88 Killa

88 Killa

 Fort Worth, Texas, USA
BandHip HopR&B

High Energy-Confidence boosting-Mass Appeal-Non-Forgiving-In-Your-Face-Fresh-and-Uniquely-Crafted Hip Hop Music.


Born Jacksonville, Florida March 24, 1988 under the name Donovan C. Payne, rapper 88 Killa is more than “jus another brotha trying to rap”. Being the son of a retired air force man, 88 Killa has been exposed to all different types of cultures ranging from the gritty east coast, to the lax atmosphere of the west coast, and finally finding home in the south pulling all those influences together to make a sound of his own.

After sitting in his high school cafeteria in December 2003 listening to other guys “rapping”, 88 decided to take a stab at it himself. One of his friends introduced him to a computer program and a cheap microphone, and Killa began recording tracks that were, “wack, and should never be played for the ears of other people”. However, even though he didn’t turn into master lyrical assassin overnight it was clear that music was going to be the road he traveled on. “I love music, everybody I hang out with has the same passion for music as me, and if you ask me a question about sports I probably won’t be able to answer it but if you ask me a question about music, I would definitely amaze you with my knowledge.” Don’t think he’s trying to pull a fast one either because he actually does know what he is talking about, after all, “being in band for 7 years did teach me something,” laughs the rapper.

Fast Forward a couple years, and you witness the MC placed before your eyes. Cut from a different kind of cloth, and raised in an environment where drugs, violence, and sex “existed, but if only if you surrounded yourself in it” its clear too see that 88 Killa is someone with a message. His maturity can be felt throughout songs as he is joining efforts of destroying the negative stereotype of rap music by not degrading women. “Kids won’t have to cringe when listening to my music around their parents, and I won’t be ashamed to play my music in front of any crowd, I have music for everybody.


Young, Black, and Reckless - 2011
Laptops and Voicemails- 2012