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A1 Bold

 Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
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My music provides soundtrack to your everyday life. Through the highs by enhancing and indulging in the moment, and through the lows by encouraging and motivating through the moment. My music keeps you informed while keeping you moving.


A1 Bold, leader of Team Sauce & Bold Nation, member of O.N.E. music. In a game full of the same old rah rah, the goal of A1 Bold is to bring a unique, vibrant, electric flavor, which is also the meaning behind the name.

A1 Bold is influenced by a wide variety of artists, including Phil Collins, P.O.D., Tupac, Tonex, Pigeon John, Prince, Underoath, Outkast, & Babyface. This is the reason why you can not place his music in a box. On top of musical artists, life is a huge influential factor for A1 Bold. From the highs and lows, he finds away to paint a picture through song while keeping you moving.

A1 Bold is a hip hop artist, like many people claim to be. What sets him apart is a combination of a strong delivery, subject matter that differs from the competition, and an electrifying stage presence. A lot of artists lack one or all, but A1 Bold strives to give the very best every time he steps up to the mic, talks about the solution and not just the problem, and have you leaving an A1 Bold show raving about how dope it was.

A1 Bold was born around gang activity in Los Angeles, CA. His parents' goal was to provide a positive atmosphere for him, in the process moving the family to Shreveport, LA when he was 15. It was there he connected with SaeLah & GVAC, fellow O.N.E. music band members. It was there that A1 Bold began.


Bold As A Lion

Written By: A1 Bold

You can run, but we’re coming bold as a lion
You can run, but we come bold as a lion (2Xs)
Verse 1:
I don’t fear, I don’t worry, I ain’t scared baby
See see see you think you can punk & beat me man you’re crazy
No borderline or hazy, no if no butts no maybes
You’re backing up when pressure comes but we go hard and face it
Overtake and break it, and make no mistake
If you want to see me money go ahead and dish it we can take it
Lames I crush I crush just like an artificial soda
They be talking tough, but they’re some artificial sodas
Now hold up, tell me what’s the holdup
You give me that act, that act like you’re really on track but in fact you fold up
Sure enough you roll up, yes indeed you show up
But when it goes down you it switch it from ‘bout it to doubt it like you’re bipolar
Baby we’re breaking boulders, also known as obstacles
Yeah weight is on my shoulders, with Yahweh nothing’s impossible
Go ahead go on make me the example & I will show ya
While they are getting soft like a va-JJ everyday we’re getting bolder

I told ya, then showed ya, know way you can stop it
This here be a problem, like Houston, I rocket
No bite but you’re barking like rah rah rah rah &
You don’t know problems, being scared is not an option, I’m saying
You can run, but we’re coming bold as a lion
You can run, but we come bold as a lion, (2Xs) I said

Verse 2:
Yeah yeah yeah try me, I ain’t lying
Got no reason to be afraid I got that power inside me
Ain’t no running or hiding, no mask or disguising
My past is behind me, I rep my present, hit them with the future
Going through the heat, never getting beat, never see defeat, yeah we keep though it gets hard
Tell me that I can’t, tell me that I won’t, tell me that I shouldn’t and I wouldn’t and I beat those odds
Going through the race steady keeping pace doing what it takes never going to shake get it ‘cause I live it by Faith can’t break got a whole lot at stake and I really got to really got to make my place but
Let me catch my breath man
Built Bold tough so I will always past the test man
On a different page so don’t compare me to the next man
Fearless and they Marvel, something like an X-man
If there’s any doubt, I will put it all to rest man
Some can sit and pout and pout but I’m choosing to press man
Cocky no, convinced, so I’m sticking out my chest man
Never lose my courage ‘cause I roll with the best man
Verse 3:
Bold as a lion, fear be so blinding
Oh so very loud but talk is cheap so I ain’t buying
Living like I’m dying, nothing ever minding
Staring at you on the front lines is where you’ll find me
You can run, but we’re coming bold as a lion, hey
You don’t want no problems so you better go the other way
You can run but we come bold as a lion
You can run, but we’re coming bold as a lion

Again (part II)

Written By: A1 Bold

Verse 1
See I'm not the type to sit and waste my time, so let me jump right in I want to make you mine/ Stealing my breath away you're the perfect crime, feel that you're different you're much more than a dime/ More than the kind that I see on the regular, in my mind I can't find one who compares to her/ Still I've been down this road before and it led to hurt, now I'm in a state of emergency, red alert/ All day I could stare at her, but I got to stay strong build a tall wall, barrier/ Hold on to my heart, never showing that I care to her, but on the really though is that fair to her/ Doesn't even make sense to be greedy, when's she's showing how much that she needs me/ Giving all that she's got to please me, tell me if I fall will you let me down easy, beacause/ Last time that I felt like this, put right off after the right of miss/ Miss right turned out to be hype real quick, hearing all that love talk really made me sick/ Then that switched when you came in my world, thinking about making one less lonely girl/ No stress when you're here and that's hard to find, light up my world you're my sunshine/ Inside I'm all warm & fuzzy, like an old school shaggy rug be/ Feels like I could be your hus-b, no way am I trying to kick game, rugby/ Because I think that we're on the same page, both want to start up a new chapter/ You and I we can set this stage, and make this happily ever after.

Verse 2
No I'm not the mushy type, but all I really want to do is hold your hand, and/ These feelings I could work to fight, but I'd rather work hard just to be your man/ Sure thing and it just seems right, got me thinking that we might need to make some plans/ Can we spend a little time tonight, it don't matter what you rock, wear them heels or vans/ Rock that skirt or them skinny pants, watch the stars or shall we dance/ Love how laugh like 2 fruits, mango, 1 plus 1 makes it 2 to tango/ Wouldn't have things any other way, all seems like the perfect picture/ Can't leave won't go I'll 'stay, if u didn't know got to say that miss you're gorgeous/ Better than the rest, got my heart beating real fast in my chest/ When you come around, what I found is I'm blessed, when we eat we can split the last chicken breast/ Turkey leg, steak or fish, let me be that guy to make your wish/ Come true, I'll do, more than the word play, show and prove/ Overdue waited my whole life, for somebody like you and I'm glad you fit/ Feels like I got little critters inside, like a catapillar butterfinger butterfly, that's it/ Man, been a while since I had them, never thought they would ever come back/ Here I am going out on a limb, and for you I dedicate this track.


Get Low - big Al featuring SeaLah & A1 Bold (currently on iTunes)

Soul Glo - JKells w/ Rude Boy & A1 Bold (from the album "Believe" by J. Kells)

The Sacramento Fontaine Mixtape - released July 2008
(re-released June 2010)

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Set List

15 minute set:
Bold Nation
I Wanna Rock
Pinkies In The Air
Clear The Way (Donkey Kong)

30 minute set:
Game Needs Me
Bold As A Lion
Good Life
I Wanna Rock
Clear The Way (Donkey Kong)
B & W

60 minute set:
Game Needs Me
Bold As A Lion
Good Life
I Wanna Rock
Clear The Way (Donkey Kong)
B & W
I Wonder Why
Flashing Lights