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Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Ajax, Ontario, Canada
Band Rock Hip Hop


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"Rock With Roots"

By Jermaine Griffith

I met up with the band 85east late on Sunday night at their favourite hangout - Markham Station - a location that has a "Cheers" sitcom type of feel to it, where everyone knows your name or in this case the band’s name.
85east may definitely sound familiar to a lot of people, particularly those that live in the east end of Toronto. The band is named after a bus route in Scarborough. "We grew up in the Malvern area and we took the 85 East Sheppard bus route all the time," says bandmate Dustin. "So we decided to name our band after the route. It’s kind of a shout [out] to the Malvern [neighbourhood]."
Though they describe their musical style as rock, the band's combined musical influences include many genres from hip hop (like the Neptune’s), to reggae, rock, grunge and even a little metal. Still it's hard to place a label on their sound. "We include all rock elements into our music from RATM to Linkin Park," [so] we [call our music] rock with roots - soft to hard." says Dustin.
The band shares that although they won the Battle of the Bands competition at Jeffhealeys Roadhouse on May 23rd, the path getting there was a little bumpy. “We had a few technical issues on the night of the show," says Dustin, "but the crowd was great and very supportive. Plus, we had to get a new drummer just 3 weeks before the contest."
While fame and fortune may be the goal for many up-and-coming artists, that's not the case for 85east. "We are honest artists and we respect other artists who have heart," says band mate Jon. [Moreover], we don't want to turn into "sell-out" artists; we want to be more like a Billy Talent and Sum41. "We don't understand why some new artists try to sound British and follow a movement. We're backing our roots and starting [our own] new movement." says the band.
85east is currently in the studio working on their self-titled Ep. Check them out on their MySpace page www.myspace.com/85east.
- Expose Magazine


We're currently working on a self titled EP. And have been featured on various mixtapes and online playlists.



85 East is a five piece band hailing out of Toronto, Ont. Canada. Equal parts rock, and hip hop, 85 East represents the vast array of music each member grew up listening to. With influences ranging from Bob Marley, Jeff Buckley, Nas, and the Deftones, 85 East creates music which blurs the lines of what people would call traditional rock and or Hip Hop.