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Basking in the Shade is a tasty aural treat... chock full of catchy Pop/Rock gems showcasing the amazing voice of Natalia Bortolotti... she transitions effortlessly from moody ballad to edgy rocker... get a copy as soon as you can! - 9 Red Sun / Basking in the Shade

"San Francisco Examiner"

Natalia Bortolotti's tunes win awards, air on teen TV dramas.
San Mateo County teenagers catching their favorite drama on The WB may not know it, but some of the music aired on shows like "One Tree Hill" and "Smallville" were written in their own backyard.

San Mateo native Natalia Bortolotti was recently honored in the VH1 cable network Song of the Year contest, for a song she co-wrote with Cupertino resident Scott Smith called "Your Only Other." It placed second in the pop category, according to VH1.

The honor will add to her already long list of awards, from such industry giants as Billboard Magazine, California Music Awards, and the John Lennon Song Contest. Not surprisingly, her songs are regularly featured in film and television.

The song, beautiful and catchy, is pure pop. But the idea behind the song is for mature audiences.

"'Your Only Other' is a song about being really happy with the relationship you're in, but not losing yourself in the relationship," Bortolotti said. "I really wanted to write a non co-dependent love song."

Bortolotti's own life has taken a turn for the grown-up lately. The Hillsdale High School graduate started out writing poetry and then listening to her favorite bands of the 1990s, such as Sheryl Crow, REM, and No Doubt. For years, she was the songwriter and singer for Hopechild, an award-winning band.

But the group broke apart and Bortolotti has decided to pursue songwriting full-time. She now writes songs, and teaches Voice and Songwriting at Blue Bear School of Music, her alma mater. She also performs live with her new band, 9 Red Sun. She just bought her first condo in Foster City, a home complete with its own spotlessly clean music studio with an extra bed for creative catnaps.

For inspiration, she looks to such successful songwriters as Linda Perry, who has written hits for Pink and Christina Aguilera, and Diane Warren, who penned the LeAnn Rimes hit "How Do I Live." Songwriting is a money-maker in the music world, with writers collecting half the royalties from hits.

"That would be the ultimate for me, to be the person to call when you need a hit song," she said.

She's working diligently toward that end, according to Smith.

"She's scary bright. She really listens to what's out in the marketplace. She really has her finger on the pulse of today's pop song," said Smith, adding that she's a stickler for perfection. "She'll get a hold of an idea and won't let go of it. I call it reeling in the marlin, the big fish. Most songwriters will settle."

Bortolotti approaches music looking for the quality that distinguishes her own favorite songs -- "something that moves me." Focusing on lyrics and melodies, she collaborates with other artists, such as Smith, to fill out the remaining parts. And when she dreams up a catchy tune, she's quick to get it down.

"I'll call my voicemail and leave the melody because I don't want to forget it," she said.

Along the way to her professional career, teachers have been tremendously helpful, she said. She cited Blue Bear voice professor Raz Kennedy and then-Hillsdale music teacher Dave Martin as mentors.

"He asked me to sing in the jazz band," she said of Martin. "He taught me all these great jazz standards. He was really supportive, and I really needed that at that stage of my life."

You can find out more about Natalia and her band, 9 Red Sun, at www.9redsun.com

(Natalia's song, "Your Only Other," won the VH1 Song of the Year Contest, placing second in the Pop category) - Songwriter Wins VH1 Award


It isn't uncommon for fans of rock music to dream about being in a band or writing a hit song. It is, however, exceedingly uncommon for them to actually get a shot at making a career of it.

Enter Natalia Bortolotti, who has lived the life of a touring recording artist, and now has the opportunity to continue her career in the music industry, both in front of, and behind, the scenes.

Her former band, Hopechild, has shared the stage with the who's who of music, from Barenaked Ladies to Matchbox 20. They've had their share of success, winning every major industry award, short of a Grammy. But, like so many bands, Hopechild eventually disbanded, and the members went their separate ways.

Normally, that would be the end of the story. But, for Natalia, that's just the first chapter.

"I'm writing stronger songs today, than ever before," Bortolotti said, "and I know I'll just keep getting better."

And, the awards keep coming. Her most recent is from VH1's Song of the Year. "Your Only Other," written by Bortolotti and her frequent collaborator Scott Smith, placed second in the pop category.

"I always strive to write a song that I'd want to hear, a song that moves me," she said.

