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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"ALIENOIDZ INVASION: Get ready for trance metal attack"

Word has reached us via pulse space that we are about to be invaded by Alienoidz from the other side of cyberspace. As yet they have only embarked on a brief reconnaissance mission into our dimension but the footprints they have left behind are quite scary.
They are a five-piece outfit from outer space that seamlessly mix trance and metal into something truly breathtaking. “Metal and dance music, like the prodigy then?” No, these take it to a whole other level, we are talking proper trance and real metal… two types of hardcore meeting to make double f@ckin' hardcore with nails sticking out of it, like the house band on an Klingon bird of prey.
The tracks on the Myspace are simply rough cuts, so we can’t wait to hear the real thing. Shame you can’t download em… come on Noidz, we wanna blast it out of the Iguanamobile stereo!
The word is, there will be a global release in the very near future and a world tour to go with it, and they will be brining their own stages from beyond the edge of the Milky Way, which does not sound very ‘grass roots’ like the stuff we are normally into, but sounds like one hell of a night out.
That’s about all there is to say at the moment, the whole thing is a bit top secret at the moment to stop people panicing, we will say more when we hear anything.
Noidz… you’re ace… it is not often we get so excited about a band after hearing so little. Please don’t disappoint us! - Peppermint Iguana UK Blog


Water World (2007, Som Livre)
CD single to be released in April



We are the last five survivors from planet Noidz
We have escaped travelling 10 thousand lightyears to found planet Earth