98 octane

98 octane

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We are a popular classic rock cover band that covers the 70's, 80's, 90's and 2000's. We have a dynamic light show as well as great vocals. The lead guitarist rocks the house and our drummer is a living, breathing metronome.


98 Octane is a local classic rock cover band that formed in the summer of 2012. We come from a variety of different bands each bringing our own element and style to this project.

Marky "The MaDmAn" Derbis, Larry "Lars" Perez and Ryan "Ryman" Lindsey have been playing together for several years having stumbled through a couple different projects, auditioning singer after singer until finally realizing the stable components of these projects over the years have been the three of us. So we decided to look for a drummer that shared our interests and brought something to this project we have not had in the past... enter Mark Longley. We have finally found a group of guys that communicate well, play well together and get along without a group of ego's fighting for control. We respect each other and ultimately enjoy what we are doing and have found the final component to this high octane machine.