99 Men

99 Men


99 Men play a smart, loud, ferocious brand of power pop influenced by bands such as Everclear and Foo Fighters, with a few U2-ish textures as well as the occasional braniac Radiohead nod.


Mike Caviezel is the founder, producer/engineer, guitarist, vocalist, and principal songwriter of 99 Men. He started 99 Men in 2003 as a creative outlet not afforded by his other job of producing soundtracks for video games and television. Mikes original music productions have appeared in such television shows as MTVs The Real World, Tough Enough and Live Through This, as well as NBCs Providence and the WBs Jack and Jill. As a producer and engineer, Mike has worked with many Seattle artists, including Denny Porter, Running With Scissors, Rorschach Test, Subminute:Radio, Willis, and Subpoenaed Lemur. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Music and Audio Technology from Indiana University.

Guitar became an obsession for Rick at the age of 13 following the birth of "Master of Puppets" by Metallica. After spending endless late nights glued to the television anxiously awaiting MTV's "Headbanger's Ball" it was time to hit the stage. In and out of several bands from the age of 15 Rick decided to form his own band. Having spent some time fronting the Seattle rock trio Mojo Hand through the early 90's he now brings his experience and presence to an already finely focused 99 Men.

Sandys earliest memory in life is enjoying a PB&J with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds as the soundtrack. He began crashing around on pots, pans, and Tupperware around age 6. At age 14, he purchased his first drum kit. Shortly after this purchase, his longtime next-door-neighbor, Mike Caviezel, picked up a guitar and amp, and their first rock band was formed. Many evenings and weekends were spent massacring Rush, The Cult, Duran Duran, INXS, Van Halen and Judas Priest(!). In early 99, he was asked to audition for the band Porter, and got the job. When Porter disbanded mid 2000, Mike and Sandy decided to continue the pursuit of music which brings us to 99 MEN.

Shawn Chambers "Osh" is the newest member of 99men. He picked up his first bass in middle school when he joined the school band, and never looked back. With an ecclectic taste in music, he's found himself playin in all sorts of bands.....from Heavy Metal to Pop to Irish Folk. After looking all over the South Sound for someone to play with, Shawn came across an ad for 99 MEN..... and here he is.


-So last Century LP Release 2005

1. No Fun * 2. Big Party *
3. A Rich Man
4. Equator Sun *
5. The Comedian
6. Be Your Own Big Deal
7. 99 Man*
8. Leave the Light On
9. The Fence
10. Trading Up

*Focus Tracks

-Featured on a Cheap Trick tribute compilation CD performing "She's Tight"

-Currently recording album 2 with a release this year sometime

-KISW featured the track "No Fun" on their new music show

-The single "Big Party" reached the all time #4 spot in the power pop genre of GarageBand.com

-The track "No Fun" has made the all time #23 spot on numberonemusic.com

-We've had a few songs played on nextbighit.com as well as the Seattle Power Pop Blog with very positive feedback

Set List

Our typical bar set consists of roughly an hour of originals with one or two covers tossed in. We have a longer 2 hour set designed for special events. Our set on any given night might look something like this:

No Fun
Come On
A Rich Man
Big Party
Talk Amongst Yourselves
Your Only Soul
Mexican Radio (Wall of Voodoo)
She's Tight (Cheap Trick)
Turned Around
Godzilla (Blue Oyster Cult)