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I am a Bulgarian music producer, who lives in the city of Blagoevgrad, South - West from the capital Sofia.

I am not a group or a movement, I am a person trying to find my place in the field of music, and to remain there while my music stays competitive and relevant to the time we live.

First step in music was made in the year 2003 when I got my very first PC and started to make music, using a desktop keyboard and music software such as Vegas and Sound Forge.

Back then the sounds I was using to produce music was low quality Sound Fonts, and it was difficult to have no one to show me where or how. What was really interesting was that the melodies came up as easy as breathing, but not the beats, not the feeling of making something that I can put it under a name “good job”, “well done” or why not “masterpiece”.

Even then I was trying to learn how to play melodies, although I didn’t have any musical education, even a basic one. The excitement from this new way of expression was so deep and powerful that I just couldn’t stop playing and playing all those melodies. Between the years 2003 – 2006 I collected a really big library of my own music loops ready to be used in every moment.

But the perfect beat wasn’t found yet……..till one day in 2010 I tried playing over a dry acapella and suddenly everything started to make sense. After all these years of pushing myself to the edge of my own capabilities and overcoming them again and again, I finally reached the point, where I could say something like this – “Thanks for taking your time to read this information. I really appreciate that. Now, if you haven’t listened to my music yet, you can do it by following the links below:


And remember, there are no secrets how to make good music. You just need to clear your mind and let everything that is inside you to come to the surface. By the time you’ll become better and better until some day you’ll realize that the only thing that inspires you is……..you

Keep the hunger for perfection hungry