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9 Red Sun has won awards from such industry giants as VH1, Billboard, and the John Lennon Song Contest. Their catchy, high-energy songs are regularly featured in film and TV, including CW, WB networks.


9 Red Sun
Power-Pop You Can't Get Out Of Your Head

9 Red Sun is known for their catchy melodies, clever lyrics, and energetic live show. Their music is a blend of pop, rock, new wave, and punk. Spin raves, "Power-pop at its finest!" Soundcheck adds, "9 Red Sun has the talent and potential necessary to take their music to the next level."

Songwriting is a major focus of 9 Red Sun, earning them awards from such industry giants as VH1, Billboard, and the John Lennon Song Contest. Billboard describes lead singer, Natalia Bortolotti, as "a master of songcraft with the vocal chops to match." Their songs are regularly featured in film and television, including CBS, Lifetime, MTV, TNT, VH1, CW, WB networks.

Keep an ear out for 9 Red Sun on commercial, satellite, college, internet, and podcast radio, and keep an eye out for them coming to your town. In the meantime, add some tunes to your iPod! 9 Red Sun's music is available from iTunes or your favorite digital distributor.

9 Red Sun continues to impress both critics and fans, earning them major awards and recognition, and the most loyal fans in the world. They are constantly touring, including showcasing at SXSW, NXNE, NEMO, Atlantis, NAMM and CMJ.


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VH1 Song of the Year
John Lennon Song Contest
Billboard Song Contest
Unisong International Song Contest
California Music Awards
Independent Music Awards
Great American Song Contest
USA Songwriting Competition
West Coast Songwriters Song Contest
Positive Pop Song Contest
SongPrize.com Songwriting Competition
IndieStartUp Contest
Camp Jeep Emerging Artist
UK Songwriting Competition
DIY Music Festival Winner
The Indie Show: Finalist


SXSW (South by Southwest)
NXNE (North by Northeast)
NEMO Music Festival
Atlantis Music Conference
CMJ Music Marathon
A&R Open House, Los Angeles
Midatlantic Music Conference (MMC)
Diversafest (Dfest)
TAXI Road Rally
WCS Conference
Midpoint Music Festival (MPMF)
Independent Music Conference (IMC)
Heart of Texas Music Festival
Rockrgrl Festival & Conference
ConneXion International Music Festival
Independent Music World Series (IMWS)
WorldFolk Festival
South Park Music Festival
Locobazooka! Festival
IndieWeek Festival
Millennium Music Conference
Igneous Music Showcase
She Rocks Festival
International Pop Overthrow Festival
Allbiz Label Music Showcase
Battle of the GoGirls
AMPLIFY Independent Music Fest
DIY Music Festival & Convention
Inkslingers Ball (Nat'l Tour)
Hyperactive Music Festival


Alternative Press
Performing Songwriter
San Francisco Examiner
San Francisco Weekly
San Francisco Bay Guardian
San Jose Mercury
San Jose Metro
The Independent

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9 Red Sun's latest awards!

"Butterfly Crush," and "Perfectl


Growing Up In Public

Written By: Bortolotti, Smith, Said, Spencer

Living in a fishbowl
hurdling through space
I've never been a joiner
that includes the human race
Breaking up with boyfriends
on their parents well-groomed lawn
The emperor's new clothes are here
it's time to try them on

I'm growing up in public
Where everyone can see me trip and fall
and tumble, slide and slip
I'm growing up in public
Someone wake me up

Trying to answer questions
that all sound like Japanese
I need a little break
I put my head between my knees
Doctor, where's my Prozac
and my sympathetic smile
Everyone who knows me
knows I'm trying to find my style

Right or wrong, I'm learning from the radio
TV, DVD, everybody's schooling me
I can't find the center of my gravity
It's all depravity, where's my creat-a-vity

I'm growing up in public
I'm inside out and outside in
I'm ending up where I begin
I'm growing up in public
Someone wake me up

11 Steps to You

Written By: Bortolotti, Smith, Sicular

throw a coin in your fountain and I make a wish
strolling up and down your street like a tourist
driving on your highway there's so much to discover
around every turn is another treasure to uncover
opening every door, every minute wanting more

11 Steps to You
though I'd prefer just one or two
it's worth the climb just to see the view
11 Steps to You
not one too many or too few
11 Steps to You

walking on your beach, the ocean dances with my feet
I stay 'til darkness falls,
the sunset makes the day complete
at least for today, I'm lost in you and here I'll stay

ten plus one, six plus five
any combination will reveal the prize
I never want to leave this beautiful world of make believe

Perfectly Flawed

Written By: Bortolotti, Smith, Said

You snore with all the pillows on your head
You got an Elvis phone right beside the bed
You can recite all the words to American Pie
You know that Brady Bunch reruns they make you cry

You're perfectly flawed, wonderfully odd
You got a beautiful way of making everything okay
You're perfectly flawed, wonderfully odd
and someday they'll pay to clone your DNA

Caught you sneaking a smoke after a 10k run
and then you grill your tofu on a hamburger bun
You swing your moods just like a trampoline
You know you put the "O" back in OCD

You're perfectly flawed, wonderfully odd
You got a beautiful way of making everything okay
You're perfectly flawed, wonderfully odd
and I wouldn't want to change a thing

No, I wouldn't trade you for anything
Or cover my ears when I hear you sing
like everybody else does
I love all the surprises that you bring
to my house at two in the morning
At least you're never boring

