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"857 is no joke!"

The innovative hip-hop of 857 on their new cd ' ADVENT ' came across so natural and free-form that I felt involved and never cheated with a single second of by-the-numbers....as this recording is fun , unpredictable and bare-souled serious all wrapped from A-2-Z (attitude & zeal ) with art from the heart '. - Eddie Russell (Country Eastern West)

"857 - Innovative Hip-Hop"

I have been pleasantly surprised! The reason is that some of you all have been clamoring for more high quality, intelligently written hip-hop music, something that is definitely not c-rap. Well, it has come to us at Mosaic. The music of 857 will appeal to us who want real hip-hop with all of its diversity instead of the concentration on bling-bling or negativity of most of the commercial acts. They have a nice blend of party anthems and thoughtful reflections on self-development relayed through direct prose and via storytelling like styles. Also the music and rhythms reflect a reverence to the Jazz, R&B, and Blues origins and influences of early hip-hop and blending them with the best of the new techniques and styles. Think Public Enemy crossed with Jurrasic 5 or A Tribe Called Quest with Black Eyed Peas... If you dig any of those you'd probably be down with 857. - Residency v1.5 (A Mosaic Internet Radio Newsletter) - Mosaic Internet Radio

"857's energetic live performance!"

“857 is a great group with lots of energy and character in their live performance. As one of the groups chosen for MusicGorilla.com’s Major Label showcase in May, 857 put on a fantastic performance, and got great reviews. Their music is catchy, fun and leaves you wanting more. If you haven’t checked out a live show yet, I would strongly recommend it.”

- Alexia Helfand (MusicGorilla.com)

"857 Live show"

857 is a very talented hip-hop group that many music industry people had the pleasure to see perform at every event we put on last year.

857 is one group you can always count on to deliver a new and different style of hip-hop.

The style they offer to the public has a very commercial appeal and at the same time it’s hip-hop that many young people and adults want to hear these days (and should hear these days).

They have an overall positive message and always have everyone dancing to the beat of their music.

I have no doubt that 857 will make it big in the music industry and can’t wait for they day where people all over the world can hear hear their music.
- Jerry Vargas (www.emergingartists-usa.info)

"This is *innovation* delivered with entertainment!!"

..sure still on my way to find more of *far off MTV's tits's 'n
goldchain bullshit hip hop* .. this time diggin' up nuggets in New York:

857 picks up where Kurtis Blow and A Tribe Called Quest left off. This is *innovation* delivered with entertainment!! All these songs here are like movies/stories without pictures. Close your eyes and see a movie!! Some even with a *musical* flair. The whole release explodes with unique ideas/sounds/stories... from song 1 to 14 this is sucha EXTREMELY entertaining release!!!...Ya just can't stop listening!!! VERY MUCH RECOMMENDED!!! - Lord Litter (http://www.CyberstormRadio.com)

"It's just a matter of time for these talented gentlemen"

Long Island's own hip-hop act, 857, is bringing that old school vibe back into the hip-hop game with their latest CD, ADVENT. the quartet of rappers Tur-Bo, the 23rd Stallion, AL-G, and YKC bring versatile lyrics adn an original style to a genre that seems to be lacking the quality it once possessed.

857's latest contribution is not going unnoticed, either, as their music is receiving an impressive amount of spins on college and Internet radio across the country.

For those hip-hop fans longing for a change in direction in the genre, this CD is a must for your collection. It's just a matter of time for these talented gentlemen. For more information and updates on 857, visit their website at www.857music.com or email comments@857music.com.
- Kimberly Schedel of Inside Connection (www.insidecx.com)

"Sign Them Up!"

Another great hip-hop act from New York. 857, four piece call their music innovative hip-hop and I agree.
With more core and variety then your standard rap band they delivered the truly unique 'ADVENT' album for all of us to enjoy. - BonaFideStudio (www.bonafidestudio.co.uk)


ADVENT (available on Amazon.com, iTunes, and CDbaby.com)
Life Is Like... (single available on Amazon.com, iTunes, and CDbaby.com)



857 is a racially diverse, multidimensional, innovative hip-hop act from Long Island, NY that creates music simply to demonstrate hip-hop's true potential.

Unlike many one-dimentional acts that rely on the familiar, regurgitated, cookie-cutter themes of materialism, misogyny, and violence, 857 is diverse and posseses the rare ability to connect with listeners on many different levels. Party joints, life experiences, personal reflections and role playing are just a few of the many concepts presented in 857's music.


857's single "Mouth Music" was featured in an episode of NBC's award winning drama, Friday Night Lights.

857's has been featured in the news, magazines, on internet TV (Evolving Artist, http://evolvingartist.com/) and live TV, non-commercial and internet radio in the US and abroad. They've also performed in colleges and popular music venues in NY including, the Downtime, the Downtown, Southpaw, Iguana, Pianos, etc.