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Band Alternative Rock


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2002 LOBO 1/V.A. - Daylite Running Nessary
2004 V.A. - The Sound Before Christmas
2005 debut album "Finders Keepers"
2006 EP "I Saw You A Little Bit"



Started in April 2002, have attended Spring Scream, Formoz Festival every year and lots of different festivals in Taiwan. Also, in 2002 and 2005, they've played as the opening band for explosion in the sky and mum's Taipei concert. In their early periods Post-Rock mood came through in their two singles, "The Sound Before Christmas" and "Daylite Running Necessary".
Recently, more and more directly guitar reefs take the place of explosively guitar distortion. 8mm sky, having a lot of supporters in Taiwan, have released a sold-out limited live VCD with EITS in 2002, debut album "Finders Keepers" in 2006, and sold-out EP/single "I Saw You A Little Bit" in 2006.
You can feel the energy from the atmosphere they have made. If you listen to them, you can imagine the light on the streets and fast-passed voice left in your mind, knock your head with guitar reef, stretch your hand to reach the sky, feel the wet air blows, and experience kinda freedom far away from the world.