8 Digital

8 Digital


8 Digital is Ambient Electro-Industrial Rock with a soulful edge. Attention grabbing, multi-layered, body buzz!


8 Digital an emperimentation in anything and everything. It takes influences from bands such as "Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Tool, Rythm and blues and many others." The project is lead by Ivor "Tweed8" Stines, who's purpose beyond creating music that hopefully all can enjoy, is to create a painting of stories and abstract images. 8 Digital has lent it's abilities to both film and remixes. The dream of this project is simple and not individual, it is to grow and live as artists, to gain wisdom and friends on the way... to spread stories and emotions that should not be contained. 8 Digital was born from a "Cyber Punk/Dystopian" graphic novel "Project Nexrung -copyright-" that was being written and illustrated by Ivor, who started writing the music for the story as a way to combat writers block. Over time the music took over the story and has remained that way till present. While much of 8 Digital's lyric's comes from life experience, opinion and reading, "Project Nexrung" constantly remains the influence and back drop for the musics atmosphere and setting. Ivor plans to one day continue the writing of "Project Nexrung" as a novel.


What are you waiting for? - NRM

Written By: Ivor stines -8 Digital-

Verse 1

There Comes A Time,
When you're still alive but breaking.
And you feel it like knife,
running down your spine.

Your senses peaking,
As you know their all just faking
So, you move from what you know.
You'll be back to change the show.

Verse 2

What the fuck are you still now waiting for?
Your the one who's got to move, goto move,
got to take it.
Fuck their lies, know they lie,
Since you've been waiting.
Take your voice, make your choice.
Crush them down now.


It's over, It's over.
Well the waiting it over.


You must still be high.
You must still be high.
You must still be high.

But, now you've come down.
Now, you've come down.

What you waiting?
What you waiting?


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