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"Comments from Phil McMullen (Heathern Haints Review)"

One of the greatest rewards of being involved with the Terrastock festivals is, for me at least, knowing that the event has either directly or indirectly inspired others to play, practice, record, craft and create. That whole sense of community, of getting it together with others of a similar ilk in order to hopefully make the world a better and nicer place to be in, is at the heart of what the Terrascope, and latterly Terrastock as well, has always been about – and to see communities of musicians, artists, writers and promotors all sharing a similar aesthetic springing up all over the place is at one and the same time really quite exciting and very, very humbling indeed.

Back last May in the run-up to Terrastock 7 in Louisville, Kentucky, a rather fine gentleman by the name of Tim Carey of the band 84001 in Nashville, Tennessee staged a Terrastock Tea Party there which featured themselves (84001) plus Magick Plants, Hollow Ox, and Heathern Haints. Many of the principles attended Terrastock a month or so later and were not only charming to meet and fulsome in their praise, but also kind enough to say they’d been inspired by the experience. In fact, not long afterwards 84001 and Heathern Haints headed up to Memphis to play with James Jackson Toth's new project (James, the former Wooden Wand mainman, appeared at Terrastock as part of Hush Arbors). Several of MV+EE's collaborators played as well. Another new, impromptu “community” was thus born right there, a fine example of what can and thankfully often does take place in the wake of a Terrastock. - Terrascope.co.uk


84001- 84001 (self released cassette, 1997)
84001- prospectUs (self released cassette, 1997)
84001- whatwouldhealthiswoundedsoul? (self released cassette, 1998)
84001- We look for things to make us go (CD-r 2007)
84001- The Search for Incandescent Glaciers (CD-r 2008)
84001-052908 (CD-r 2008)



84001 began in Rochester, NY as the experimental ambient music project of Tim Carey. In the spring of 1997, a self-released cassette was distributed to college radio stations, independent music magazines, and friends. Performances were given at art galleries, local bars, and on 88.9 WNYO Oswego, NY.

Early influences included; My Bloody Valentine, Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works, Spacemen 3, Terre Thaemlitz, John Cage, and early Pink Floyd.

From 1999-2005, 84001 was dormant as Tim relocated to Atlanta, GA. He worked as a web designer for the Cartoon Network and played guitar and keyboards for the psychedelic rock band The Candler Park No Stars. By 2002, he moved to Nashville, TN to pursue other interests.

Tim began recording manipulated digital audio and guitar-based ambient music again in 2005. After playing 91.1 WRVU Nashville The Mixdown's 'Buzz and Click V' showcase of electronic and experimental music, guitarist Jimmy Thorn joined 84001.

The band is currently exploring a variety of sonic territories using guitars, synths, effects, and various electronics. The music draws influence from post-rock bands like Windy and Carl, Flying Saucer Attack and Stars of the Lid. 84001 has also explored aspects of 8-bit music, minimal techno, and noise.

In May 2008, Tim contacted Phil McMullen, creator of Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine and the legendary psychedelic and experimental music festival Terrastock. With Phil’s guidance, Tim organized a Terrastock TEA Party in Nashville featuring Heathern Haints, 84001, Hollow Ox, and Magick Plants. 84001 also went on to play a short set at Terrastock 7 following Windy Weber in June 2008.

84001 continues to perform and record in and around Nashville, Tennessee.