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99 Souls

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Self-produced two song Demo featuring "Greater Than Regret", currently being aired on various local radio stations.
Currently in the Studio putting the finishing touches on 99 Souls first full length release entitled "The Unwritten Chapter".
99 Souls is pleased to announce the CD Release Party will be held on Sept. 29th in Monmouth Il.



99 Souls is an all original Metal/Groove/Rock band based in Kewanee, IL. featuring a mix of slow churning grooves, smooth clean melodies and elements of hardcore and thash. The band prides itself on having an identity seperate from other area metal bands. Vocalist and guitarist BarCode (formerly of Crop Circle) does something a little differently than most local metal singers...he sings.
Rounding up the lineup guitarist Mike Smith (Paradigm) , bassist Jason (Crop Circle), and drummer Jay Adkins (Rust) all bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the band, as well as notoriety. The band's Myspace page had over 14,000 profile views in the first five months alone.
Make no mistake, this is not a band to be taken lightly. 99 Souls is rapidly growing an enormous fanbase, and with good reason. 99 Souls is a powerful, listenable band with a presence that cannot be escaped.
99 Souls debut release, "The Unwritten Chapter" is thankfully, very near to completion. Demand for the upcoming release has been considerable.
99 Souls is very proud to announce their new endorsement with Coffin Cases.
99 Souls is definately on their way up. Don't miss the ride.

99 Souls currently use the following gear:

Vocal Mic:
Shure Beta 58 Wireless

Jason's Bass Gear:
Ibanez Soundgear 505
Ibanez Soundgear 405
Ampeg SVT3 Pro Amp
Ampeg SVT 8-10 Cab
Peavey TX 4-10 Cab (optional for larger rooms)
Digital Referance 10 Channel Wireless
Korg Tuner

BarCode's Guitar Setup:
Epiphone John Connolly Signature Les Paul
Epiphone Les Paul Studio Custom
Peavey Valve King 100 Watt Amp
Crate 4-12 Cab
Samson Wireless
Boss Chromatic Tuner
Boss Noise Suppressor
Dunlop CryBaby Wah
Monster Cables

Mike's Guitar Setup:
LTD Stephen Carpenter Model
Ibanez Mike Mushok Baritone Model
Peavey 120 Watt Classic Power Amp
2 Crate 4-12 Cabs
ADA MP-1 Midi Preamp W/ Foot Controller
Alesis Compressor
Rocktron Hush Noise Suppressor
Furman Power Conditioner
Boss Tremolo
Boss Digital Delay
Boss Chomatic Tuner
Dunlop CryBaby Wah
Monster Cables

Jay's Drums:
6 Piece Gretch Maple Catalina Drums w/ Evans Heads
Pearl Rack
Gibralter Hardware and Pedals
Sabian Cymbals
ProMark Sticks