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The best kept secret in music


Hailing from Cambridge, Ontario, 86 This blends together all sorts of different punk elements, with melodic vocals, while preaching meaningful and socially conscious lyrics.
Formed when all the members were just 15 (except for Derek, he's old), they've come a long way in the last four years. With a 4 song demo available now, and a 6 song EP being recorded in April 2006, they're preparing for great things to happen within the next few months; including a coast to coast Canadian tour.
Recently pairing up with Soundstreet Promotions, an indy label out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, there's a lot planned to break 86 This into not only the national music scene, but the international scene as well.
"We see amazing potential in these guys," says label manager Josh Poulain, "I believe they could go anywhere they want to with their music, they just need someone that can help them, and is willing to put all their time and energy into seeing the band succeed. That's where Soundstreet comes in."
The band is really excited about joining up with Soundstreet, and are looking forward to a long-term relationship with their new label. With new friends, songs, inspirations, experiences, and records, they could not be happier about the decision to team up with Soundstreet, as well as Soundstreet's interest and faith in the band.
"Soundstreet bases our label around the idea of friends, and family.", Poulain continues, "and we would like to warmly welcome Derek [guitar, vocals], Dave [bass] and Chris [drums and vocals], to the Soundstreet team. We see these guys going great places in the not-so-distant future, and we're just happy to be along for the ride." - Michael J. Hunt, Industry Magazine


Three Year Story (4 Song Demo; 2005)
Geek Like Me (6 Song EP, Newly Released, June 2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed in December of 2003, the boys of 86 This, only a few months before, met while working together at a local restaurant in Cambridge, Ontario. Chris Butler and AJ Medhurst (drums and bass) were already in a band called Simulated Flavour and asked Derek to join their band as lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, to create a foursome with Frankie Forman (RIP) on lead guitar. Literally days after Derek accepted the challenge, Frankie left the band, leaving the three beginner musicians to devise and scheme something new. I don’t think it would be accurate to say that from there on, 86 This was born … but soon.
With Derek pushing himself as not only lead vocalist, but now lead guitarist, as well, he combined his influences (The Hives, Suicide Machines, The Living End, NOFX, Reel Big Fish, Anti-Flag and Less Than Jake) with AJ’s and Chris’ more hardcore influences (Black Sabbath, Kiss, Metallica, System of a Down, Shotgun Rules) to pave the road to creating 86 This.
During their very first show, opening for some pretty extremely hardcore bands, such as Farewell To Freeway, Caulfield, and Love Letter Refuge, the three newcomers even broke out the acoustic guitar. Let’s just say that their mix of songs left a few people staring wide-eyed, wondering what they were doing, opening for such “different” bands. But still, they were on to something. Always stepping things up and taking things a little more seriously, 86 This set aside the acoustic guitar, for the time being, and started to create more of a Rockabilly Punk Rock sound.
Their sound spread through their city and soon they were accepting out of town gigs, finally feeling that they had stepped away from Simulated Flavour. It’s safe to say that 86 This was officially a band.
However, just like any other band, turmoil struck and differences soon became irreconcilable; AJ left the band. With shows still booked, they wondered, even with all their momentum, if it was time to pack things in? A single phone call to a friend Derek hadn’t spoken to in a while, had them, for the time being, a temporary bass player.
Dave Mackay was a virgin to the punk rock scene. At first glance, this long-haired hippy would have you thinking he’s better suited to play in a Pink Floyd cover band, but when he stepped up to bat, he definitely hit a solid triple (don’t want to give him too much credit all at once). He quickly learned enough of the band’s songs to put a set together, so they wouldn’t have to cancel gigs. The response, after only a single show, was enough to convince the remaining band members that they needed to keep this guy. After surprisingly shaving 14 inches of flowing red hair, Dave was officially part of 86 This.
Just recently, in June 2006, "86 This" released their latest creation to the musical world, called "Geek Like Me". Six songs of pure energy, you won't be skipping a single track!
So, after all this, you may be confused as to what you’re going to hear with 86 This. Honestly, when they sit down to write a song, they rarely know how it will turn out and they’re convinced that’s part of their allure. They're definitely not a hardcore punk band and not your typical radio punk band either, but everything you’ll hear is punk charged. See you at the show!