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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"S.J. arts collective throwing a party with Fishbone"

• If you want to make a theme weekend of it, stop by the Voodoo Lounge in downtown San Jose at 8 p.m. tonight for music from four South Bay bands that surely owned a few Fishbone CDs back in the day: 880 South, Monkey, Starving Millionaires and the Whiskey Avengers.

It's billed as a CD-release event for 880 South's debut disc, ``Beware.'' They're not a bunch of beginners, though: You might recognize the guys from their days in the funk-rockin' Floppy Rods, Cactus Club mainstays from a few years back.

Starving Millionaires also are sporting a new CD, the energetic ``Vegas Drive.''

If you've got a jones for ska and reggae mixed with high-energy rock, you won't want to be anywhere else. - the Mercury News Eye - Shay Quillen

"880 South, not the freeway people"

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"Everyone in the south bay knows 880 South, the freeway that connects the 510 to the 408. But South Bayians also knows 880 South as the infamous band, bringing good times, good music and high fives to their large, loyal, and often intoxicated fan base. Like their namesake, 880 South is a band that takes influence from all walks of life. Heavy reggae style mixes with funk, soul and rock n' roll to produce catchy, easy going tunes. 880 South started in 1997 as the FloppyRods, an alternative band in a time of rap and heavy metal. The road was rocky but it led those trying to escape the "senseless noise" right into their loving arms. And you can tell just how much 880 South loves their fans by listening to any of their songs. Lyrics such as: "Thought it was love 'cause no feeling was greater, I serviced to you, just like I was a waiter" bring humor to the painful things in life. So sit back for a few, grab a brew and listen to the 880 South crew. Music and merch available at 880South.com and myspace.com/880South"

by Amanda Evans - Your Music Magazine - Amanda Evans

"MVremix interviews Weege(880 South)"

What is there to say about 880 South that hasn't already been said? Their music is unique, original, and most of all, catchy. The melodies and lyrics hum in your head for days on in. The shows are packed with beautiful ladies, and loud drunk people that have nothing less than a good time (one of the only reasons I drive from Santa Cruz to go see them in San Jose). I remember when I used to play in a hip hop/reggae band, The Reefers, we were shown nothing but love from 880 South. There charm, goodwill, and talents will take their music to top. With a CD release coming up soon, recent sponsorship with Left Coast Boardwear, and a show at Slim's in San Francisco within a few weeks; I sat down with the front man, Luigi "Weege" Casaretto, to see what's been going on lately.

MVRemix: 880 South used to be called The Floppy Rods, why the name change and what's different about the band now?

Weege: Oh boy! This question again. Yes, the Floppy Rods is a funny name. It's memorable, we established ourselves as this wild funky groove rock band in the shadow of such bands as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mr Bungle, Incubus(the early shit of course), Steely Dan even. And we really established a great sound that was a bit more jazzy funk rock. The truth is, Greg came up with the name and pretty much was the leader in this band. His concept, his idea, his name even. I mean yeah I wrote lyrics and Greg wrote music along with Steve and Aaron and sometimes we'd have a few other songs thrown in there by Scot Miller and even Jimmy Heeney. The bottom line is, even though 880 South is 4/5 of the Floppy Rods. We're a much different band. In this band I write music and lyrics, and it's just more directed toward my vocal style and songwriting. The band does however help me mold the music and create smooth transitions and a lot of that comes from our background in the Floppy Rods.

MORE AVAILABLE @ mvremix.com
http://www.mvremix.com/urban/interviews/880_south.shtml - mvremix.com - Nima Fadavi


880 South "Beware" 2006
Avaliable on iTunes, CD Baby, & Left Coast Boardwear
Streaming available on www.myspace.com/880south
and www.880south.com


Feeling a bit camera shy


880 South, and how it all came to be.

In 1997, Greg Medeiros, Luigi Casaretto, & Steve Shyshka sat together in a dirty, dingy, stinky, downtown San Jose living room dubbed “The One Nine”. What seemed to be the start of something beautiful led them into a world of inebriation, confusion, overwhelming joy, and eventually a hangover.

Empty beer bottles were a common household item. They were practical for cigarette butts & made you look like a heavy drinker in front of all your college buddies. In between all the madness and chaos that followed, Greg Medeiros titled the band, the “Floppy Rods” and hooked up with a neighborhood friend Aaron Liebelt in 1998. The first jam session was held @ 3B studios. “When we all sat down and worked out our ideas, we didn’t know what we were doing, but you can sense we were on to something amazing, something different and challenging!” What came to be was a funk formula of rock, funk, and heavy riff grooves.

Something good led to a regional west coast and northwest tour with acts like Fishbone, Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, and the Expendables. It also evolved into a release of their first EP “Sinus”, 3 sponsorship clothing deals, 2 summer music festivals, lots of lovely women, and a mysterious burrito incident in Davis, CA. Eventually in 2003, built up tensions and pride took a hold of the Floppy Rods and shook their foundation and left them with sensitive egos, lack of communication, & a bit of emptiness inside. The typical band poison that ends many great woulda, coulda, shouldas.

That emptiness inside would never go away for the Floppy Rods. In 2005, Luigi Casaretto moved back to California to give his songwriting another go. Carefully he approached each of the core band members and one day in a Campbell dive bar they hashed out their issues over some bud light, a hefeweizen, some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. 880 South was born, named after the freeway that united these 4 band members in the first place. A new songwriting formula took heed focusing more on reggae, rock, and soul without straying from their funk roots that built the chemistry of this foursome. 880 South has now released their debut album titled “Beware”. It is simply 13 songs of pure good times music that feels like sand between your toes or mud if you prefer that. According to front man Luigi aka “Weege”, it is written to be therapy for the broken soul. Lyrically, this band focuses on it’s trivial times with songs like “Appreciation” which reflects on how easy it is to not focus on how important the people are around you when your tangled up in the drama. However, they are still that same good times party band. With their riff heavy opening they busted out with “Drinks Are On Me”. A song that reflects on a young man coming of age, the age 21 that is! Fear not ladies, for you they bring the challenges of real relationships with songs like “Down in the Rubble”, and “Move It”. Their first song was released on myspace.com. It was a track titled “Fast Lane” which to this date received over 76,000 plays. 880 South’s new album “Beware” is available on iTunes, CD Baby, and new clothing sponsor Left Coast Boardwear.

For booking or media, please contact
Margil McMurray @ 408 375-4350

Any website or other band questions contact
Luigi Casaretto 408 691-8836 weege@880south.com