Natalia is currently working with a team of award-winning songwriters, who have already placed many songs in film and TV, including "One Tree Hill" and "Joan of Arcadia." She also teaches Voice and Songwriting at Blue Bear School of Music in San Francisco.

She hasn't lost the performing bug, though. She continues to perform with her new band, 9 Red Sun, which performs her new material, as well as some Hopechild favorites.

Would she consider a return to the road?

"Absolutely," Natalia said with conviction, "we're planning a national tour as we speak, to promote our new CD."

Soon, fans across the nation will have the opportunity to experience this brilliant songwriter in their hometown.

More about 9 Red Sun at www.9redsun.com
- The Art of Songwriting

"San Francisco Bay Guardian"

Natalia Bortolotti, 9 Red Sun's shag rug-haired lead singer, preceded to untether a daring vocal range, making huge leaps in both directions and landing in unexpected places... her voice toyed with a wide variety of vocal textures... the band's energy was infectious... Growing Up In Public really got the crowd going, and singing along... 9 Red Sun is primed to be San Francisco's next big success story... - Here Comes the Sun (live review)


Natalia Bortolotti, the voice behind 9 Red Sun, knows who she is, singing a winsome “Queen of the Free” in the Paula Cole pop tradition—except a clean guitar replaces the piano. “Your Only Other” and “1000 Open Windows” offer dramatic concerns of a woman caught in mid evolution and have been featured on shows like Dawson’s Creek and Charmed. "Growing Up In Public" and "The System" are high-energy power-pop in the vein of Green Day, and "11 Steps to You" has a melody that I still can't get out of my head. I've been humming the tune for days. 9 Red Sun is one step away from chart topping success; that one step being exposure.
Favorite Tracks: Growing Up In Public, 11 Steps to You
Rating: 5 Stars - Indie Artist Showcase Review

"Northeast In-Tune"

San Francisco ’s 9 Red Sun already have several important accomplishments under their belts. In addition to winning VH1 Song of the Year, the John Lennon Song Contest, and the Billboard Song Contest, the band has played several showcase shows at music conferences around the country. The WB shows “One Tree Hill”, “Smallville”, and “The O.C.” have also played the band’s songs. The band is currently working on its third CD.

9 Red Sun describes their music as a combination of Blondie, Foo Fighters, and the Beatles. Of these influences, the Blondie influence is the most evident on several of the band’s songs. Although the band does not cite ska-pop band No Doubt and pop-rocker Pat Benatar as influences, the songs “Growing Up in the Public” and “11 Steps to You” bear more than a passing resemblance to these artists.

“Shake the Scene” and “Growing Up in Public” are two notable 9 Red Sun songs. The release of “Shake the Scene” as a single would best help the band break into the mainstream with its catchy chorus and poppy vocals. The bouncy “Growing Up in the Public”, already played on “The O.C.”, contains the band’s best lyric: “I’ve never been a joiner/That includes the human race.”

9 Red Sun’s most recent CD, Perfectly Flawed (which includes “Growing Up in Public”), is available on iTunes, along with a live and acoustic CD, One Step Closer, and their debut, Basking in the Shade. Clips of songs from all CDs are also available at cdbaby.com to give you a taste of the group’s sound. Song clips and other information about the band (including booking information) are available on their website, at 9redsun.com. - 9 Red Sun


...Natalia Bortolotti is a master of songcraft with the vocal chops to match... "Space I'm In," showcases her range, both vocally and emotionally... catch this rising star on her way up...

(Natalia's song, "Space I'm In," won the Billboard Song Contest, placing third in the Alternative category) - Emerging singer-songwriter wins Billboard Song Contest


9 Red Sun's music is beyond power-pop. Yes, their songs have catchy melodies and edgy guitars, but their thoughtful lyrics and emotional delivery - filled with depth and sincerity - sets them apart from their musical peers. All the tracks are instantly memorable, pairing passionate vocals with punk-n-roll guitars in "Growing Up In Public" and "The System," and sweet harmony in "11 Steps to You." Natalia Bortolotti, 9 Red Sun's lead singer and primary songwriter, has an impressive voice, and a mature songwriting style, that belies her age (20-something). The arrangements are accessible and familiar, yet have enough surprises to keep your attention. 9 Red Sun has the talent and potential necessary to take their music to the next level, in fact, they have everything they need to become the next No Doubt or Maroon 5: the voice, the songs, and the star (Natalia Bortolotti). There is no development needed here. This is an A&R's wet dream: a band with a DIY mentality, a growing regional base, impressive stats and long-term potential. - Reviews

