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8 Switch

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8 Switch is a powerful horn driven funk machine. They blend elements of ska, hip hop and southern funk with their unique Twin Cities funk sound. The bands range and versatility is showcased live and on their self titled CD.


8 Switch is comprised of some of the cities hottest young players combining talent and creativity with an unmatched love for performing to make music from their souls.

On their new self titled album 8 Switch utilizes the diverse musical backgrounds of its members. Smattering all their songs with a unique, tight and funky foundation, the band artfully jams through multiple genres including ska, southern funk, and hip hop. 8 Switch's self titled album is currently featured on all Sun Country Airlines flights.

All the members contribute to the song writing and arranging process, and the members' varied musical backgrounds and experiences help make 8 Switch's repertoire eclectic and fresh.

8 Switch has the rare combination of tightness and improvisational fluidity that creates solid precise grooves that can turn on a dime into something completely fresh and new, and keep audiences on the floor dancing all night.

The individual members have been active in the midwest music scene by playing, recording, jamming, or sharing the stage with such artists as Root City Band, Corey Stevens, Dr. Mambo’s Combo, Jelly Bean Johnson, Heatbox, Bobby Vandell, Willie Walker, Billy “Big Daddy” Cade, Jesse Lang, Desdamona, Omar Bliss, members of the Steve Miller Band, the Funk Brothers and many others from the twin cities and around the nation.


8 Switch: Self Titled

Set List

General sets consist of 30/70 originals and originally arranged cover songs. Featuring the most current original tunes.

General Set length: 3 x 50 min sets. This changes depending upon the venue/gig.

See website for most current repertoire of cover material.