86 This

86 This


86 This is a very musicly diverse band, having songs from fast Ska, to classical mexican punk sounding songs, and just straight forward punk as well. If you like any genre of punk, 86 This is likely to give it to you!


The story of “86 This” is much like a fairy tale… minus the dragons, Princes, damsels in distress, eggs falling off brick walls, and guys named Jack jumping over candle sticks. There is, however, plenty of blood and guts on our path to glory.

In the nine months since our band’s creation there have been times when being in the same room as one another has been a test of wills. Conflict within the group dynamic has helped us to create many of our songs and as you become familiar with our tunes, you will understand the backstory that makes up “86 This”. In fact, when we can’t think of what to write next, we simply start a fight, wait for the fire to simmer down, then start playing. Everyday something different is brought to the table.

Our style is eclectic. Our range reaches from punchy ska to rockabilly punk - and we won’t be narrowing our sound to one type anytime soon. We may call ourselves a punk band, but we’re not doing this in the name of punk, we’re doing this for our love of music.

On a final note, we would like to share one small bit of insight: punk rock is not for stupid, angry teenagers with coloured Mohawks and body piercings. Punk rock, at times, may be harder and faster than other types of music, but it doesn’t mean we’re angry. Nor does the way we dress or where we decide to pierce ourselves, have any bearing on who we are as people.

Join in our cause. Let’s show all those out there who look down at us out of fear and misunderstanding that we’re smart punks! They may think we kick each other down, but we’re the ones in the end, picking each other up. Thanks guys!



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