A unique mix of pop, metal, electronica and abrasive rock that has solid hooks, constant melody, and the power of a freight train.


The unique presence of newcomers (to the Boston/Rhode Island area) 8eighty400 is being felt everywhere. With unrelenting promotion of their upcoming effort, the band’s mix of pop, metal, electronica and abrasive rock is rising to popularity among the underground scene and beyond.

Guitarist/vocalist/programmer J.C. and bassist/vocalist J.B. have received numerous comparisons to the Butthole Surfers, Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, The White Stripes, and even Nine Inch Nails.

Songs like “Mojo On My Spine” and “Killing Time” definitely have a more immediate edge, but even the songs that start in calm ways like the Radiohead-reminiscent “The Big I Am” and the surf-inspired “The Song About Nothing” elevate into searing rock noise-fests.

Harsh lyrics coupled with melodic, grinding pop music by 8eighty400 has shocked and surprised the public, leaving the die-hard fans created in their wake wanting nothing but more. Impending the upcoming release of Demos, people from all over the U.S. have begun to notice, and the band has received nothing but good feedback from online promotion efforts.

8eighty400 desire to make their presence known on the most important portion of the east coast – the northeast. A tour is in the works to promote their Demos even further, and in person.


to be released 2004/2005

Set List

"Mojo On My Spine"
"The Song About Nothing"
"The Song About the Working Guy"
"Killing Time"
"It's Over"
"Alright Now"
"The Big I Am"
"Millionaire" (Queens of the Stone Age cover)
"School" (Nirvana cover)
any number of White Stripes covers
(more accurate listing to come shortly)