A2O (Against All Odds)

A2O (Against All Odds)



Jamaican music has now adopted fresh sounds of the four-man vocal group, A2O (Against All Odds) with their unique ‘Alternative’ blend of Reggae, R&B and Dancehall.

The quartet’s roots were planted in Western Jamaica but they have been reaped from the streets of Southern Kingston. Although the group has only been performing professionally for a few years, the talented singers, songwriters, musicians and composers have been together for about 10 years. And, throughout this time, they have been honing their skills through constant rehearsals and performing every opportunity that they can seize.

A2O’s genesis began at the Sav-la-mar senior school (Godfrey Stewart High) with three members: Rayon ‘O.B.’ Obie, Angel Smith and Dennis ‘Wess’ Rose and, in 1999, was expanded to include Kenneth ‘J.R.’ Lorney. In their early years, the group performed in the JCDC’s Performing arts festivals and were successful gold, silver and bronze medalists, giving them the opportunity to showcase their talent at various cultural events held in the parish of Westmoreland. They also made several appearances at Negril hotels including Swept Away Beach Resort, Sandals, Beaches, Grand Lido and Time Square, just to name a few and were also a hit at weddings, school events and various concerts including Livity Splash in St. Elizabeth.

Their move to Kingston in 2001 saw the group extending their performance list to include events held at various high schools and colleges with other appearances at several night clubs and cafes. Their most memorable performance is their 45-minute set on stage right before Michael Bolton at the Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival, 2007.

The group has also recorded songs with some of Jamaica’s leading producers including Donovan Germaine, Mikey Bennett, Steven Ventura, Stephen Stewart and ‘Computer’ Paul. As finalists in the 2006 staging of the Jamaica Popular Song Competition, A2O seized the opportunity to increase their fan base, when they participated in the islandwide tour of Jamaica which included performances at schools, clubs and road shows.

With influences such as Garnet Silk, Boys 2 Men, Bob Marley, Beres Hammond, R. Kelly and Capleton, A2O continues to write and perform songs of love and social issues. And, like their idols, the group hopes to take their act from the local scene to the international stage.


Listen To My Song

Written By: Rayon Obie, Kenneth Lorney, Dennis Rose, Angele Smith

Verse 1:
Mmmmm. mmmm
Taking a walk, across the bridge my friend, today
My family won’t go hungry again, no way
I’m tryin’ to live as it is expected of me, yeah
And then when they ask me, son what do you wanna be, I say

I’ll be crazy all my life
I’ll be crazy all my life
I’ll be crazy all my life
If I give up now
If I give up now
If I give up now
If I give up now
Listen to my song

Verse 2:
Better bring your faith (bring your faith)
We’re gonna climb life’s mountains (life’s mountains, yes) today
(oh yeah, yeah)
Cause it won’t be easy, no (no, no, no)
Don’t forget to pray (I’ll get on my knees)
Birds and the bees (and the bees), the flowers and all the trees (trees)
Will be in your way (your way)
Just sit back and listen as Mother Nature sings (sings, sings, sings) to my rhythm

Repeat chorus

Musical interlude

Repeat chorus

There Is Hope

Written By: A2O

Ooh, yeah
There is hope

Verse 1
Have you ever stopped to look in the streets
All the things that you would meet
Like people with no food to eat, ohhh
And, ohhhh
Have you ever read between the lines
See teenagers die like every night
Oh God so why don’t you please take this cup away from me,
I can’t take no more

(There is hope) When you search inside, you realize in time
(There is hope) When you try to see, the real man in you and me
(There is hope) Without a doubt if we take the right route
(Hope) There is hoooope

Verse 2
Yow, so mek we big up all the farmer dem
And all the doctors and the nurse and all the lawyer dem
And all the sisters, the brothers and the pastor dem
Jah gi we di hope inside so we carry on again (on and on and on again)
In time, we will all realize, all the hope we need has always been inside
Cause jah is not far away (no)
Trust in him and he will lead the way
Yu si di shotta pon di corner dem
Just keep easy, keep it cool and keep it calm again
No more copper (wooh), no more corn again
Sey we nah go tek no guns from the politician dem

Chorus repeat

Verse 3/Bridge
There’ll be, no more tears in momma’s eyes
Pappa said son, yu got to be strong
Yu got to hold on
One day we’ll see Zion

Chorus repeat


Take You There
Listen To My Song
Crazy Love
Smile For Me