99 Cent Whore
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99 Cent Whore

Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Rock Comedy





"Mary Birdsong is no marshmallow herself—but she’s a damn sight friendlier and can sing, let’s go ahead and say it, like a bird.... Birdsong’s honeyed, passionate vocals garnered good reviews in Time Out New York and Alternative Press."

-- Randy Harward - HARP


"But in the end, what you’ll remember is Birdsong’s voice, somewhere in that absolute gray where laughter turns to tears. She could be the next Roseanne Cash or the next Edith Frost… But the best compliment to offer is that she could very well be the most arresting vocalist currently working in the indie music field."
-- DW Dunphy - MusicTap.net


"...comparable to Mazzy Star's, but Birdsong's voice is less smoky and more powerful than Hope Sandoval's. "
-- Bob Bannister - Time Out, NY


"One of the top 10 talents on the rise!"


"Very funny on 'Welcome To New York'!"
-- David Letterman - DAVID LETTERMAN


"Great show, great voice, great hose!"

-- Candypants

(http://www.myspace.com/candypants) - CANDYPANTS

"Weird Al Loves 99 Cent Whore!"

Weird Al recently checked out 99 Cent Whore’s cd and had the following to say about it….

"Loved it! So did my 6-year-old daughter. I had to explain what some of the words meant, though. (Just kidding. I didn't have to explain anything.)"

-- Weird Al Yankovich - throwslikeagirlproductions.com


IMPORTANT NOTE: For those who care, all 99CW songs exist in both "bleeped" and "unbleeped" formats. They just finished recording their first EP ("SHE'S GOT A SPILL IN AISLE THREE"), and is shooting the music video for their hit song "Night School" just in time for Christmas. The song "Master Engineer" is being played on k94rocks.com.

The EP is currently being mastered, and will be released for review and radio play in December.

The Singles:
Everybody Wants To F*ck Me Right Now
Night School
BGBF (Best Girl-Boyfriend)
99 Cent Store
Sweet F'in Goodness
Life Of Luxury
Master Engineer



People often ask how the 99 cent whore came to be. Is she real? Does she really only charge 99 cents? Does she take checks? And was she in fact the bastard child of Loretta Lynn & Tommy Lee Jones? Or of Loretta Lynn and Tommy Lee Jones and Tommy Lee? (Not true. No human life was conceived out of that grossly misconceived three-way). This site exists to help separate fact from friction.

FACT: 99 CENT WHORE IS THE ALTER-EGO OF MARY BIRDSONG (star of Comedy Central's hit show "Reno 911") and features Steve Agee (of The Sarah Silverman Program) on bass, Sam Primero on drums and Mike Ruekberg (The Red Button, Rex Daisy) on guitar. 99CW is equally mesmerizing to audiences at both music shows and comedy shows, and has enjoyed cult-status by appearing at L.A. venues such as the UPRIGHT CITIZEN'S BRIGADE, the Echo, and M Bar, sharing the bill with comedy darling film director Adam McKay and Reno co-star Wendi McClendon-Covey. Birdsong has taken up the rock-comedy gauntlet that has been genetically attached for so long to rock-comic-turned-movie-star Jack Black, and she is hoisting that rock-comic gauntlet as high as her weak little "throws like a girl" arms can lift it.

FRICTION: Legend has it that the 99 Cent Whore was found as a wee orphaned baby in the stock room of a 99 cent store, all alone in this world, by two surly yet lovable delivery guys from the "Stokely's" chili company. Seeing the small babe stuffed in a filthy cat litter box, they tended to her as best they could, keeping her alive on sweet condensed milk and Lady Tiger® Stimulant Capsules they found in the store. It truly took a village (or a retail staff) to raise this precious child. Employees at the store took turns educating her by reading her stories they'd make up from the ingredients on the back of shampoo bottles. By the time she was 13 she already had a 2nd grade reading level and her future looked promising! But tragedy struck when a wandering ne're do well wrangled our little lady into an underground "tween" prostitution ring. Fortunately, our heroine circumvented having to sleep with strange men for money by SINGING INSTEAD! Her gentle lullabies and clunky guitar playing calmed the savages who tried to take her virginity and her innocence. But not being a good business woman, she fucked them anyway (for free), because she said "They seemed lonely." Now years later, much older and no wiser, she's cleaned up her act by getting a legit job-- at the 99 cent store as assistant night manager. You can see her there still... with her price-tag gun in hand, and a mop wherever there is a spill. But after hours, when the front doors are locked and the rest of the staff goes home, the 99 Cent Whore comes alive... back in her "safe place"-- the stock room. It is there that magic happens, and there that she still sings her songs like a mermaid calling to lost sailors. Or... or a whore who just wants to rock out with her cock out. She's fixin to get real good on the guitar so she can become a rock star like on the TEE V, and maybe only work 3 shifts at the 99 cent store. So stop on by the 99 cent store after 4pm from Tuesday to Sunday. And say hey. Say hey to the 99 Cent Whore.