You're perfectly flawed
Oh making everything okay
You're perfectly flawed, wonderfully odd
You got a beautiful way of making everything okay
You're perfectly flawed
You got me totally awed

I don't care what other people say
even though you call a million times a day
I wouldn't want you any other way

The System

Written By: Bortolotti, Smith, Said

I paid the price I got the system
with a little help it's gonna be alright
it tracks the time I spend "with" you
and let's me know if you're alone tonight

I got busted in the parking lot
and I hope that you didn’t see
I'd give anything for you
not to know that it was really me
I go stealth when you’re walking home
and I always make sure you're safe
If I ever get the nerve
I might ask you on a real date

I paid the price I got the system
with a little help it's gonna be alright
it tracks the time I spend "with" you
and let's me know if you're alone tonight

I always wonder what you think about me
'cuz I think about you all the time
I see us married with a bunch of kids
I'm sure that you don’t mind
I'll start looking for a part-time job
so you'll see that I’m serious
your mom will see that you are meant for me
and you’re Dad'll be delirious

I paid the price I got the system
with a little help it's gonna be alright
it tracks the time I spend "with" you
and let's me know if you're alone tonight

I spin the wheel I cross my fingers
I hold my breath for this bird to sing
will he come with me to the other side
or stay here and wait for another ring

Maybe we’ll elope and run away
Rent a small apartment by the Bay
Eat TV dinners and caviar
You raise the kids, I'll pass the Bar

Butterfly Crush

Written By: Bortolotti, Smith

he's sex, amplified
so emo his mother cried
wrote a song when his goldfish died
now you sing along with every line
you want his heart, but to be fair
you'd settle for his underwear

you're in love again
it's a warm fuzz, fever buzz, rollercoaster rush
you're in love again
you gotta bonafide, tongue-tied, brain-fried, butterfly crush

she's sex, mortified
more goth than formaldehyde
stiletto boots with a tight corset
hotter than the devil and she knows it
she doesn't care that you exist
but you'd pierce your eyeball for just one kiss

we're all prone to infatuation
it's not a brand new revelation
what you feel is your creation
a sweet expression of elation
you can hope for reciprocation
or just enjoy your imagination

he's sex, pacified
likes his women mystified
plays bone in a jam band
lights 'em up at burning man
you bought a hybrid to impress him
but all you want is to undress him

My Future Ex-Boyfriend

Written By: Bortolotti, Smith

Meet at the show
After a few beers
We know we know
Much more than our peers
Now that we've drowned
All of our fears
We start to imagine that we're so sincere

So home we go
Too cool for this place
Can’t be alone
That’s such a disgrace
Please ignore
My look of distaste
You look like the guy that I want to replace
You got that same dumb look on your face

Hello, come in
(I love you, I need you)
My My future ex-boyfriend
(Hello, come in)
Let me tell you how this will end
I love you, I fix you
You’re my future ex-boyfriend

Now let's look
At your resume
What have you done
What does it say
Is there a possibility
That you might be gay
You got your pinky in the air drinking chardonnay

You got more demons
Than the night of the undead
More red flags than the Indy 500
Says right here that you never said
You keep your feelings in a bottle
hidden under your bed
Why can’t you let me inside of your head

With time and care I know I’ll repair
Your smile, your shoes, your hair
In the meantime, follow my design all the time

(I love you, I need you, I can’t live without you)
You're perfectly afflicted
Just as I predicted
You’re the answer to my wishes
You’re magically delicious

Can’t make you do what I say
(Bye Bye Future Ex-Boyfriend)
Can’t make you leave, can’t make you stay
Can’t make you lie, can’t make you true
What am I gonna do about this tattoo
Hate you, can’t fix you

Love Ate My Brain

Written By: Bortolotti, Smith

Love Ate My Brain

I was a drone
Another clone
Just a typical raging hormone
My body set to explode
But instead of Prince Charming
Always got the toad

I'd given up
Stuck in a rut
Then you came along
And you punched me in the gut
You put my brain on hold
And my heart was sold
Now I want to tell you

Ever since you called my name
That's when my sense went down the drain
Never been quite the same
Not since your love ate my brain

Love used to be so lame
Now I'm a greeting card and you’re the one to blame
My life will never be the same
Not since your love ate my brain

I can’t think
I’m on the brink
My feet are starting to sink and then
You’re calling me on the phone
And your voice reminds me
That I’m not alone

When things go wrong
You are my song
I don’t know all of the words
But you got me singing along
Boy, you’re in my head
I won’t let you get away
Now I want to tell you

We’ll fly incognito
Into our own unknown
We’ll hide from the world
And get lost in you and me
Our song will be playing on every radio
From Milan to Tokyo


2009 More is Never Enough (White Rabbit)
2007 Perfectly Flawed (Songfellowz/White Rabbit)
*Over 15,000 downloads sold (so far)*
2005 One Step Closer - Live and Unplugged (Songfellowz)
2004 Basking in the Shade (Songfellowz)

9 Red Sun's music is available at CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Yahoo Music, eMusic, and more! Add some tunes to your iPod! :-)

Set List

Sets from 45 mins to 3 hrs.

Love Ate My Brain
The System
Hey Romeo
My Future Ex-Boyfriend
Perfectly Flawed
More is Never Enough
Butterfly Crush
Shake the Scene
Queen of the Free
1000 Open Windows
Sundays in the Sun
Growing Up In Public
You Are
11 Steps to You
Be Your Own Hero
One Step Closer
Your Only Other
One Moment of Heaven
Skipping Stones
Rock & Roll Star

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