews: 832-"Burn""

Sibling rap duo 832 share a unique animosity towards their hometown of Oklahoma City. Though they represent the city proudly and have even named their group after the area code they grew up in, they say that the city has “burned to ashes” at this point. Though they may not be on board with the current state of the city, their new track “Burn” engages the listener with a story about the world they come from and how that world continues to change.

The song starts out with an ambient gothic cello line and eerie clinking keyboard notes before the bouncing beat enters. With adequate hand-clapping and a backing wall of sound made up of a silent choir, a talented singer chimes in and introduce the song’s theme: “I’m on fire.” In addition, a synthesized vocoder lead joins the mix. The vocoder flavor could only be described as “Kanye-esque.”

Within the first two lines of the actual rap verses, you get the gist of 832’s quintessential style: playful and clever but not afraid to take dark turns, as if speeding on the freeway and jerking the wheel from side to side for a split second just to scare people. 832 doesn’t make themselves out to be hard gangsters or dangerous people. Rather, they’re self-referenced as “troublemakers”, “cancers”, and people who evoke “temper tantrums.”

Eventually, the song takes a strange twist as 832 raps a conversation with the devil, who is impersonated with a low-pitched voice. In this conversation, the devil offers a life of problem-free fame in exchange for 832’s soul. It doesn’t end up being a good enough sale, as 832 quickly quips back that they’re looking to do things their own way, even if the devil claims their style to be “a pipe dream.” The song’s end serves as a resolution point as a loud audience roars and 832 addresses them, claiming, “We will win this battle for the world.”

832 has a distinct style to them. They produce their music well and they have some nice flow. My favorite part 832 is how they don’t take themselves too seriously and embrace wittiness. I hope to see more of this quality in 832’s future - hdesantis

"Ellenwood Track Review: 832 'Burn'(Video)"

832, an Oklahoma City based rap duo consisting of brothers Solomis and Nawlege 405, have released their second album, The RAP-Ture. The brothers have been producing hip hop and rap with an edge together since 2011. Their first single off the new album, “Burn,” has a corresponding video just released on Vevo.

832, named after the number of the brothers’ childhood house which burned to the ground, are a conglomeration of a number of different indie rap styles, with some similarities to Living Legends, Slum Village and Flatbush Zombies. With no real hip hop influences in their native town, Solomis and Nawlege 405 looked to New York City hip hop and also some middle America artists such as Outkast and Bone Thugs N’ Harmony as muses to draw from. The result has been a unique blend of sounds and styles which won 832 the Best Duo or Group award at the 2013 Street Music Awards.

“Burn” opens with an ominous preamble, followed by the hook sung by the Akon-like Juju. Once the main beat comes in, the song takes a turn musically toward a more upbeat, almost gospel vibe. Solomis’ opening verse, while not heavily syncopated, is well-planned and he does offer some surprise changes in tempo as the flow progresses. Nawlege 405, however, is highly syncopated in his rap style and changes up his vocal timbre as well, somewhat like E40 or other bay area rappers do. Between the two brothers, 832 offers a strong mix of the best elements of rap.

Lyrically, the track is anything but upbeat as the brothers speak about society’s ills and the futility of going up against the current system. The happy sound to the backing track suggests hope, however, and the image in the video of the two brothers strong and defiant even while running is a powerful counter to the somewhat morose lyrics.

“Burn” is a great first single to represent the rest of The RAP-Ture. 832’s sophomore album is available to stream or buy on their Bandcamp site, and the rest of the group’s discography is available on their website, some for free download. - Layla Marino

"Trending Buzzer: 832 Produces Bold and Complex Hip Hop on new album (Review)"

In a difficult hip bound strain climate, few artists take on difficult beats and perplexing swat verses during a same time. Normally, a hip bound organisation is famous possibly for a well-produced subsidy marks or for a learned rappers. Even reduction common is an subterraneous or indie hip bound outfit that can furnish interesting, perplexing strain that complements and supports suggestive lyrics with substance. On their second album, The RAP-Ture, a Parkers, a kin twin also famous as 832, grasp this wily multiple and most more.

Brothers Nawlege 405 and Solomis are also singular in hip bound in that they come from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – a city not mostly compared with a genre. This did not stop Nawledge 405 and Solomis from shower in all they could from 80s and 90s hip bound and swat culture. The Parkers name some of their vital influences as Bone Thugs N Harmony, Outkast, a Pharcyde and Tech N9ne. The twin expelled an EP, Synergy, in 2011. This mini-album showed early signs of guarantee as a brothers began to rise their style, with nods to classical hip bound artists like KRS-one and Rakim, though it also showed a 90s subterraneous season identical to Slum Village or Living Legends. After Synergy came dual some-more EPs, Brown Bag Special and Seven Steps to Heaven. In late 2012, 832 expelled a initial full-length album, Love and Fear.

