Leslie Holmes

Leslie Holmes


Acoustic Folk with Jazz influences. Went through a pop phase in a band in the 90's. Worked at Sing Out! magazine and Godfrey Daniels in the 80's.


Influences: James Taylor, Joni Mitchel, Bach, Crosby, Stills, Nash, Neil Young, Seals & Croft, John Martin, John Prine, Kat Stevens, Leonard Cohen, Claudia Schmidt, The Roches


The Time of my Life

Written By: Leslie Holmes

I know I’ll love you for the rest of my lifetime
Been loving you so long without even trying

You’re still a beat of my heart away
But you know how to make me smile
It was the time of my life when you held me close
And gently let me stay
And gently let me go far away

I know I’ll believe in you way past the alterations
Lean on me I’m quite sure that you’ll find me living up to you


Falling all over again
Though I tried to deny it
Falling all over again
Though deep down still undecided about it

In a dream I was rocked in a cradled
The hands of the man I adore
Like to the third or more power
I was concerned about voice
Trying to find a direction in hope and affection


©Leslie Holmes. All rights reserved.

Today's Just Fine

Written By: Leslie Holmes

I spent the better part of yesterday, worrying about the way today would be, as you can see it’s fine
A-OK, today’s just swell, what the hell, let’s have some fun
We only get 12 hours in the sun, before your tide rolls in or out, depending how your dream’s laid out,
But sink or swim, do or die, they’re just pretentious, conservative lies
There’s more than a million ways to walk your mile in beauty

Let’s chill and smile awhile, or however you do it in your style of living
Maybe it’s giving to the world, or forgiving your mother, playing on a drum,
Marching on the capitol, or playing along, planting a garden, giving what you’ve got
Living for each other and not for some top heavy dream of success
Forget money and power, we’ve got quite enough stuff to last past time
What we need is Love, Love, Love
I’m trying to understand beyond the clichés
Perhaps it just comes with age

I spent the better part of my best times chasing after more, every door that opened seemed to pull me through,
Too damned fast no time to choose, driven aimlessly, losing my way, trying to get back to today
We need to take the time more often to sing out, hell shout the world can take it, out of piles of shit grow flowers,
So showery today, as yesterday grows still
Another million ways to walk your mile in beauty


So inch by inch and row by row, please bless these seeds we sow
Help us to grow our voice in love
And fertilize it daily, with folk songs like this

Love, Love, Love

©Leslie Holmes. All rights reserved.


X is for Xenophobia

Set List

15 or so originals with a few covers.