Houston, Texas, USA
BandHip HopPop

My rapping can be compaired to 2pac, scarface, Dr. Dre and J-zey.


What's good, this your boy 9Livez. First i wanna say thanks for comming on my page and checkin me out i really appreciate you showing me Love. I am a young rap artist in the houston area (check out my tracks you would love it) I was born and raised in West Africa, In a small country name Sierra Leone. I've been in Houston since i was 10 years old and H-Town is my home away from home. I'm definitely going to put houston back on the map but only with the supports of my fans. Please show your boy some love and support, especially if you're from Houston or Texas cuz your boy 9Lives is about to put Houston back on the Rap map.


I have a single on radio airplay, the song is call Warrior on it's on Jango Airplay.

Set List

Warrior, 3:17
Miss my bro- 3:50
All on me- 3:18
Hard to survive- 4:06
Perfect crime- 4:21