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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Interview with Jeff Anthony"

"They definitely have a great live performance with a lot of energy"
Jeff Anthony, USO World Tour Manager - CUSP Magazine

"Interview with Stan Layton"

"If you see them(99 YEARS) live, you understand how entertaining they are, both physically and by communicating with the audience. Performance is crucial...I told them that they were the future and were real music... They need to get picked up by somebody" - CUSP Magazine


Who We Are- six song EP released in 2002
99 YEARS - First full Length album, released in 2004
Carolina's Rockers for Life CD , Disk 1 , Track 1 2008



A Market Ready group of seasoned professionals, this is a Band that will deliver the most “bang for the buck” when it comes to your entertainment value. Self contained and self-producing shows, a one call solution to any event requiring real Rock and a wide demographic of entertainment.
99 YEARS will fill always the bill.


What happens to music fans when the music industry and radio stations create new formats of music? What does a Rock fan do?
Or better yet, where do they go to find their favorite kind of music?
Where are the artists, who create the music that millions of fans want,
but doesn’t meet the current “radio guidelines?”

What if you combined the unbelievable energy of Queensryche with the satiric social commentary of Weird Al Yankovic? Then add a real life Guitar Hero, eyebrow raising Vocals with an operatic flair, and contemporary songwriting!
This is the unique and dynamic combination that drives the Musical force known as 99 YEARS.

In their Sophomore Release 99 YEARS continues to offer you music that makes you think as well as laugh; In essence, quality entertainment with substance and depth. Many of their songs offer multi-dimensional lyrics regarding social and contemporary issues.
For example in the track, ‘They Tell You’, the group talks about media manipulation and the influence wielded by the broadcast industry.
But before you think their whole CD is going to be too serious for you, they bring in their elements of social parody. ‘Shovel it In’ takes a humorous look at compulsive eating.
The track Soap and Hope relates a carwash fantasy about the girl next door.
99 YEARS is an established Rock band that doesn’t represent the generation of “fly by night” garage Rock bands we are forced to listen to. They believe as we do, good music is a source of thought and entertainment, regardless of what the current trend is.

Artist Profile prepared by Tim Sweeney, Tim Sweeney & Associates.