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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"A masterpiece is a benchmark..."

A masterpiece is a benchmark, the best of. They say this is purely subjective, a matter of preference, of taste. They’re wrong. It’s clearly objective, constant, and universal. Like the sun, it shines. Favorite short story - THE LITTLE ROBOT by Bill Ectric. Can’t show and tell ‘cause it’s not available on-line. But it’s a great story. Some great writing that is on-line - excerpt from Brett Savory’s The Distance Travelled. While we’re at it, how ‘bout a great song - TV Child by 99 Burning. Words, music, clear vocals, so deep bass and thumping drum beats, lilting guitar. Yes John, it’s a pretty song; a great song. - Literary Monthly

"Street Smarts"

Midnight in America is by an author and poet named D. Eminizer who often contributes to the LitKicks Action Poetry board. I've always liked his eclectic and elliptical poetry, which has a weird modern music to it. But I had some trouble with the physical appearance of this novel. The cover art is okay, though the guitar and the gravestone evoke a cliched Jim Morrison aesthetic. But the inner layout is very distracting, with tiny cramped text that appears, inexplicably, only on the bottom three-fifths of each page (the upper two-fifths are blank). With that said, I was drawn in to the hypnotically depressed mind-moan narration of an impoverished drug-taking societal ne'er-do-well. He goes to a Pink Floyd concert (but fails to tell us whether or not Roger Waters was playing bass or whether they opened with "Astronomy Domine"). The narrator has a slippery relationship with everything around him, and with reality itself:

I'd merged with the chair and there was no escape. Why struggle anymore? No matter how hard I tried I could not release my grip, or perhaps the chair wouldn't let go of me.

Emiziner also runs a suitably energetic web community called 99 Burning. The design can only be described as "brutalist", and I think this is what the creators had in mind.
- Litkicks

"Great Track"

Great f@#%ing track, mate

--Johnny Panic - Indie Charts

"electric circus"

October 11, 2006 - Join 99 Burning and Skipstone Productions as they host a live music concert and other provocative entertainment at the House of Rock in White Marsh, Maryland on October 21. The Electric Circus-themed event will feature musicians, comedians, circus performers and more throughout the night.

The House of Rock appearance will be the first time 99 Burning’s The Electric Circus has been caught on tape. The Electric Circus has been described as a “freak show for the mind, complete with brain candy.” This exciting atmosphere features performers such as flame-eaters and beautiful female clowns. The bands performing will include 99 Burning, The Almighty Senators, Voodoo Blue, Dead Men Sway and Girls Like Cigarettes. There will be live standup comedy performances by DC Benny.

Skipstone Productions will be filming a documentary throughout the night. Attendees may get the chance to be interviewed on camera or appear in the film as they enjoy the evening. DVDs of the event, including audience interviews, will be available in the future.

Skipstone Productions is a full-service film and TV production company dedicated to producing quality films, TV programs, and other media projects. Formed in 2006 with a core group of industry veterans and talent, Skipstone Productions is committed to producing great entertainment – fun and exciting, but also sometimes fascinating, controversial, thought-provoking and raw. For more information on Skipstone Productions or The Electric Circus, visit their web site at www.skipstoneprductions.com or call 323-954-0045 ext. 222.

For more information on 99 Burning, visit their website at www.99burning.com
- AP Newswire

"Dc Benny"

"This was fun. I had a blast. It was much better than I expected. Count me in any time." - Smolder Productions

"Podcast #16- Newsweek"

"... A very interesting band... a grundge band reunited!" - Long Island Pod Casting Network

"KMS Morning Show..."

"The band that has it goin' on, the one, the only, 99 Burning! I mean, you gotta' love the genius behind stripper clowns." -- Kirk McEwen - WIYY 98 Rock

"Music Monthly Review"

"Dark, secret, pentrating rythyms to a kick-ass beat..." --Suzy Mudd - Music Monthly Magazine


The Doors meets Soundgarden... really good, keep up the good work... - PureVolume

"Greatest grunge bands"

"Real grunge came with bands like Mudhoney and 99 Burning..." - IAC


She - Serpentine Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


99 Burning is a band that has seen its share of ups and downs. In 2006 they reunited after 13 years apart. During those years one member toured for a spell with Dog Fashioned Disco, another wrote a book, went into broadcasting and got published, while others jammed and took their shots in different bands in different projects in different directions while at the same time creating their own lives. Ultimately, though, there was always a calling to see what they missed out on more than a decade gone by.

After recording one album called She the band self-destructed, living a rock star lifestyle on a working band’s budget. That’s a story in and of itself. Don Eminizer, a former pro-wrestler, published writer, and poet, formed the band with James Frank, a guitarist with a decade of experience and schooling in broadcasting. After a slew of changing members, an album, their own underground night club, and 2 years as a band, they ended up with a final roster including bassist Jeff Zepp, and drummer Jon Clark.

They put on a festival called 99 Burning’s Electric Circus, it was filmed by Skipstone Productions. The goal was to find the mythic American Dream, sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll, make it into a circus. The immediate mission, to build the Electric Circus into a three ring rock carnival by any means necessary.

Since then there’ve been divorces, replacements, rip-offs, and Hollywood. A film is being made (mia-film.com) and we're just getting warmed up.

Welcome to 99 Burning’s Electric Circus, the strangest show on Earth...