8-Bit Ninjas

8-Bit Ninjas

 Walsall, England, GBR

Exciting, energetic pop music created using retro games consoles and guitars. Like Crystal Castles meets Late of the Pier with songs about the moon and Monster Munch. We call it chipclash, but whatever it is, you can dance to it!


8-Bit Ninjas started as I expect most bands do, a bedroom project. Andy experimented with chip sounds and trackers and started adding guitars to it. The mission was to bring something to our humble region of the UK to break the cliques and sterile music scene there. Bored of attending gig after gig of cloned and boring beige music. We wanted to inject some primary colours into it.

We were massively influenced by Alice in Videoland and Thermostatic in the early days but drawing influences from people like Crystal Castles, Sabrepulse, Fighter X. Mixing that with Andy's background in rock bands and indie rock especially, we aimed to create something danceable, but not alienating the indie crowds we were surrounded with.

We have forsaken melancholy lyrics and slow ballads and aimed straight for your dancing organ. Our aim, is to make you dance like nobody is watching.

We achieve that by taking chiptune sounds from 80s consoles and using them as synths. Chiptune artists are everywhere and we respect them for their purism, what sets us aside is that we've dispensed with the pure Gameboy music and combined that with guitar pop and light-hearted lyrics, vocoders aplenty and references to game culture. We appeal to the nerd in you; our sound catapults you to your youth, playing Pacman with your dad on a Commodore 64, but at the same time, staying accessible and close with our audience. No over-inflated egos, just hyper-activity and a passion for entertaining.


Working towards first EP release which is expected in October, self-published.

We have airplay on several programmes on Rhubard Radio (Birmingham UK), Big City Radio (Birmingham UK) and WCR (Wolverhampton UK). Several tracks including Fight in a Bus Stop, Disco Terror, Theme from 8-Bit Dojo and remix of Great Britain by Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip.

We also have a professionally produced video available for our track Disco Terror that was created for the comeptition 2Weeks 2Make It Brum.