"Discovering Artists"

9 Red Sun cranks out high-energy quirky rock in the vein of No Doubt meets Green Day, with melodic passionate vocals, that bring to mind Debbie Harry and Chrissie Hynde, but also the power and range of Pat Benetar. The lyrics are amusing yet insightful. In "Growing Up In Public," Natalia Bortolotti sings, "I've never been a joiner/that includes the human race." 9 Red Sun has a bright future ahead of them, and I am eager to watch them rise to success.
Favorite Tracks: Growing Up In Public, The System
Rating: 5 stars - Reviews


Holy energy! I'd love to see this band live. With unbridled passion, lead singer Natalia Bortolotti delivers vocals that are dynamic and powerful. Lyrics are reminiscent of old school punk pop a la Blondie. When it comes to confident songwriting, 9 Red Sun is at the top of their game. "Growing Up in Public" will have you jumping around like a madman! Power-pop at its finest, 9 Red Sun is sure to hit your radio airwaves in no time. - 9 Red Sun


2009 More is Never Enough (White Rabbit)
2007 Perfectly Flawed (Songfellowz/White Rabbit)
*Over 15,000 downloads sold (so far)*
2005 One Step Closer - Live and Unplugged (Songfellowz)
2004 Basking in the Shade (Songfellowz)

9 Red Sun's music is available at CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Yahoo Music, eMusic, and more! Add some tunes to your iPod! :-)



9 Red Sun
Power-Pop You Can't Get Out Of Your Head

9 Red Sun is known for their catchy melodies, clever lyrics, and energetic live show. Their music is a blend of pop, rock, new wave, and punk. Spin raves, "Power-pop at its finest!" Soundcheck adds, "9 Red Sun has the talent and potential necessary to take their music to the next level."

Songwriting is a major focus of 9 Red Sun, earning them awards from such industry giants as VH1, Billboard, and the John Lennon Song Contest. Billboard describes lead singer, Natalia Bortolotti, as "a master of songcraft with the vocal chops to match." Their songs are regularly featured in film and television, including CBS, Lifetime, MTV, TNT, VH1, CW, WB networks.

Keep an ear out for 9 Red Sun on commercial, satellite, college, internet, and podcast radio, and keep an eye out for them coming to your town. In the meantime, add some tunes to your iPod! 9 Red Sun's music is available from iTunes or your favorite digital distributor.

9 Red Sun continues to impress both critics and fans, earning them major awards and recognition, and the most loyal fans in the world. They are constantly touring, including showcasing at SXSW, NXNE, NEMO, Atlantis, NAMM and CMJ.


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Jeffrey Scott Smith


VH1 Song of the Year
John Lennon Song Contest
Billboard Song Contest
Unisong International Song Contest
California Music Awards
Independent Music Awards
Great American Song Contest
USA Songwriting Competition
West Coast Songwriters Song Contest
Positive Pop Song Contest
SongPrize.com Songwriting Competition
IndieStartUp Contest
Camp Jeep Emerging Artist
UK Songwriting Competition
DIY Music Festival Winner
The Indie Show: Finalist


SXSW (South by Southwest)
NXNE (North by Northeast)
NEMO Music Festival
Atlantis Music Conference
CMJ Music Marathon
A&R Open House, Los Angeles
Midatlantic Music Conference (MMC)
Diversafest (Dfest)
TAXI Road Rally
WCS Conference
Midpoint Music Festival (MPMF)
Independent Music Conference (IMC)
Heart of Texas Music Festival
Rockrgrl Festival & Conference
ConneXion International Music Festival
Independent Music World Series (IMWS)
WorldFolk Festival
South Park Music Festival
Locobazooka! Festival
IndieWeek Festival
Millennium Music Conference
Igneous Music Showcase
She Rocks Festival
International Pop Overthrow Festival
Allbiz Label Music Showcase
Battle of the GoGirls
AMPLIFY Independent Music Fest
DIY Music Festival & Convention
Inkslingers Ball (Nat'l Tour)
Hyperactive Music Festival


Alternative Press
Performing Songwriter
San Francisco Examiner
San Francisco Weekly
San Francisco Bay Guardian
San Jose Mercury
San Jose Metro
The Independent

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"Butterfly Crush," and "Perfectl