85th Dymension

85th Dymension

BandHip Hop

"Life of the party" Blazin' Hip-Hop & R&B always sure to get the crowd involved. From eastcoast gangsta music to club jams, to laidback & mellow music, 85th Dymension always gives you what you need. We are Hip-Hop by any meanz neccesary.


From Southside Connecticut, 85th Dymension is a crew made up of a few solo artists, producers, and members of Untoucable Recording Group. In a performance, you will hear songs from solo artists in the group, and songs from the group as a whole. FOR MUSIC SAMPLES, PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE.


R.L. Dobey - Thug Passion
Manni Acid - Media Trip
85th Dymension - Get Stupid, Get Bonkers
Quota - So Ill
85th Dymension - 85 Degrees

Set List

In a performance set, we will perform as many songs as possible & make the set as long as possible. On average, sets range from 45min. - 90min.