Ajax, Ontario, CAN
BandRockHip Hop

High Energy - Rock/Hip Hop. Driving guitar lines mixed with moody melodic bass lines, back-breaking drum beats and a voice with something to say! 85 East is music from the people for the people.


85 East is a five piece band hailing out of Toronto, Ont. Canada. Equal parts rock, and hip hop, 85 East represents the vast array of music each member grew up listening to. With influences ranging from Bob Marley, Jeff Buckley, Nas, and the Deftones, 85 East creates music which blurs the lines of what people would call traditional rock and or Hip Hop.



We're currently working on a self titled EP. And have been featured on various mixtapes and online playlists.

Set List

1. Self Destruction
2. Weather the Storm
3. Older Now
4. Full Circle
5. Better Off
6. Penny for your thoughts
7. Dramatically Vivid
8. Sex Like Porn Stars
9. Bang Out

Sets usually last about 40mins