With an already considerable physique of work in a 3 years they have been active, 832 seems to be enlightening their character some-more and some-more with any release. They have also gained a cult following, and in 2013 won a Street Music Award for Best New Duo or Group. With The RAP-Ture, brothers Nawlege 405 and Solomis seem to have landed in a area of domestic swat conceptually, while musically they still seem to accumulate change from many sources. The talent for these dual brothers lies mostly in execution, strain combination and, of course, integrity.

832Lyrically, a Parker brothers are out to make a matter on The RAP-Ture, which was expelled in Nov 2014. They initial pull audiences in with their clear and familiar rhymes. They call themselves rhyme poets, and their character and technique is really refined, during times sounding like Living Legends or Slum Village in songs like Any Way You Can and Burn, and during others holding on even some-more difficult musical rhythms identical to E4, such as in Ghost in a Darkness or Sick a Dogs on ‘Em. Another covering comes into play with a deepness of a lyrics as a brothers report some vivid memories, such as their childhood home, series 832, being burnt to a ground, and a problems confronting civic girl in a difficult era.

The strain and subsidy marks on a manuscript also seem to go along with a thesis of overcoming adversity and rising from a ashes, as many songs representation unhappy violins and have slower, complicated beats that also seem to intimate sadness. These subsidy marks are really worldly for a organisation deliberate to be “underground.”

As a manuscript comes toward a final tracks, This is Your World, Ragtime and Skyline, the tinge takes a spin toward some-more upbeat and fun appetite both in lyrics and in music. Ragtime roughly sounds like a bar track, while This is Your World might remind audiences of early 00s indie swat such as Lupe Fiasco’s Kick Push. The shutting track, Skyline, featuring Tone P, is a funky, rarely syncopated and officious chipper strain that symbolically has a Parker brothers looking toward a destiny with a spark of wish while honoring a past and where they have come from.

With The RAP-Ture, 832 seems to have found a character both lyrically and stylistically, however it does not seem Nawlege 405 and Solomis will stop experimenting with opposite styles and influences any time soon. What is certain is that any destiny work from a twin will be well-produced and full of meaning. 832 seems to be committed to coming hip bound not from a enterprise to sell annals or be played in clubs, though rather to vocalization a law and formulating peculiarity sounds. The RAP-Ture can be streamed and purchased on 832’s Bandcamp site, and all of a brothers’ prior work is accessible for giveaway download on their website. - Layla Klampt


  1. Synergy EP-June 2, 2011 http://832.bandzoogle.com/music
  2. Love and Fear- December 31, 2012 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/love-and-fear/id592938901
  3. 7 Steps to Heaven EP- November 11, 2014 http://www.audiomack.com/album/832/7-steps-to-heaven
  4. The Rap-Ture- November 14, 2014 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-rap-ture/id941914078



832 is a hardcore revolutionary rap duo consisting of two brothers Nawlege 405(born De'Scaun Lee Parker on March 11, 1986) and Solomis(born Travon Damar Parker on September 2,1989). Growing up in the streets of Oklahoma City, OK the two discovered each other's interest in Hip hop at an early age and began to rap side by side in their neighborhood. The two named themselves 832 after their street address in Musgrave Blvd. Oklahoma City. In 2001, the house was burned to the ground forcing the family to move place to place. In 2002 the two found themselves in Dallas, TX where they saw opportunity to pursue their music. The two wind up getting a chance to perform in a Super Bowl Bash held by a local radio station that caught the attention of Artist Direct Records. Although the two never got an opportunity to sign a record deal due to label bankruptcy, the duo never stopped their pursuit. continuing local gigs eventually in 2003 the two caught the attention of Jadakiss by rapping at a local mall in Dallas. He wanted to sign them to his own label D-Block Ent., but do to youth interference, no deal was made.The duo dedicated the rest of their lives to pursue music on their own and finally in 2011, their prayers were answered when 832 presented the "Synergy EP" to the world the first single "We Ridin" was so undeniable that the song was played on London Radio. There inspirational video "Summer Breeze" was an overnite smash on Youtube giving the duo over 30,000 hits. With the success of the EP, 832 now drops their new album "Love and Fear" which dropped January 1, 2013 with the smash hit "Chaos" which produced over 72,000 hits on Youtube. With the direction that these guys are going, There might be some space reserved for them in Hip-Hop History! http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/832. In 2013 the duo won the 6th Annual Street Music award for "Best Duo or Group". As of November 14, 2014 the duo released it's sophomore album "The RAP-ture" featuring the smash single "Burn feat Juju". Buy "The RAP-ture on iTunes today!!!

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