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Artist: Elohin (L.O.N.)
Song Name:Street Scriptures feat. Lakia Nicole
Song Type: Single
Release Year: 2006

Artist Name: Elohin & Big Dre
Album Name: Street scriptures the mixtape Vol#1
Type of album: Mixtape
Release Year: 2006

Artist Name: Elohin (L.O.N.)
Album Name: Converted
Album Type: LP
Release Year: Coming soon


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A-1 Entertainment
29315 Pointe O' Woods Pl.
Southfield, MI 48034

Andre Finley, CEO

313- 825- 8426

Lon Harris, COO

586- 372- 1366

The Biography of Lon "ELOHIN" Harris

Many of times you here the thug turned Christian or Christian turned thug story but rarely do you get the opportunity to follow a young man as he makes his transition from the world to the Kingdom. Lon Harris recently accepted the Lord into his life on December 31, 2005 and on February 12, 2006 he was baptized, both events occurred at Perfecting Church in Detroit, Michigan. Lon who was an up and coming secular rap artist in Detroit was introduced to Andre Finley another up and coming artist while at work. After a short conversation as to why his co-worker gave up music and dedicated his life to Christ, the Lord began to bring Lon back home.

After months of fellowshipping and heartfelt conversations Lon decided music was not important anymore. After making that difficult decision Lon buried himself in the Word (II Timothy 3:16). But something strange occurred after making that decision; Lon and Andre began to wonder why they had such a gift for music. Neither of them could understand why the Lord gave them a gift that they had no use for. After months of contemplating and prayer, the two decided that maybe their ministry was in their music.

Well guess what; they were right and at this time A-1 Entertainment/ AlphaOmega would like to reintroduce the world to Elohin. So many people ask who and what does the name mean; well Elohin is simply a long way of spelling his birth name as in L.O.N. With his highly anticipated Debut album titled “Converted” Elohin displays a variety of catchy hooks and clever punch lines/parables. Elohin also brings to his listeners thought provoking subjects taking right of the journey of his spiritual walk. As his knowledge of scripture grows the quality of his music gets better. Dedicated to speak the Gospel to any ear that will listen (Romans 1:16), this young man has found his purpose in life and after one conversation with him you will see that he not only accepts his calling but he whole heartedly embraces his calling. So I ask you to now take this opportunity to listen to the lyrical and spiritual journey of a young man who is thirsting for an opportunity to reach souls while deepening his relationship with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Life’s Transitions Andre "BIG DRE" Finley

It’s funny how life changes and goes in a totally different direction in a blink of an eye. At 19 yrs old and chasing the rap dream like so many other young black males Andre Finley who’s stage name is Big DRE began recording music in his cousin’s basement. A few years later he launched A-1 Entertainment. Big DRE who was not just content with being a rap artist decided that A-1 Entertainment and Hip Hop would be the vehicle that would take him and his family to a life of success and happiness. Even though he grew up in a rough neighborhood, there are no gangster street stories to tell. Big DRE did get involved in selling drugs but he always knew there was something missing and was never satisfied with that lifestyle. Ten years later after going through a series of storms and losing everything, Andre realized that it was time for a change. While his newest single was gaining momentum on the radio, Dre walked away from his company as well as his artist and decided that he would dedicate his life to the Lord.

Shortly after walking away from music, Andre met Lon Harris who was a new employee at Andre’s job. Andre was given a CD of Lon’s prior to meeting him face to face. After meeting Andre informed Lon that he was no longer in to music but he did feel that Lon was talented. After telling Lon the reasons behind the change in Andre’s life, Lon began to notice that the Lord was calling him as well. Shortly after Lon also walked away from music and accepted Christ as his personal savior. Both could not deny the urge to continue doing music and began writing verses from a Christian perspective. Reluctantly they decided that they would team up together and record a few songs. Well those few songs turned in to an album. Street Scriptures the Mix-Tape was birthed from the union. This promotional project has gained great reviews from fellow Christians as well as what we like to refer to as future Christians.

Dre has committed himself to winning souls for the Lord. He feels that there is a division that needs to be bridged between the church and the lost. He also believes that bridging this gap will allow for more souls to be won and destroy Satan’s plot to divide and conquer. Big DRE is currently recording new music that is sure to bring new light to the