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"8KOunt by Don Thrasher"

It's always a true rock 'n' roll spectacle when local group 8KOunt hits the stage. Red and Blue spinning lights whirl on each corner of the stage. Spotlights blaze and strobe lights flash. Fog machines cast a smoky haze over band members "Sugar" James Sayer (vocals), Chris "Cookie" Suttle (guitar), Michael Miller (bass) and Sean Davidson (drums) as they run through a seamless set of hyper-charged rock.
"We've never been a band to just go out there and play our songs one after another for the sake of playing songs," Suttle said. "We play a show and try to make it entertaining for people."
"It goes back to the old saying, 'What's the difference between a good hotel and a great one?' 'All the little things'" Sayer said. "We try to make sure we take care of all the little things."
"We work very hard so there is a lot of substance behind the style," Sayer continued. "At the end of the day you add up all those little things and we hope it leaves people with an experience they remember and want more of. We want something people can get behind."
The quartet, which formed in 2003, is celebrating the release of its full-length debut, "Cornered", tonight at McGuffy's house of Draft, 5418 Burkhardt Rd Like 8KOunt's 2004 Self Titled EP, "Cornered" is a geared toward fans of modern hard rock radio staples like Velvet Revolver, Sevendust, and Audioslave. Strong vocal melodies, sing-along choruses, pummeling rhythms and chunky guitar prevail on cuts like "Because I Can," "Insanity Defense," and "Personal." While 8KOunt won't appeal to everyone, fans of genuine modern rock will dig the group's heavy, polished approach.
"We know not everybody is going to like what we do," Sayer said. "Seven or eight people out of 10 might hate us, but the people that like this kind of music, people that like rock 'n' roll, will like it if they hear it."
To find out more, call McGuffy's at (937)253-2005 or visit www.8kount.com. - Cox Publishing -- Dayton Daily News

"8KOunt raced toward maturity (Don Thrasher)"

It's hard to believe 8KOunt played its first show in February 2004. The local quartet -- Jim Sayer (vocals), Chris Suttle (guitar), Michael Miller (bass) and Sean Davidson (drums) -- has the rock-solid sound and self assured manner of a much more mature group.
These traits, plus a solid collection of songs and a powerful stage show, led 8KOunt to win the 2004 Battle of the Bands at Wright State University.
The groups' new four-song CD is a brief sampler to appease fans until a full-length debut album is released later this year. The material was recorded at Ruby Red Studios in Atlanta and mixed and produced by Russ-T Cobb, who has worked with Avril Lavigne and Sevendust. As you would expect from a top-flight studio and a producer of Cobb's pedigree, the recording is pristine, but it's not all gloss.
Songs such as "Straw Monster" and "Fire in the Hole" are instantly memorable and filled with tasty dynamic twists and turns. Given decent promotion or a lucky break, "Insanity Defense" could easily be a hit on alternative-rock radio. The driving, fist pumping anthem was recently included on the local band compilation, "Dayton After Dark Volume 2."
Fans of Chevelle, Velvet Revolver and Nickelback owe it to themselves to check this up-and-coming rock powerhouse. They won't be dissappointed. To find out more, go to www.8kount.com. - Dayton Daily News

"8KOunt by Don Thrasher"

With professional, well-put-together Rock highlighted by the kind of melodies that beg for commercial radio airplay, this highly-charged quartet recorded its recently-released debut full-length, Cornered, with Russ-T Cobb, who has worked with artists like Sevendust and Avril Lavigne. 8KOunt songs like "Insanity Defense" have some of the strut and wallop of old Crüe or GNR, but its filtered through a contemporary Rock sensibility, cutting through the highly slick production with a passionate, edgy powerfulness. Those who have seen them say 8KOunt's live show is not to be missed. - City Beat

"Blacklist Union~Sudsy's~Rocktober 6, 2006"

Next up, making an impact on the Cincy music scene was 8KOunt. This band features Dean Alexander on bass (ex~Planet Scream vox),Sean Davidson on drums (ex~Plant Scream drums), Chris "Cookie" Suttle on guitar and James Sayer on vocals. The band was recently featured in an issue of Metal Edge Magazine and Rockstars Glued (www.myspace.com/rockstarsglued). Their music is just good rock~n~roll. Back to the basics. Check out their cd entitled "CORNERED". Hear clips of the music on www.myspace.com/8kount or www.8kount.com to keep updated on the band's activities. Even better...GO SEE THEM LIVE on Rocktober 27 at Annie's for Halloween Hel, then plan on Nov.5 at The N'Spot in Loveland opening for L.A.GUNS, then make sure you don't miss them on Nov.10 at The Poison Room (downtown Cincy~parking lot across from bar!) with the return of hott rockers BLACKLIST UNION and then on Nov.11 at The Blue Note in Price Hill. It's solid. It's rock. It's solid rock for today with 8KOunt! - Mystik~Hearts Music


1)8KOunt Limited-Edition CD Release.

2) The album "Cornered" to be released in March of 2006.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Zeppelin, U2, NIN: all three very different bands with one commonality – a passion for what they believe in and the ability to make you believe in whatever it is they’re selling. Dayton, OH’s 8KOunt is no different. They want you to believe in them, their music, and their ability to deliver the goods every time they take the stage. If their four song pre-release is any indication, sign me up. (Full Release to be out in March of 2006 with advertising on Fuse Television, Metal Edge Magazine and Hit Parader Magazine).
The Russ-T Cobb (Avril Lavigne, Butch Walker, Sevendust, Bowling For Soup) produced disc delivers solid songwriting and an ample supply of both rock and pop sensibilities. Even a casual listen to songs like Insanity Defense and Fire In The Hole and you get the sense that this band is going places – to rock radio, to music television, and if you’re lucky, to a venue in your zip code.

Their material translates well live. The guys in 8KOunt certainly aren’t shoegazers, this band moves, and in addition to that, they think. A scan of the stage reveals that thought and care goes into their production, probably one of the reasons why the band has been tapped to open for national acts like Shinedown, Tantric, Ben Jelen & The F Ups. To 8 KOunt, it’s all about winning friends and influencing people & they won’t relent until they can represent modern rock to the masses.