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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Hyperactive faux-German techno that makes you want to dance: 911 Turbo is back"

911 Turbo is a paradox. One the one hand, they sing in fake German accents, wear motorcycle helmets on stage, and, for the most part, don’t appear to take themselves seriously. On the other hand, it is a band that attracts huge crowds, and has, in some ways, reinvented the experience of techno music.

“It started as a joke, because we were all jamming it one day as a joke,” explains Jordan Trask, the brains behind the live techno band. “But we took the joke so far that now we love the joke, so we have to take it more seriously –sort of.”

When asked what kind of crowd usually shows up to see his band live, Trask replies in a fake German accent, “People who like to party.” That one sentence seems to sum up the attitude of Saskatoon’s favourite live techno band.

Somewhere beneath the fake accents, the Schwarzenegger loops, and broken beer glasses is a band that continues to draw huge crowds – crowds that they keep on the dance floor all night long. These guys pull it off, and it actually sounds good.

“We try to turn every venue we play into the hugest dance party ever,” says Trask. “That’s our goal.”

Trask says he owes it all to the Germans. Their band name is an obvious reference to the famed Porsche 911. Their song “Mine Porsche” is sung in a cheesy, albeit catchy, German accent.

“The Germans have such style; their cars and music,” says Trask. “That’s why we based the whole thing on German engineering.”

In reality, 911 Turbo is more than a bunch of kids from Saskatoon who wish they were part of the German techno scene; it is a band that blurs the lines between techno and live instruments.

“If I happened to see techno or electronic music it was always a DJ, and I respect that, but I wanted to open up something new,” says Trask. “I wanted to bring it to the live stage where you can see everything in front of you, where you could actually feel the energy.”

“I think people enjoy the fact that they are having as much fun as we are on stage. Nobody is having a party like we are having a party.”

None of the member s have a real background in electronic music. Trask has drummed in various punk and hip-hop bands before starting this project. He admits that at first, he didn’t know what a challenge making that kind of music actually was.

“I used to think all that stuff was so simple, but to keep it interesting and to put beats together like that was harder than it looked.”

Trask and other members of the band don’t know what it is that attracts fans to this weird hybrid. Is it the booze? The music? The dancing? Whatever it is, 911 Turbo seems to have found it.

“I don’t know what it is, but something about live techno drives people crazy.”

- The Sheaf (the University of Saskatchewan student newspaper)

"Das' Entertainment - Outlandish Electro-Pop Outfit Injects Showmanship into Local Scene"

"The Show," it would seem, is back.

"In terms of music 911 Turbo pay homage to their German electro-pop
forefathers, honouring bands like NEU! and Kraftwerk. These Saskatoon krautrock superstars utilize an array of samples, the cool robotic-voice of the vocoder, an army of buzzing and bleeping synths, and the unmistakable beats
of an 808 drum machine."

~ Craig Silliphant, "Planet S Magazine"
- Planet S Magazine


"Mine Porsche" is the band's first single. It is available by request through College radio in Canada, and soon to be the United States. You can also find some of their other material by visiting http://www.myspace.com/911turbomusic



911 TURBO is a live German techno/electronica band. These guys have taken this style of music to the next level by bringing it to the live stage. They have an energetic show and sound that makes the crowd move. One in a Million.

Inspired by the club scene, their goal was to take the music they found highly popular with that scene, and give it a live element. They are set apart by most other bands simply by this music they play, and their sincere passion for this music. Their goal has simply always been to create an atmosphere where people can dance and have an amazing time.